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The Drummer Boy of Shiloh Essay -- Narrative, Informative

A level is specified to amuse, to attract, and grasp a readers attention. The types of news reports are fictitious, real or unification or both. However, they may consist of folk tale stories, mysteries, science fiction romances, horror stories, adventure stories, fables, myths and legends, historical narratives, ballads, slice of life, and personal experience (Narrative, 2008). Therefore, narrative text has five shared elements. These are setting, characters, plot, theme, and vocabulary (Narrative and Informational Text, 2008). Narrative literature is originally write to communicate a story. Therefore, narrative literature that is written in an excellent way will have conflicts and can discuss shared aspects of human occurrence. The adjudicate will concern information pertaining to narrative text. premier the essay will discuss the definition of narrative literature. Second, the essay will consist of the advantages of narrative literature. Third, the disadvantages of n arrative literature will also be discussed. Fourth, the essay will consist of five possible uses of narrative text in middle school language arts. There are several advantages to using narrative text in the middle school classroom environment. The first advantage is that the reader is entertained when reading narrative text. Second advantage involves narrative text attains and contains the interest of the reader. Third advantage consists of narrative text teaching or instructing the reader. Fourth advantage focuses on narrative text inconstant demeanor or social opinions of the reader. For example soap operas. The Bold and the Beautiful displayed in one of the episodes concerning homeless people and how their circumstances caused these individ... history can increase the interest of students by helping students to understand that history has human perspectives and a more individual meaning. Also short stories can help students interpret history more plainly. Therefor e, the teacher can use short stories to help students iterate reading and writing skills. Short stories can enrich a history teacher classroom and harbour learning history more pleasant and significant for students. An example of one of the short stories associated to the Civil War period is The Drummer Boy of battle of Shiloh by prick Bradbury. This short story distinctly obtains the human passions and agitation during the Civil War period and it also deals with actual history in human details. Therefore, The Drummer Boy of Shiloh helps the reader interpret what it was like to be in the Civil War period in American history (White, 1993).

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monuments :: essays research papers

MonumentsMonuments are a symbol of a significant time in history. Monuments represent life, death, success, and struggle just to realise a few. They have become as important to society as the events they represent. They bring history alive to new generations and memories to those who experience them prototypicalhand. Monuments create a link between generations. galore(postnominal) parents feel a certain indescribable joyfulness when they see the look in their childs eyes they had went they viewed the same monument.Many people feel a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism when they view a monument. Pride in ones country is a great feeling. Monuments help bring out those feelings of nationalism. Homeland monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Madison Square Garden makes one feel special. Millions of people from on the whole over the world come to where you call home to view something that is special to you. We take such things for granted too often. I came across many a nother(prenominal) monuments in my research for this paper. I was very intrigued by monuments in New York City. Many people forget about the less talked about monuments. Such as the Flatiron expression and Gracie Mansion. Of course they are those well-known monuments as well. There is the UN building, which has been around since 1949. Penn Station is also another well-known monument. It has been around since the early 1900s. There are many others including Grand Central Station, the George Washington Bridge, the Cathedral of St. John and Yankee Stadium just to name a few. I have seen and been to a few monuments in my life. The one thats sticks out in my mind the most is my visit to the World Trade Center after the first bombing. I remember the first couple of floors were being worked on, and you couldnt really walk pass the building. Still, it was a magnificent site to see. I must have looked like a touring car because my eyes were constantly focus on all the huge skyscrapers that surrounded me. Another monument I recently visited is the Reynolda House in North Carolina. The vestibule was transformed from a place of living to a thriving monument.

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Free Yellow Wallpaper Essays: An Essay :: Yellow Wallpaper essays

For the women in the twentieth century today, who overhear more freedom than before and have not experienced the depressive life that Gilman lived from 1860 to 1935, it is difficult to understand Gilmans situation and understand the significance of The Yellow Wallpaper. Gilmans original purpose of writing the story was to get in personal satis particularion if Dr. S. Weir Mitchell might change his treatment after reading the story. However, as Ann L. Jane suggests, The Yellow Wallpaper is the best crafted of her fiction a genuine literary piece...the most directly, obviously, self-consciously autobiographical of all her stories (Introduction xvi). And more importantly, Gilman says in her article in The Forerunner, It was not intended to drive masses crazy, but to save people from being driven crazy, and it worked (20). Therefore, The Yellow Wallpaper is a revelation of Charlotte Perkins Gilmans own emotions. When the story first came out in 1892 the critics considered The Yellow W allpaper as a portrayal of female insanity rather than a story that reveals an aspect of society. In The Transcript, a physician from Boston wrote, Such a story ought not to be was enough to drive anyone mad to read it (Gilman 19). This statement implies that any woman that would write something to show opposition to the dominant social values must(prenominal) have been insane. In Gilmans time setting The ideal woman was not only assigned a social role that locked her into her home, but she was also expect to like it, to be cheerful and gay, smiling and good humored (Lane, To Herland 109). Those women who rejected this role and pursued intellectual enlightenment and freedom would be scoffed, alienated, and even punished. This is exactly what Gilman experienced when she tried to express her desire for independence. Gilman expressed her emotional and psychological feelings of rejection from society for thinking freely in The Yellow Wallpaper, which is a reaction to the f act that it was against the grain of society for women to pursue intellectual freedom or a career in the late 1800s. Her taking Dr. S. Weir Mitchells rest cure was the result of the pressures of these common social values. Charlotte Gilman was born on July 3, 1860, in Hartford, Connecticut in a family boasting a list of revolutionary thinkers, writers. And intermarriages among them were, as Carol Berkin put it, in discrete confirmation of their pride in association (18).

A Jury of Her Peers, by Susan Glaspell :: A Jury of Her Peers Essays

Glaspell spent more than forty old age working as a journalist, fiction writer, playwright and promoter of various artistic. She is a woman who lived in a male dominated society. She is the author of a succinct boloney titled A Jury of Her Peers. She was inspired to write this story when she investigated in the homicide of posterior Hossack, a prosperous county warren who had been killed in his sleep(1).Such experience in Glaspells life stimulated inspiration. The fact that she was the first reporter on scene, explains that she must have found everything still in place, that makes an incredible impression. She feels what Margaret (who is Minnie Wright in the story) had gone through, that is, she has understanding for her. What will she say about Margaret? Will she portray Margaret as the criminal or the woman whos life has been taken away? In the short story Minnie Wright was the victim. Based on evidence at the crime scene, it is clear that Minnie has kill ed her husband however, the women have several reasons for finding her not guilty of the murder of John Wright. First, When Martha and Mrs. Peters arrive at the scene of the crime, they see that it is a very lonely place off the road. The house is in a hollow, with lone-some looking trees around it(1).Mr. sweep up thinks that having a phone to communicate with rest of the world in such place will reduce loneliness although Mr. Wright does not want communication(2). Minnie lives a moving life in this place. Martha cannot believe that this is what Minnie foster has turned into. She describes her rocker, and says that rocker dont look in the least like Minnie foster. The Minnie foster of twenty years before(3). The rocker is a very old rocker with a faded color and few parts of it are missing. Also, Mrs. Hale thinks it is a straining for Minnie to wrestle with the stove year after year because that stove is in a very poor condition(8). These are some few examples that show how dispirited Minnie is in such a lonely place.

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Pushing the Gender Boundaries in Sports :: Expository Essays

Pushing the Gender Boundaries in SportsWhen women and men participate in sports dominated by the opposite gender there is often overwhelming objection to individuals defying the norm. Often women be the people who attempt to participate in so called non-traditional sports. But just as importantly, men are struggling against a similar resistance. An example of this is when men participate on field field hockey teams dominated by women, creating positive and negative implications to the game and overly socially. However, individuals who make the move across gender boundaries in any sport are helping pave the way for equality in a sphere of influence of our society that is still bound to traditional sex roles. Historically field hockey was introduced in the United States to women. However, the game that originated in Europe and is played some all over the world is also played by men. The anomaly of only women playing field hockey is just an issue in the US and has lead to the rece nt controversy of men active on all female teams from elementary school to the college level. Although title IX requires that equal opportunity for participating in sports be given to both males and females, the debate on the costs and benefits of this statute is still heated.Those who oppose men participating in field hockey claim that their straw man on the field will change the nature of the womens game. The greater strength of men could make the game more aggressive or even violent, and potentially overpower the female athletes who are participating along their side. There has been a valid and long-standing claim, stating that female participation in sports provides an arena where girls and women atomic number 50 become empowered and gain confidence to face lifes battles. Many people see men as a threat to this value suggesting that a mans presence on the field could intimidate the women, thereby dominating the game, and taking away a safe place for girls to grow and find the ir own strengths. Another product line in opposition to men participating in field hockey, as well as other female dominated sports is aligned with the idea of equality. It is suggested that patronage title IX, females have yet to gain gender equality and are still not given the benefits that their male counterparts receive. Therefore, male participation in the traditionally female sports would be giving men opportunities that women are still fighting for.

Pushing the Gender Boundaries in Sports :: Expository Essays

Pushing the Gender Boundaries in SportsWhen women and men participate in sports dominated by the diametral gender there is often overwhelming objection to individuals defying the norm. Often women are the people who attempt to participate in so called non-traditional sports. But just as importantly, men are struggling against a similar resistance. An example of this is when men participate on field hockey teams dominated by women, creating positive and negatively charged implications to the game and also socially. However, individuals who make the move across gender boundaries in any sport are helping pave the way for likenity in a sector of our society that is still bound to traditional sex roles. Historically field hockey was introduced in the United States to women. However, the game that originated in europium and is played virtually all over the world is also played by men. The anomaly of only women playing field hockey is just an have a go at it in the US and has lead to t he recent controversy of men participating on all female teams from elementary school to the college level. Although title IX requires that equal opportunity for participating in sports be given to both males and females, the debate on the costs and benefits of this statute is still heated.Those who oppose men participating in field hockey claim that their presence on the field will change the nature of the womens game. The greater strength of men could make the game to a greater extent aggressive or even violent, and potentially overpower the female athletes who are participating along their side. There has been a valid and long-standing claim, stating that female club in sports provides an arena where girls and women can become empowered and gain confidence to face lifes battles. Many people see men as a threat to this repute suggesting that a mans presence on the field could intimidate the women, thereby dominating the game, and taking away a safe place for girls to grow and fi nd their ingest strengths. Another argument in opposition to men participating in field hockey, as well as other female dominated sports is align with the idea of equality. It is suggested that despite title IX, females have yet to gain gender equality and are still not given the benefits that their male counterparts receive. Therefore, male participation in the traditionally female sports would be giving men opportunities that women are still fighting for.

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Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story Chapter 33

Chapter 33Ship of FoolsTommy led them dash off a narrow hallway and into a large room paneled in twilight(prenominal) walnut and furnished with heavy, dark wood furniture. Paintings and bookshelves filled with leather volumes lined the walls strands of gold wire running across the front of the shelves to hold the books in daub in rough seas were the only evidence that they were on a gravy holder. There were no windows the only light came from small spotlights recessed into the ceiling that shone on the paintings.Tommy paused in the middle of the room, fighting the urge to stop and look at the books. party whip moved to his side.See that? Lash asked. He nodded toward a large painting scintillant colors and bold shapes, squiggles and lines that hung between two doors at the far end of the room.Tommy state, Looks like it should be hung on a fridge with ladybug magnets.Its a Miro, Lash tell. It must be worth millions.How do you know its an original?Tommy, look at this yacht if you can afford a boat like this, you dont take cargon fakes. Lash pointed to an opposite, smaller painting of a woman reclining on a pile of satin cushions. Thats a Goya. Probably priceless.So whats your point? Tommy asked.Would you leave something like that vulnerable? And I dont commend that you can run a boat this size with come on a crew.Swell, Tommy said. Jeff, let me have that shotgun.Jeff, still shive beleaguer from his dunk, pass on everyplace the gun. sheath in the ch yellow-brown, Jeff said.Tommy took the gun, checked the safety, and started forward. Keep your eyes open, guys.They went through the door to the right of the Miro into another hallway, this one paneled in teak. Paintings hung on the walls between ventilated teak doors.Tommy paused at the first door and signaled for Barry to grit him up with a speargun as he opened it. Inside, row upon row of suits and jackets hung on motorized tracks. preceding(prenominal) the tracks, shelves were filled with hats and expensive shoes.Tommy pushed aside some of the suits and peered between them, looking for a set of legs and feet. No one here, he said. Did bothone bring a flashlight?Didnt think about it, Barry said.Tommy backed out of the closet and moved to the next door. Its a bathroom.A head, Barry corrected, looking around Tommys shoulder into the room. Theres no toilet.Vampires dont go, Tommy said. Id say this guy had this boat built for him.They moved waste the hall checking each room. There were rooms full of paintings and sculpture, crated, labeled, and stacked in rows another with oriental carpets rolled and stacked a room that looked like an office, with reckoners, a copy machine, fax machines, and filing cabinets and another head.They followed the hallway around a gentle curve to the left, where it traced the line of the bow of the boat. At the apex on that point was a teak spiral staircase that led to a deck above and one below. Light spilled down from above. The hallway shee r around the bow and back to the stern.The hallway must go back to that other door in that big room. Tommy said. Lash, you, Clint, troy weight, and Jeff check the rooms on that side. Your Majesty, Barry, force, bed with me. Meet us back here.I thought we were going to stay together, Jeff said.I dont think youre going to find anything down there. If you do, yell like hell.The emperor patted Lazaruss head. Stay here, good fellow. We shant be long.Tommy pointed upward with the shotgun and mounted the stairs. He emerged onto the bridge circuit and squinted against the light coming through the windows. He stepped aside and looked around the bridge while the others came up the stairs behind him.It looks more like the bridge of a starship, Tommy said to the Emperor as he came up.Low consoles filled with switches and screens ran along the front of the bridge under wide, streamlined windows. There were five different radar screens blipping away. At least a dozen other screens were scrol ling figures and text red, green, and amber lights glowed along the rows of toggle switches over three computer keyboards. The only thing that looked remotely nautical to Tommy was the chrome wheel at the front of the bridge.Anybody know what any of this stuff is? Tommy asked.Barry said, Id say that this is the crew that we were wondering about. This whole thing is automated.Barry stepped up to one of the consoles and all the screens and lights winked out.I didnt touch anything, Barry said.The foghorn on Alcatraz sounded and they looked out the window toward the abandoned prison. The fog was making its way across the bay toward shore.Hows our time? Tommy asked.Drew checked his watch. About two hours.Okay, lets check that lower deck.As they came down the move, Lash said, Nothing. More art, more electronics. Theres no galley, and I cant figure out where the crew sleeps.There is no crew, Tommy said as he started down the steps to the lower deck. Its all run by machines.The floor of th e lower deck was made of diamond-plate stain there were no carpets and no wood pipes and wires ran around the nerve bulkheads. A steel pressure hatch opened into a narrow passageway. Light from the bridge two decks above spilled a few feet into the passageway, then it was dark.Drew, Tommy said, you got a lighter?Always, Drew said, handing him a disposable butane lighter.Tommy crouched and went through the hatch, took a few steps, and clicked the lighter.This must lead to the engines, Lash said. But it should be bigger. He knocked on the steel wall, making a dull thud. I think this is all provoke around us. This thing must have an incredible range.Tommy looked at the lighter, then back at Lash, whose black face was just highlights in the flame. Fuel?Its sealed.Oh, Tommy said. He moved a few more feet and barked his elbow on the metal ring of a pressure hatch. OuchOpen it, Drew said.Tommy handed him the shotgun and lighter and grabbed the heavy metal ring. He strained against it bu t it didnt budge. Help.Lash snaked past Drew and joined Tommy on the ring. They put their weight on it and pushed. The wheel screeched in protest, then broke loose. Tommy pulled the hatch open and was hit with the smell of urine and decay.Christ. He turned away coughing. Lash, give me the lighter.Lash handed him the lighter. Tommy reached through the hatch and lit it. There were bars just inside the hatch, beyond that a buncombe mattress, some empty food cans, and a bucket. Red-brown splotches smeared the gray walls, one in the shape of a handprint.Is it the fiend? the Emperor asked.Tommy moved back from the hatch and handed back the lighter. No, its a cage.Lash looked in. A prison cell? I dont get it.Tommy slid down the bulkhead and sat on the steel floor, trying to catch his breath. You said this thing had an incredible range. Could stay out to sea for months, probably?Yeah, Lash said.He has to store his food somewhere.Inside the vampires vault, just above his face, a computer sc reen was scrolling information. A schematic of the Sanguine II lit up one side of the screen with nine red dots representing the vampire hunters and Lazarus. Green stud lines traced the patterns of their movements since they had boarded the ship. Another area of the screen recorded the time they had boarded and another showed exterior views of the yacht the raft tied up at the rear, the dock, fog sweeping over the Saint Francis clubhouse. Radar readouts showed the surrounding watercraft, the shoreline, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate in the distance. Optical disk drives recorded all the information so the vampire could replay it upon awakening. effort detectors had, upon sensing Barrys presence near the console on the bridge, activated switches that rerouted all of the ships control to the vault. The Sanguine II was wide awake and awaiting its master.Hows our time, Lash? Tommy asked.About an hour.They were gathered at the stern of the yacht, watching the fog roll into shore. They had searched the entire ship, then gone back through it again, opening every closet, cupboard, and access panel.Hes got to be here.Perhaps, said the Emperor, we should go ashore and set Bummer on another trail.At the mention of his name Bummer yapped and worked his head out of the Emperors pocket. Tommy scratched his ears.Let him out.The Emperor unbuttoned his pocket and Bummer leaped out, post Tommy on the ankle, and shot through the hatch.OuchFollow him, the Emperor said. Hes on the trail. He ran through the hatch, followed by the Animals and Tommy, limping slightly.Five minutes later they were standing on the diamond-plate floor of the engine room. Bummer was scratching at the floor and whining.This is stupid, Barry said. Weve been through this area three times.Tommy looked at the section of floor where Bummer was scratching. There was a rectangular seam, go feet long by three feet wide, sealed with a rubber gasket. We didnt look under the floor.Its water under the floor, isnt it ? Jeff said.Tommy got down on his knees and examined the seam. troy, give me one of those swords.Troy Lee handed him a fighting sword. Tommy worked the tip under the rubber gasket and the blade sank into the seam. Get that other sword into this crack and help me pry it up.Troy worked his sword into the seam and they counted to three. The edge of the panel popped up. The other Animals caught the edge and lifted. The floor panel came up, revealing a coffin-length stainless-steel vault two feet below the floor. Bummer leaped into the opening in the floor and began running around the vault, leaping and barking.Well done, detailed one, the Emperor said.Tommy looked at the Animals, who were holding the floor panel up on its edge. Gentlemen, Id like you to visit the owner of this vessel.Drew let go of the floor panel and jumped into the opening with the vault. There was just enough room in the opening for him to move sidelong around the vault. Its on hydraulic lifts. And theres a shitlo ad of cables running in and out of it.Open it, Troy Lee said, holding his sword at ready.Drew pulled at the lid of the vault, then let go and knocked on the side. This thing is thick. Really thick. He reached up and took Troys sword, worked the blade under the lid, and pried. The sword snapped.Christ, Drew That sword make up a weeks pay.Sorry, Drew said. Were not going to pry this baby open. Not even with a crowbar.Tommy said, Lash, hows our time?Forty minutes, give or take five.To Drew, Tommy said, What do you think? How do we get it open? A torch?Drew shook his head. Too thick. Itd take hours to get through this. I say we range it.With what?Drew grinned. Common items you can find in your own kitchen. Someones going to need to go back to the store and get me some stuff.Cavuto watched Troy Lees Toyota turning around, put down his binoculars, and quickly backed the cruiser into a driveway behind the shower buildings. He hit the redial on his cell phone and the gate guard answered on the first ring.Saint Francis Yacht Club, gate.This is Inspector Cavuto again. I need to know the registered owner of the Sanguine Two.Im not supposed to give out that information.Look, Im going to shoot some guys in a minute. You want to help, or what?Its registered to a Dutch shipping company. Ben Sapir Limited.Have you seen anyone coming to or from that boat? work party? Visitors?There was a pause while the guard checked his records. No, nothing since it came into harbor. Except that it fueled up last night. Paid cash. No signature. Man, that babys got some fuel capacity.How long has it been here?Another pause. A little over three months. Came in on September fifteenth.Cavuto checked his notebook. The first body was found on the seventeenth of September. Thanks, he said to the guard.Those guys you had me let in are causing trouble. They took a boat.Theyre coming back through the gate. Let them do what they want. Ill take responsibility.Cavuto befuddled and dialed the number of Riveras cell phone.Rivera answered on the first ring. Yeah.Where are you? Cavuto could hear Rivera lighting a cigarette.Watching the kids apartment. I got a car. You?The kid and the night crew are on a big motor yacht at the Saint Francis yacht club-hundred-footer. Boats called the Sanguine Two registered to a Dutch shipping company. Theyve been out there a couple of hours. Two of them just left.He didnt seem like the yachting type.No shit. But Im staying with the kid. The Sanguine Two pulled into port two geezerhood before the first murder. Maybe we should get a warrant.Probable cause?I dont know suspicion of piracy.You want to call in some other units?Not unless something happens. I dont want the attention. Any movement from your girl?No. But its getting dark. Ill let you know.Just go knock on the excommunicate door and find out whats going on.Cant. Im not ready to interview a murder victim. I havent had any experience in it.I shun it when you talk like that. Call me. Cav uto rung off and began rubbing a headache out of his temples.Jeff and Troy Lee were running through the Safeway aisles, Troy yelling out items off Drews list while Jeff pushed the cart.A case of Vaseline, Troy said. Ill get it out of the stockroom. You grab the sugar, and the Wonder Grow.Got it, Jeff said.They rendezvoused at the express lane. The cashier, a old woman with bottle-blond hair, glared at them over her rose-tinted glasses.Cmon, Kathleen, Troy said. That eight-items-or-less bullshit doesnt apply to employees.Like everyone who worked days at the Safeway, Kathleen was a little afraid of the Animals. She sighed and began running the items over the scanner while Troy Lee shoved them into bags ten five-pound bags of sugar, ten boxes of Wonder Grow fertilizer, five quarts of Wild Turkey bourbon, a case of charcoal lighter, a colossus box of laundry detergent, a box of utility candles, a bag of charcoal, ten boxes of mothballsWhen she got to the case of Vaseline, Kathleen p aused and looked up at Jeff. He gave her his best all-American-boy smile. Were having a little party, he said.She huffed and totaled the order. Jeff threw a handful of bills on the counter and followed Troy out of the store, pushing the cart at a dead run.Twenty minutes later the Animals were scrambling through the Sanguine II with the bags of supplies for Drew, who was crouched in the opening with the stainless-steel vault. Tommy handed down the boxes of fertilizer.Potassium nitrate, Drew said. No recreational value, but the nitrates make a nice bang. He tore the lid off a box and dumped the powder into a growing pile. Give me some of that Wild Turkey.Tommy handed down some bottles. Drew twisted the cap off one and took a drink. He shivered, blinked back a tear, and emptied the rest of the bottle into the dry ingredients. Hand me that humbled sword. I need something to stir with.Tommy reached for the sword and looked up at Lash. How we doing?Lash didnt even look at his watch. Its officially dark, he said.

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Children Should Be Paid for Doing Chores Essay

ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYTopic Children should be stipendiary for doing choresIt is common knowledge that household chores much(prenominal) as doing the dishes, cleaning rooms, throwing the garbage argon not really entertaining activities to the majority of people, especially to children. That is why some mentions who are totally aware of the king of the influence of funds, expect that allowance relied to chores hatful be a productive way not only to incite children to do the chores but overly to tutor them the value of money and hard shape. However, the negative influences that money can bring make parents doubt to this mode. Although some people claim that children should be paid for doing chores, it is my lean that paying them leads to slippery slope effects.Proponents of allowance relied to chores argue that this method teaches children to manage their own money. However, this is not the only way to make them acquire this notion of management. Parents can give them a monthl y pocket money separated to the chores, for instance. Suppose a little boy acquires 2500Ar of pocket money a month. If he wants to procure a 5000Ar-video game, he can ascertain either to spend it for a cheaper one or to save it and wait the next-month-pocket money to buy it. Therefore, children can manage their money else way than getting allowance for chores.Motivation through money may not work and can even be counter-productive, despite the event that pro-payment for chores claim that it motivates children to do the chores. For example, if a child decides that he/she doesnt really need a dollar today, it wont be hard for him/her to decide not to do the chores. Besides, according to psychologists researches, young children who are rewarded for drawing are less likely to draw on their own that are children who draw only if for the fun of it. In other words, if we reward children with money for doing chores, they will be less motivated to do them.Not only can this reward method demotivate children from doing chores but,it also teaches them love only for money. In fact, they can ask their parents for an allowance raise otherwise, they wont do their household tasks. Dean Mehrkens, a parent who tried the pay-per-chore-system, declared that, due to this system, his three-year-old daughter refused to do anything unless there was some kind of compensation. Furthermore, he added that it made it difficult to correct or discipline a kid for doing what wed taught him to do except payment for everything. Consequently, the more parents reward their children with money for doing chores, the more materialistic and demotivated they will be.The most famous argument that pay-per-chore parents kick out is this is a mean to make children realize they need to work hard to be well paid nevertheless, chores are all family members responsibilities and not a work at all. Actually, unless its their professions, parents are not paid for doing the chores. So, why should children b e paid while they wont be later? Besides, instead of petition their parents allowance for chores, children should be grateful towards them for being taken care of by them and do their duties for free.Thats exactly the message that Marie Lafort wanted to pass on in the lyric of her song entitled Gift Last night, while I was cooking in the kitchen, my son came in and held out a canvas of paper to me I read it. And, thats what it was saying For having done my bed the whole week 3 francs. For taking out the waste-paper basket 75 cents. For having water the flowers of the balcony 25 cents. Altogether its 9 francs and 85 centimes. So, I picket his pencil, I returned the sheet and thats what I wrote For nine months of patience and twelve hours of suffering, its free. For so many sleepless nights, watching your sleep, its free. For rides, toys, and school its free. And if we have a look at it, the total of my love is totally free. We also have to take into consideration that children ca n have extra-work activities so as to make them understand this work ethic. Besides, most financial and child-development experts agree that paying children for extra-jobs that are outside their normal set of chores is a good idea. They can, for instance, mow the lawn, feed their neighbors pets and sell cakes, cookies, and lemonades. Thus, if they want their children to get this work ethic, parents should incite them to do extra-jobs.It is evident that money has nothing to do with chores which are family duties. It overshadows the good reasons for doing household tasks. Indeed, when children do chores, they receive a sense of accomplishment, pride and increased self-confidence for a job well-done. sometimes they also want to please their parents. As a consequence, putting a monetary value on chores eclipses all of those benefits. In other words, they will suffer to work for allowances instead of their parents praise. Besides, not only does payment can cause childrens discouragement for doing chores, but it can also make them more materialistic. Finally, as parents are not even paid for doing chores and are already in charge of their children as well, the latter should thank their parents by doing the chores without payment. Thus, instead of chores allowances, kids can get pocket money, or do extra-jobs to understand work ethic and money management. Thats why I firmly believe that children should not be paid for doing chores.

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Changing Role of Managerial Accounting in a Dynamic Business Environment Essay

Managerial accountants more and more are considered business partners. B. Managerial accountants often are part of cross-functional teams. C. An increasing number of organizations are segregating managerial accountants in separate managerial-accounting departments. D. In a number of companies, managerial accountants make significant business decisions and resolve operating problems. E. The role of managerial accountants has changed considerably over the gone decade.The day-to-day work of management teams will typically comprise all of the following activities except A. decision making. B. intend. C. cost minimizing. D. directing operational activities. E. controlling. Answer C LO 2 showcase RC 3. Which of the following functions is best described as choosing among available alternatives?Which of the following functions best describes this process? A. Decision making. B. Planning. C. Coordinating. D. Controlling. E. Organizing. Answer D LO 2 Type N 7. Which of the following is not an objective of managerial accounting? A. Providing information for decision making and planning. B. Assisting in directing and controlling operations. C. Maximizing profits and minimizing costs. D. measure the performance of managers and subunits. E. Motivating managers toward the organizations goals. Answer C LO 3 Type RC 8.The role of managerial accounting information in assisting management is a(n) A. inancial-directing role. B. attention-directing role. C. planning and controlling role. D. organizational role. E. problem-solving role. Answer B LO 3 Type RC 9. Employee empowerment involves encouraging and authorizing workers to take initiatives to A. improve operations. B. reduce costs. C. improve product quality. D. improve client service. E. all of the above. Answer E LO 3 Type RC 10. The process of encouraging and authorizing workers to take appropriate initiatives to improve the overall firm is commonly known as A. planning and control. B. employee empowerment.

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Students Be Allowed to Share Their Answers

In my first argument I will contest why think students should be allowed to function answers and training. integrity of the big reasons why students should be allowed to share their answers and homework with other classmates Is to find out If and why their answer was wrong. Lets say a student named Sebastian does his homework. He studies, writes the mental rivulet and depresss the result. He will probably get something like 10/20 or 25/40 or whatever the results may be. The point is that Sebastian doesnt get enough feedback.Some teachers actually give good feedback to their students but its ere rare and most teachers these old age leave it up to the students to find out the right answers after the test and so on. The result of this will be that most students dont look up the right answers, there for they will never know the right answers. If students had the option to share their answers with classmates they would know if and why they are right or wrong. If they dont compare a nswers and understand why one answer Is right and one is wrong, they will never learn. Teachers in this generation seem to expel Cheating Is beneficial for studentsI am going to argue why I think cheating could be beneficial for students. I am going to focus on 2 topics. 1 . Why students should be allowed to share their answers and homework with shooter. 2. Why teachers shouldnt be allowed to accuse students of cheating base off of similar answers/thoughts. In my first argument I will argue why I think students should be allowed to share share their answers and homework with other classmates is to find out if and why studies, writes the test and gets the result. He will probably get something Like 10/20 or 25/40 or whatever the results may be.The point Is that Sebastian doesnt get enough feedback. Some teachers actually give good feedback to their students but Its very rare and most teachers these days leave It up to the students to find out the one answer is right and one is wrong , they will never learn. Teachers in this generation seem to expect students to do all of their work independently. According to Inchoation. Org 75% 98% of college students have cheated. Another reason why Cheating Is beneficial for students I am going to argue why I think cheating could be beneficial for students. I am going Cheating is beneficial for students

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Kids vs Disabilities

coldcock syndrome affects many pot in this world. Not only does it affect the psyche diagnosed as Downs, to a greater extentover it also affects their family and e rattling atomic number 53 around them. There are physical characteristics that help you identify somebody with Downs. There are also some health concerns that you need to concern about. In this essay I will give you a clearer understanding of what Downs syndrome is, and what it means to receive Downs. Down syndrome can be caused for three different reasons. The approximately prevalent reason is called trisomy 21. This means that rather than having 46 chromosomes you have 47.This is the cause for approximately ninety- five percent of the people affected by Down syndrome. The redundant chromosome is usually found on the twenty- initial pair. The next cause only affects 1 percent of the Downs population. It is known as mosaicism. This is caused from an error during cell division skillful after conception has occurre d. It has been seen that with mosaicism some of the cells have 47 chromosomes while former(a) cells only have 46 chromosomes. The last reason can be traced endure to the parents. It is known as translocation.The twenty-first chromosome is translocated on to another chromosome. The parents could be carrying the chromosome that translocates. This form of Down syndrome affects only 3-4 percent of the people living with Downs. There are some health concerns that you should also be aware of when dealing with someone with Downs syndrome. It has been found that between sixty and eighty percent of people with Down syndrome has a hearing deficit. If you were dealing with a young Downs syndrome child it would be a good idea to have their hearing checked.It is also common to have a congenital heart disease. Unfortunately many children need surgery and will be under a doctors care their whole life. Children with Down syndrome are more likely to have problems with their vision than other childr en. A lot of children with Down syndrome have cataracts at birth that need to be removed. referable to the occurrence that intestinal abnormalities is also more common in children with Downs, one of two things occur. Either they do not eat and fail to get the diet they need as infants, or they tend to focus on food and have a problem with obesity.Another contri preciselying factor to this could be the fact that Down children are also more prone to thyroid dysfunctions. This could also affect their central nervous system so it needs to be monitored closely. virtually other problems that may occur but are not as likely are leukemia, seizure disorders, skin disorders, sleep apnea, and early onset of Alzheimer disease. I work very closely with an adult with Down syndrome. I personally see many of these things affect her everyday. Medication can help most of the disorders, but even so, it bets like your life is then controlled by the times that you have to take medication.On the oth er end of the spectrum, I have found people with Down syndrome to be very loving, and ask nothing more of you than your friendship. To me, this quality makes them very special people. There are some physical characteristics that would help a doctor to identify a child affected by Down syndrome. I think the most prevalent is that of a flat face. It appears that they do not have the same curvature on their face as we do. It seems to be flattened. Next, would be that the back of their head is also flattened. It goes straight down rather than having a curve to it.They also have smaller ears, decreased muscle tone, smaller mouth, a gap between their first two toes, and skin folds in the corner of their eyes. None of these physical features causes any disability or decreases their function. In personal experience I have found that people with Down syndrome also have an enlarged tongue. Because of this they let their tongue hang out of their mouth a lot. Like most things if you start earl y it can be corrected. In one instance that I have seen, as soon as the child started sticking out her tongue the mother would gently put it back in her mouth.She continued to do this until the child no longer let her tongue hang out of her mouth. If you start to work with Down syndrome children when they are young they seem to go further in life. Children with Down syndrome need just as much attention as other children, and enjoy the same things as other children. Children with Down syndrome must be taught individually though according to what their strengths and weaknesses are. They use certain meetings in order to set their new goals and to see what the child has achieved.The first one is known as the person Education Plan (IEP). This will decide what type of education the child will get and how it will be taught. Next is the Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). The family plays a large role in the childs development and these meetings show the parents how they can be more inv olved and help in the childs learning. This will continue through their whole life. When they become adults they will have what is known as an Individual Service Plan (ISP). This occurs once a month.The adult with Down syndrome sets their own goals, sees what goals they have met, and decides where they want to go from there. As you can see a person with Down syndrome may entail more of your time and energy, but in my experiences I have found it to be worth the time and energy. They are very loving people that deserve a chance in life just like everyone else. Just remember they have to work twice as hard to get half as far in life as you do. So maybe there is something we can learn from them like how to pry the little things, while still doing our best in life.

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Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan is an apt representation of the theory of epic theater

Brechts Epic Theatre is a theatre of destruct illusions and a wide awake audience which took birth from the theory of Korschian Marxism which saw ideology as a material force that served as an important calamus of dominance. It is a theatre of instruction and thereof is as well termed Didactic theatre and because of the binary opposition present in its themes it is also known as dialectic Theatre.The biggest aim of Brechtian make ups is to alienate the audience to bring about an under footing which can affect change, Brecht terms this phenomenon as the Verfremdungs Effekt (Alienation Effect or the A-effect), which comes from the Chinese play tradition. The audience is never one with the actor, they are always aware that the play is not real and that whatever is being presented on stage is not reality nevertheless a depiction of a certain reality.The A-Effect is also known as the technique of defamiliarization wherein the familiar is made strange through alienation tropes such (prenominal) as addressing the audience directly, changing clothes in front of the audience, use of songs etc, which ensures that the audience is at all times rational, intellectual, and act as scientific observers so that they are able to question the industrial world and its authoritarian structures. As Walter Benjamin while summarizing Brechts theatre said for its public the stage is no longer the planks which signify the world (in other words, a magic circle), but a convenient public exhibition area.For its stage, the public is no longer a collection of hypnotized test subjects, but an assembly of interested persons whose demands it must satisfy. For its school text, the performance is no longer a virtuoso interpretation, but its rigorous control. For its performance, the text is no longer a basis of that performance, but a grid on which, in the form of new formulations, the gains of that performance are marked1 and so Bertolt Brechts theory of Epic Theatre transforms into its praxis in his play The Good Person of Szechwan.The Good Person of Szechwan is a purely red play that deals with the social conditions of its milieu and how the people who are put in those situations react to it and towards one another. The major theme being that of survival in a world that is ruled not by trade good of character but by the evil and corruption of the nightspot. The juxtaposition of poverty with plentitude is a leit paper in the play. Wangs The Water Sellers Song In The Rain brigns forth this juxtaposition beautifully when he laments, I sell body of water. Who pass on taste it? -Who would want to in this weather? All my labour has been wastedFetching these few pints together. I stand shouting by my Water And naught thinks it Worth stopping and buying Or greedily drinks it. 2 Since its rainy season and there is plenty of water no one bothers buying the water from Wang and this plentitude becomes poverty for Wang. We start to pity Wangs character when we body fo rth that he is a proletariat and is burdened by poverty, but Brecht alienates us from Wangs character by showing us his cheating and swindling side so that we rationalize his character and see him as the representative of the proletariat ideology of swindling and cheating. there is no Bourgeois enemy present in the play. The problem is within the proletariat and not amongst the proletariat and bourgeois. The problems that Shen Teh or the other characters face are payable to their social conditions. The province of Szechwan can be seen as a microcosm of what is happening all over the world. Throughout the play there is constant reference to hunger. famish is seen as annihilating honor. Shen Tehs hesitancy to take the Gods in is because she has an empty offer. She says Im afraid that a rumbling stomach is no respecter of persons. 3 The motif of hunger and poverty can also be seen in Brechts other play The Life of Galileo. The play starts with Galileo saw Put the milk on table4 an d Andrea replying Mother says we must pay the milkman, if we dont hell be describing a circle roach us, Signor Galilei5 and later on when Galileo says and I like to eat decently. Its when Im eating I get most inspiration. A rotten age. They havent paid me as much as the man who drives their wine-carts. 6 We are always reminded of the juxtaposition of plentitude with poverty.The play is dialectic in its split between Shen Tehs self fulfillment and Shui Tas self preservation. It is the inevitable collide between desire and fact and as the paradox of ends and means. These are two sides of the same coin. Shen Tehs wish to be generous must employ Shui Tas profiteering meanness, or else she would be take of her charitable self. 7 Prosperity is associated with lack of goodness and social conditions twist the natural goodness of human beings into opposites8 and hence if Shen Teh wants to prosper then she demand to give into Shui Tas calculating nature.In The Good Person of Szechwan we have constant interruptions that are brought about by the musical interludes and all these songs manoeuver to alienate the audience from the play and to make them question the situation being presented in front of them. They are made to question the worth of Shen Tehs goodness as it leaves her not ennobled but economically emaciated. Walter Benjamin says that, the interrupting of action is one of the principle c at oncerns of epic theatre. Therein lies the formal achievements of Brechts songs with their crude, heart rendering refrains. 9 and hence The Water Sellers Song In The Rain comes just after the love scene between Shen Teh and Yang Sun, disrupting the audience from getting tough in the play and again bringing their attention to the dialectics between poverty and plentitude. Brecht says that in the epic theatre moral arguments only took second place. Its aim was slight to moralize than to observe. 10 So we see that Shen Tehs goodness is constantly thwarted by the social cir cumstances and harsh necessities of survival in a competitive world but no moralizing comments are made.The play begins on a note of despair and ends with one. For Shen Teh to survive it is necessary that Shui Ta also survives. The Gods in the play are ignorant, humanized and a satire on the hegemony in Christianity, questioning the absolutism of Christianity in the early twentieth Century. instead of one god head we are presented with three Gods and none of them can do anything to lift Shen Teh out of the drudgery that she is a part of even though she is good.In the trial scene the gods are seen as nothing but impostors, their omniscience and all powerful stature is questioned. The idea of evaluator is questioned, deconstructed and done away with. neither is virtue rewarded nor vice punished, instead vice is seen as a means to an end. Shui Ta is not punished for any of the crimes and Shen Teh is not rewarded for her goodness. Brecht here blends divine justice with legal justice b y making the Gods don on the attire of the magistrate to mock at divine justice. It is a Marxist onslaught on the institutionalization of religion.In his other play The Caucasian Chalk Circle we have the character of Azdak whose method of delineating legal justice is more serious in purpose and flavour as compared to the three Gods here who appear as mere fools. One is forced to question if justice is being delayed or if there is no concept of justice in an industrial world. The open ended-ness of the trial scene erodes the moralistic nature and it prises upon the mind of the audience and affects change. Brecht in all his plays comments on Jetztzeit, a term that Walter Benjamin coined for the presence of now in Brechtian plays.According to Walter Benjamin, history for Brecht was an ever present arena, never as with Lukacs a thing of past and hence we see that Mother Courage and her Children, The Good Person of Szechwan or The Life of Galileo all have topical references in the World War I and II, the disappointment of the Russian Revolution/Communism/Dictatorship and questioning of the viability and feasibility of science in a post Hiroshima-Nagasaki world, respectively. Also epic theatre is literarized. The literarization of theatre by means of verbal formulas, posters, c adroitions, is intended to, and will, make what is shown on the stage unsensational. 11 The performance is not aimed to draw the audience into the play but to make them stand at the periphery so that they question the bourgeoisie ideology and break free from it, so that the proletariat is emancipated and socialism can be constructed. Brecht believes that society can be changed through intellectual action and that is the reason that his plays are so highly dialectical. We see the dialectics between Good and God when Shen Teh as Shui Ta sings the Song of the Defencelessness of the Good and The Gods The good Cannot remain good for long in our country Where cupboards are bare, housewives start to squabble.Oh, the divine commandments Are not much use against hunger. So why cant the gods share out what theyve created Come down and distribute the bounties of nature And allow us, once hunger and thirst has been sated To mix with each other in friendship and pleasure? 12 Gods here are seen as privileging the aristocrats and Christianity is seen as a perpetrator of class difference. The motif of hunger is again visible in the song. Hunger can not be satiated by following the commandments, one want to have money to buy food and that money comes not from praying but by being economically independent and well of.When the audience hears the song they realize the futility of religion in an economic world. It brings to the forefront the debate between spirituality and materialism. It makes the spectators question both the value of a bourgeoisie society and that of religion. Being but a Marxist play every theme is given a Marxist interpretation, even the idea of love and marriage. Sh en Teh has to choose between Yang Sun and Mr. Shu Fu. It is as Shui Ta that she favors Mr. Shu Fu for he can provide her with a future but as Shen Teh her emotions sway her towards Yang Sun.In a direct address to the audience Shen Teh sings I would go with the man whom I love. I would not reckon what it costs me. I would not consider what is wiser. I would not know whether he loves me. I would go with the man that I love. 13 As Shui Ta she knows the worthlessness of her charming but rascally lover Sun. But with her emotional feminine self, as Shen Teh, she cannot give up the physical passion and tenderness that bind her to him. In Shen Tehs love the drive for self-fulfillment and the need for self preservation clash in hopeless combat that can never be decided. 14 Brecht in The Good Person of Szechwan presents us with a Marxist theme, a dialectical debate between poverty and plentitude, goodness and god, religion and materialism etc, all of which is made apparent to the audience by the alienation effect brought about by the musical interludes that are present through out the course of the play, Shen Tehs changing clothes in front of the audience, direct address to the audience in an attempt to make sure that the play raises questions in the minds of the audience and breaks their identification with the bourgeoisie ideology.In totality Brechts play The Good Person of Szechwan is an apt representation of his epic or intellectual theatre that is built on the concept of critical theory translating into intellectual action on stage wherein Brecht seeks to sort out historically specific features of a milieu in order to show how that milieu influenced, shaped and often battered and destroyed the individual. Instead of focusing on the universal elements of human situations and fate, Brecht on the other hand is interested in depicting the attitude that people adopted towards each other in a specific historical situation or context.

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Struggles in Implementing Agrarian Reform in the Philippines “Agrarian Reform: A Struggle for Social Justice”

ABSTRACTThe paper entitled agricultural Reform A Struggle for Social arbitrator aims to give the current status of agrarian reform in the Philippines. It also aims to provide the struggle of Filipinos for social justice in the implementation of the Comprehensive rural Reform schedule (CARP). This paper aims to explain why land reform is slow here in our country. This will also try to shed airy on what agrarian reform is and will give the clear and precise Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law. Furthermore, this paper will also tackle the issues involving the achromasia of social justice in the agrarian reform. A part of this paper is also given for the land conversions and other shipway to circumvent CARP.Outline I. Introduction & Objectives A. item objectives II. Background Information A. Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) in the Philippines 1. History 2. comment 3. Purpose B. Social Justice in the Philippines 1. History 2. Definition 3. Purpose III. Analysis & Discus sion A. Issues on the agrarian reform implementation in the Philippines B. Reasons for the slow implementation of agrarian reform C. Land Conversions and other ways to circumvent CARP IV. ConclusionV. References Cornista, L. B. (1987). The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program An Analysis of its Policies and Processes. Laguna University of the Philippines. Lopez, A. P. (2003). Batas The Uncompleted Historic Mandate, Quezon City DAR. Sebucao, J. T. (1995). The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) as critically viewed by the DAR officials and beneficiaries its economic and educational contribution.Annotated Bibliography 1. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program an analysis of its policies and processes This restrain provides information about the policies and processes of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program. 2. Batas The Uncompleted Historic MandateThis book is about Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program in the Philippines and provides information on the history of land reforms in our country. This also provides information on the government policies regarding land reform in our country. 3. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) as critically viewed by the DAR officials and beneficiaries This book provides the analysis of DAR officials and beneficiaries on what the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) is.

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Hot and Cold Essay

Since season immemorial, Indians have been bombarded with snacks-to-go by driveway vendors fastfood is neither a modern phenomenon, nor a western innovation. But as increasing numbers of international players enter the domestic help market, there are bitter lessons to learn about what local consumers will and will not welcome. just-food.coms Debasish Ganguly reports from India on the evolving sector and the challenges facing new entrants into the fastfood market.Fastfood is not an alien concept to Indians roadside shops have offered snacks-to-go since time immemorial and the country has a dogged tradition of indigenous fastfood served by a variety of street vendors. Whether the southern Dosas or the Phulkas in the north, the Vada, Samosas or Bhelpuri, this inexpensive cuisine is still going strong, and street marketing is a low-cost method of food distribution.However, since the arrival of established fastfood chains such as McDonalds, marketing savvy and dollar power have give n fastfood a very western orientation. The weekend stampedes orthogonal any McDonalds restaurant are standing testimony to this fact.But the burger behemoths still have a long way to go. Local fastfood is not easily undermined by these interlopers, since methods of mass production have not been meliorate and, in any case, they would have to compete with low cost artisan production. On the other hand, the domain is that established local fastfood chains, like Nirulas, Wimpys or Haldiram, are sensing competition by the growing popularity of McDonalds and other international chains. Though Nirulas does not admit to any drop in sales overtly, patience sources reveal that they have lost 18% of their original market share.So far, the fastfood chains have gained their popularity among the study metropolitan cities of India and some smaller cities, such as Pune or Baroda. Before the arrival of these fastfood chains, Nirulas was the market leaderin Delhi. In fact, Nirulas taught Delhi-d wellers what pizzas and burgers were all about. Nirulas was commanding a monopoly until western chains arrived in India.

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Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay

Why argon students bulled? Why are they bulled? What makes other fate to bully others? If bullies throw victimized you you would understand how it feels to be bulled. You wonder why this is happening to you. We all know that blustery is wrong. livery someone down has no beneficial purpose. The person creation victimized is going through the hardest meter of their life but to the bully it makes them feel good and take that moment to do permanent ill-use to the victim. There are m some(prenominal) causes and effects to bulling and they both lease to each other. There is always a reason why a person is being bullying or why he or she is bulling.One of the effects of bulling is it could bring down the victims self-confidence. It can cause depression, suicidal thoughts, suicidal attempts, abnormal fears, and worries. The victims would comport fear of speaking publicly or joining any sports or groups. It could create sleep disorders, awkward habits, poor appetite, digestive probl ems, school problems, and rage. The victim can have nervous brake down and oftentimes crying. The effect of bulling can lead the victim to wonder if they are doing anything wrong, think twice about the actions being taken. Never show them selves or try to make friends. These are some effects of bulling but, why causes bulling?The causes of bullying would be neglect from parents and parents uninvolved with their children. The bullies want to get noticed because they dont have any attention at home. The bullies like having power over their peers. They think its cool and funny bullies have an rough personality and lack of adult supervision. They are usually jealousy of other who have it better and ride the victims to bring up their self-confidence. They also take revenge on their victims. They want to take their feelings out on others. They believe that by bulling they get power. They believe that just because they have power they can get onward with things. They might also bully b ecause they have low self-confidence issues. These are some causes of bullying.The causes of bullying could lead up to the effects of bullying. Bullies bully because they are neglected and take out their anger on their peers. They want to bring others down so they could bring them selves up. They have lack of supervisions form parents, teachers, and school staff. There are many reasons why people bully but they bully mostly because they want to be noticed.

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Nursing: Years Ago and Today

The history of nurse, a segment of the blood slight collar ser delinquency sector, reflects the general trends in the trans miscellaneaation of influence that gave rise to the new, dependent, salaried, white collar work pluck, in conflict everywhere the construct of professionalism. Although previously independent practitioners, by the end of World War II, a decisive mass of nurses were forced to find employment in the newly emerging bureaucratic hospitals as their opportunities for autonomous nurse- diligent relationships little (Melosh 32).In the nations hospitals, nurses were subject to processes of bureaucratic control very much like those described by Edwards for two(prenominal) production and nonproduction workers (Edwards 17). Invisible mechanisms of control, including the human capital nonion of professionalism and the use of written rules to govern nurses tasks and supervision, were invoked to discipline this white collar workforce. Historically, nurses responses t o these constraints have been fil lead with conflict.In the 18th century, care for was merely another of womens internal chores. By the early 19th century, however, nursing had emerged as an occupation performed by levelheaded work- socio-economic class women, in the beginning widows and spinsters. It was a specialty within domestic service, consisting primarily of cleaning a patients bole, linen, and dressings. This kind of labor was considered by most 19th-century men and women as an extension of womans natural biological capacity for domesticity, docility, nurturance, and willingness to sacrifice (Berg 21).A attractive line separated the 19th-century nurse from the domestic consideration, as both were expected to perform household chores. By 1868, however, they were more clearly differentiated by salary the nurse earned $1.00 to $2.00 a day whereas the servant earned however $2.22 per week (Reverby 9). Because of the close association with dirty domestic work, few lowe r- bourgeoisie women entered nursing. Until the urbane War, nursing remained an occupation performed by poor, older, single women with no formal education or training. These women were often force from rural areas into the cities in search of paid work, where their options were generally sewing, lodging borders, domestic service, or nursing. By 1870, in that respect were over 10,000 women officially employed as nurses in the United States.Until the 20th century, hospital nursing was less prevalent than household nursing since most births, deaths, and illnesses occurred in the home. The majority of Americans did not see the inside of a hospital until the turn of the century. Hospitals were barely hospitals as we now know them. They were charitable institutions built by philanthropists at the end of the 18th century for the poor, the lovingly marginal, or the unemployed. Indeed, many hospitals evolved out of public almshouses.Patients in both public and voluntary hospitals were in carcerated for dependence as much as for disease in the 1870s (Vogel 105), and their hospital suffer was often for weeks or months, not days. Impermeable walls and guarded gates surrounded the institutions, enabling hospitals to assert almost control over the working class, immigrant, or destitute patient.Although benevolent, hospitals treated their patients disdainfully, with authoritarianism and paternalism. Their purpose was to provide the patient with moral uplift while instilling social control. Hospital administrators believed their patients were from the very lowest from abodes of drunkenness and vice in almost every form, where the most depressing and corrupting influences were acting on both body and mind (Vogel 24).Children were decontaminated upon arrival and taught discipline, purity and kindness. The trustees hoped this regimen would reform the children, who would then bring newly refined manners, quickened rationality and softened hearts back to their homes. Some h ospitals attempted to reform adults as well because they believed society benefited not just by saving these workers but also by rekindling in them their faith in social order (Vogel 26).Nurses in these hospitals were generally ambulatory patients themselves, caring for fellow inmates. If not actual patients, hospital nurses originated from the similar poor and working-class sectors of society as the patients. They often held several jobs simultaneously and were frequently reprimanded for sewing-out (manufacturing garments on the ward) while on duty (Reverby 24).The status of the 19th-century hospital nurse was very low, comparable to the status of all womanly patients at this time. The female patient of 1870 was characterized in a letter to the Boston Evening Transcript as a woman who has fallen into the sins of the wayside likewise weak to resist the temptations which have beset their unguarded footsteps (Vogel 26). Similarly, the hospital nurse was characterized by Florence Ni ghtingale, the 19th-century British reformer, as too old, too weak, too drunk, too dirty, too stolid or too bad to do anything else (Reverby 26). Hence, stringent rules governing general behaviors regarding sex, language, and use of inebriant and tobacco were enforced for both patients and nurses in the hospital.Although nurses lived in close proximity to the patients, they were forbidden to socialize with them. In order to prevent them from socializing or drinking with the patients, nurses were kept busy from 500 a.m. until 930 p.m. They were continually scrubbing patients, garments, and wards, since sanitation was the plainly method of disease prevention in the 19th-century hospital. When they had completed these tasks, they were condition innumerable others to keep them in line.In addition to such domestic tasks, nurses were often responsible for providing more serious wellness care in the doctors frequent absence as well. They often managed labor and lurch cases independentl y. This forced nurses to exercise independent medical judgments, despite doctors prevailing expectation that nurses would be completely submissive to them. With the taste of autonomy, nurses began to expect greater latitude in their work. They began to see themselves as adult wage workers, not children to be controlled by the hospital family, as the hospital trustees portrayed the workplace.The face of nursing changed during the gracious War. Middle- and upper-class women, motivated by patriotism, familial duty, or simply a search for meaningful work, began to work in hospitals, nursing wounded men, and raising funds for the war (Mottus 65).The unsanitary and disorganized conditions in army hospitals led to the emergence of relief associations. In 1861 the Womens Central Association of Relief was formed with the explicit purpose of furnishing comfort and medical stores, and especially nurses in aid of the medical staff of the army and to take measures for securing a system of w ell trained nurses against any possible demand of war (Mottus 24). Drawing on Nightingales British baby-sit of army nursing, the Registration Committee on Nurses sought prospective applicants with specific qualifications they were to wear dresses without hoops, provide references cocksure their risque moral character, and be no older than 45 years of age. Nurses trained according to Nightingales nursing model, learning the laws of both morality and hygiene.The post-Civil War years, characterized by remarkable economic growth, the rise of industrial corporations, the descent of small entrepreneurs, and the emergence of urban America, engendered the expansion of relief organizations and the development of new benevolence organizations. Both were controlled in large part by middle- and upper-class female reformers.These women, many of whom had participated in organized nursing during the Civil War, focused on reforming the moral character of the poor, soiled by the ravages of urba n society (Lubove 4-5). The expansion of the charity organization movement represented another response by a troubled middle class to the social dislocation of the post-Civil War industrial city Charity organization was a crusade to salve the city from itself and from the evils of pauperism and class antagonism. It was an instrument of social control for the conservative middle class (Lubove 5).In the post-Civil War hospital, middle-class women joined forces with hospital trustees and developed training schools for nurses. The reformers purpose was to save the country young lady from the city, foster a profession of nursing, and reform the hospital. They attempted to carry out this goal by develop a cadre of trained, professional, middle-class nurses. The hospital trustees, however, sought nurses as a cheap labor force for the hospital.During the depression years of the 1890s, the hospital moved away from being a charity organization (Rosner 119). Philanthropists, bear upon by f inancial crises themselves, were no longer able to be the sole supporters of the institutions. Hospital trustees turned to the middle-class patient as a new source of income for hospitals. This change motivated trustees to alter the hospitals architecture as well as its workforce. Its image became more hotel-like, with private rooms, private doctors, and private nurses.The reformers convinced the trustees that young, educated nurses of middle-class origins would be more appropriate caretakers for wealthier patients than untrained, working-class nurses. Hence, while the middle-class reformers were attempting to create a profession for respectable middle-class women, embodying Victorian Americas idealized vision of upper-class womanhood (empathy, gentility, and dedication to service), the trustees were still seeking an cheap yet disciplined workforce. The middle-class student nurse was their answer.One of the first training schools for nurses emerged in 1889 at the Johns Hopkins Hosp ital as a joint effort between the women reformers and the hospital trustees. They sought applications from Episcopalian and Presbyterian daughters of the clergy and the professions (James 214). The reformers hoped such a school would become the new social incubator for daughters of the new middle class. They sought only educated and refined students women who had previously worked in the mills or domestic service were discouraged from applying. The reformers argued that only women with proper, virtuous backgrounds could enhance the moral atmosphere of the hospital.Student nurse training meant working 13-hour days at domestic duties under strict military discipline. Understaffing and medical emergency continually forced students into positions for which they were unprepared. These poor work conditions of overwork, lack of adequate training, bad food, and arbitrary discipline took their toll on the students, resulting in the 1910s in strikes against nursing supervisors (Reverby 37).D uring the 1930s and into the 1940s the private duty market collapsed altogether (Melosh 197). The new array of hospital techniques for both patients and nurses fostered a new role for some nurses, however that of hospital foreman, supervising a new pecking order of subsidiary nurses. The nursing professionalizers urged hospital administrators to hire educated graduate nurses of middle-class origins for these positions. Administrators were not hard to bear on this point since they were able to hire nurses with more education and experience for the same wage as the student nurse, given depression-era unemployment.At first, grateful for work, graduate nurses accepted this condition. In time, however, graduate nurses responded to this situation with unrest, high rates of absenteeism, and turnover. Conflicts between adherents of the more elitist, human capital interpretation of professionalism and proponents of the need to work continue to happen upon from staff and head nurses today . Many staff nurses claim that besides taking care of patients, theyre working to put shoes on their childrens feet and nursing administrators just dont see that they work to support their life-time outside the hospital too. Such a comment was just as appropriate in the eighties as it was in 1985. The same debates still rage on.Besides, there are two current health care issues facing the profession of nursing today a misdistribution of nurses across the United States and burnout, both famous as causes for a nursing shortage. There is a misdistribution of nurses across the United States and there are at least two apparent reasons for this geographic immobility and a lack of incentives for rural and inner-city hospitals. Nursing is a very demanding and stressful profession.Burnout is described by Annette T. Vallano in Your race in Nursing, as a form of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal exhaustion that is not easily restored by sleep or rest. Nurses experienc e burnout when they are overwhelmed and unable to cope with the day-to-day stress of their work over long periods of time. Burnout may also be a reason that many nurses have decided to work only part-time, thus burnout may be a contributing factor to the nursing-shortage problem.All in all, nursing has evolved from the days of Florence Nightingale to a highly esteem and educated profession. But there are challenges for the future. In short, the nursing profession needs to begin to deal new trends and patterns (Lowenstein1), while also recognizing it is crucial that nurses learn to generate new ideas for care, utilizing the new medical and parley technologies that are blossoming daily, but also keeping our high touch together with the high tech (Lowenstein 1).Works citedEdwards, Richard. Contested Terrain The Transformation of the Workplace in the Twentieth Century. radical York Basic Books. 1979.Berg, Barbara. The Remembered Gate Origins of American Feminism The Woman and the C ity, 1800-1860. New York Oxford University Press. 1978.James, Janet. Isabel Hampton and the Professionalization of Nursing in the 1890s. In Charles Rosenberg and Morris Vogel (eds.), The Therapeutic Revolution. Philadelphia University of pappa Press. 1979.Lowenstein, Arlene. Vision for the future of nursing. ICUS NURS WEB J, 16, Oct/ Dec 2003 http//, Roy. The Professional Altruist The result of Social Work as a Career, 1880-1930. Cambridge Harvard University Press. 1965.Melosh Barbara. The Physicians Hand Work Culture and Conflict in American Nursing. Philadelphia Temple University Press. 1982.Mottus, Jane E. New York Nightingales The Emergence of the Nursing Profession at Bellevue and New York Hospital, 1850-1920. Ann Arbor University Microfilms International. 1980.Reverby, Susan. Ordered to Care The Dilemma of American Nursing, 1850-1945. New York Cambridge University Press. 1987.Rosner, David. A Once Charitable Enterprise Hospitals a nd Health Care in Brooklyn and New York, 1885-1915. New York Cambridge University Press. 1986.Vallano, Annette. Your Career in Nursing. Kaplan 3rd edition. January 3, 2006.Vogel, Morris. The Invention of the Modern Hospital, Boston, 1870-1930. Chicago University of Chicago Press. 1980.

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Spleen In North India Health And Social Care Essay

Spleen is a reticulo-endothelial and lymphoid organ and sometimes works as hematopoietic organ. Otherwise this organ is cemetery of RBCs. Spleen is blown-up in assorted clinical upsets e.g. infection, metabolic process or stor long time upset and haematological abnormalities1,2. Spleen is neer tangible boulder clay it is enlarged two-three times of its ain sizing3. There argon many manners of probe to place the hypertrophied short temper e.g.-plane radiogram, echography, computed imaging, MRI and radionuclide scan. Out of these modes echography and computed imaging are most dependable for intra-abdominal organs4. Assorted surveies were done by echography to crumple the additive property of spleen- space, breadth, and thickness. But CT-based additive dimension are still unavailable. Unfortunately, dimensions determined by 2-D USG are limited preponderantly by the variable, irragular contour of spleen but besides by the trouble in wholly scanning the full organ or visualising compl ete contours as a consequence of the forepart of overlying constructions such as bone, intestine gas or kidney5. CT imagination is more consummate than echography because this drawback doesnot occur with computed tomography6, 7, 8.CT scans of 126 patients ( 72 male and 54 female person ) were used to mensurate the volume of lien. The age of patients ranged from 20 to 70 years ( 50.3318.9yrs ) ( Table-I ) . The in determineation was collected from December 2006 to April 2007 with permission of Department of Radio-diagnosis, KGMU Lucknow and informed have taken from each patient. CT scans were obtained for assorted clinical indicants and followup of abdominal injury, abdominal hurting and to yet an abdominal mass or adenopathy. The patient s organic structure weight and t eachness at or near the clip of the CT scrutiny were recorded. Spleen axial and transverse sectional realize were obtained a CT Helical instrument. The proficient parametric quantities were 120 kv potency, 120 m a current, 10mm paper breadth with indistinguishable Reconstruction index and a rotary motion clip of 1.5 secs. The medical records of all patients were reviewed. Patients whose liens appeared unnatural on CT scans were excluded. Additionally, any patients who had clinical, biochemical or imaging grounds of conditions that could impact the size of the lien, haematological upsets, abdominal malignances, infection and portal high blood pressure, splenetic injury, cyst, and auto-immune diseases were excluded from the survey.CT-scan dicom images of each patient were subject in Able-3D-doctor package. Spleen is identified in each cross subdivision and longitudinal subdivision of CT-scan images. The space of lien recorded in longitudinal subdivision along 10th rib in cephalo-caudal style ( figure-1 ) . Width of lien besides recorded in longitudinal way ( figure-2 ) but thickness metrical in cross-section image ( figure 3 ) . All dimensions were recorded maximal appreciated in subdivi sions for better truth.All statistics were generated by SPSS version 10.The pupil T-test was used for comparing of agencies. P & A lt 0.05 was considered principal(prenominal) for comparing of agencies and for ar serenityed development abbreviation. Association between splenetic dimensions and physical criterions of patients was assessed with the Pearson correlativity coefficient to place the exact form of relationship, non-linear arrested development every bit good as additive arrested development was applied. Multiple arrested development analysis was applied in backward stepwise manner to prove the independent consequence of all physical criterions on splenetic parametric quantities.Frank et Al used conventional echography to measure 793 healthy patients ( 17-82yrs. ) and lay down that 95 % of patients had splenetic length & A lt 11cm, breadth & A lt 7cm and thickness & A lt 5cm9. Niederau et al study 915 healthy topics utilizing echography and found that average lo ngitudinal and cross diameter of lien to be 5.81.8 atomic number 96 and 5.51.4 centimeter severally. These dimensions were much smaller than other surveies because writer did non mensurate maximal dimension10. Picardi et Al. found average longitudinal dimension of spleen ranged from 8 to 11 centimeter ( average 9.5 centimeter ) 11. Mittal et Al. performed pilot survey of normal amount of spleen by echography on Rajasthani nation and found mean length of spleen 9.400.91 centimeter in males and 9.340.95 centimeter in females12. In older topics they found average length of spleen 9.640.64 centimeter. Spielmann et Al, mean length of lien was found to be 11.41.7 centimeter in males and 10.31.3 centimeter in females13. Konus et Al. found average longitudinal dimension 10.11.03 cm13. In our survey intend splenetic length in North Indian population was 10.671.62 centimeter ( female 10.341.58 and male 10.911.67 centimeter, P & A gt 0.05 ) 14. Mittal et Al. measured mean breadth of lien in male every bit good as female 3.450.59 centimeter and 3.590.55 centimeter. Average breadth of lien measured by Spielmann was 5.00.8 in males and 4.20.7 centimeter in females. In our survey average breadth of spleen 8.611.58 centimeter ( male 9.741.62 centimeter and female 9.261.66 centimeter, P & A gt 0.05 ) and average thickness of spleen 4.861.22cm ( female 4.701.19 centimeter and male 4.971.29 centimeter, P & A gt 0.05 ) .These all dimension of spleen best correlated with tallness of the patients ( scatter plot-1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ) . Age of individual had important negative correlativity with cephalo-caudal length of spleen but rest of splenetic dimension did non hold important correlativity with age ( scatter plot-1.4, 1.5, 1.6 ) .

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Health Care Communication Paper Essay

Our facility is tone ending to be changing a lot in the weeks and months to come. As the administration of the nursing home, I am going to make sure that this transition happens as smoothly as possible. The endurings that boast decided to stay must try their hardest to adhere to the new policies that have been set. The patients that have decided to go somewhere else will very capaciously missed. The patients who whoremonger non communicate their decision for one yard or another will be placed where the staff and I see fit, whether it be in our facility or somewhere else.This facility fates to ensure all patients and residents that we want to make these changes as easy as possible. Thank all of you for the beat you have given the staff and me these last ten years, and for the era you will give in the future. There be three variant vitrines of communication in the aesculapian field traditional communication, electronic communication, communication through social media. T here are advantages and harms to each different type of communication. Traditional communication includes speaking face to face and mail (letters).electronic modes of communication are email phone (home or cell phone), texting, and chatting. Social media involves communicating with several people or bonnie one person at a time using public forums or private electronic messaging through such websites facebook and twitter. Each and every type of communication is equally as important as the other but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional forms of communication as simple as can be but they can confuse anyone if every step is not done correctly.You would hypothesize that speaking to someone face to face would be the best elan to communicate but this is not always the case. Anyone can miscommunicate what they are trying to say. There can be other barriers like delivery barriers and also emotional barriers. If someone speaks a different language it can be hard to represent them unless there is an interpreter available, which isnt always possible. Emotional barriers are hard because when health burster is complex things can go wrong and people then fetch angry, sad, and/or tired. When this happens they may not want to listen to or respond to their doctors.Face to face communication is comfortably too because you can submit questions then and there, and know advice from your physician without having to wait too long. Mail can be very pique because it can take days or weeks to reach its destination and more days or weeks to receive a response. The only good thing most mail would be that you will have credential of your physicians opinions and test results. Traditional communication methods have been around for a long time but times are changing and these types of communication are becoming few and far between.Electronic communication seems to be where most people end up communication, even to our doctors and other health care officials. We call, email, and even text to tell doctors and nurses our health care problems before we even consider actually going to a doctors office and speaking to the doctor in person. These communication techniques are good because we can receive answers to our questions also instantly if the health care official isnt busy. One disadvantage is that someone may not get back to you as soon as you would like which will leave you at home, wondering what you should do.Electronic communication isnt exactly the best form of health care because if the doctor cannot actually see the patient and test their symptoms they cannot defiantly tell a patient what is wrong with them. Social media is becoming more and more popular every day because it is a way to keep in touch with people we dont see every day. It has also become home for all kinds of new and old information, including health care information. This can be a great way to communicate about health care because people can learn new things about health care and medicine every day.People can also communicate with organizations full of doctors and nurses who can teach patients about any news in the health care world and advise patients on how to take care of themselves. This may sound great but there are terrible disadvantages to this type of health care communication. You never know who you are actually speaking to on the internet. What could appear to be an organization of doctors and nurses who want to offer free health care advice could be someone who knows absolutely zip about medicine. Social media websites are not the best place to look for any sort of medical exam advice because patients want real help.

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Department roles Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Department roles - Assignment manikinHIM functionalities can develop financial and medical performance and in like manner reinforce the overall obedience with rules, regulations and standards. To be precise, the key roles of HIM in an organization areTo deliver support for reliability of information, comprising authentication of daily alteration of clients, observation of information regarding every admission of clients and analysis of data entry errorsModern HIM department continues to suffice medical records or functions of information collection, information discharge and information storage. Modern HIM department is a exclusively integrated section, which takes into concern certain significant aspects like coding, situation management, operation review, medical record management, subjective along with external audits and traditional HIM activities under one single umbrella. It would be vital to mention in this similar concern that modern HIM leverages natural interactions a nd improves overall communication associated with medical records along with medical procedures. HIM serves as a source of business record for healthcare organizations and assists in making effective decisions. Furthermore, HIM department also assists in educating physicians regarding improvement in medical practices (Hathorn and Thomas, Leveraging Your HIM Department The conformance Connection).HIM department is in general comprised of long hierarchical structure. At the top of the department is the Chief Medical Director who oversees all the operations of HIM. Under the Director, there lay operational assistants and compliance coordinators as well as managers performing modify roles and duties. Following is the organizational structure of a HIM department.Hathorn, Patsy and Eugenia Stark Thomas. Leveraging Your HIM Department The Compliance Connection. From Audit to Action Tips for Managing the Organizations Response, n.d. Web. 26 Jun. 2014.

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Social analysis is valued because it is inspired by a will to make a Essay

Social epitome is valued because it is stimulate by a will to make a better world (Steven Seidman 1998) Discuss this statement - strive ExampleSeidman described his disappointment in the sorts of sociological practice that has become a narrow and narrow down conversation about definitions in theory and disagreements about method. Then he wrote, more optimistically I return to sociology as I initially came to the discipline, with the hope of finding a home where social synopsis is valued because it is inspired by a will to make a better world. Social analysis is then part or a technique in sociology, purpose of which, according to Sweden, is to be a part of the ongoing conversation and conflict over the present and future shape of the social world.Du Bois & Wright (2001), in their pee Applying sociology Making a better world define the term as follows Sociology is the study of kind-hearted social life, groups, and societies, giving special emphasis to modern industrialized syst ems. It is a discipline involving the ability to take imaginatively and one in which personal views of the world are set aside so we whitethorn look more carefully at the influences that shape our lives and those of others. Social structure is an important concept in sociology.From the above definition, what group view matter? Although the author said personal views are set aside, psyche goals must be disregarded. It simply means that the works of sociology is to find melting points where spate of different beliefs and biases could work together for the common good.Du Bois & Wright (2001) believe in permanent construction and reconstruction of social life, which is based upon the meanings people attach to their actions. The authors thus said In sociological research it is important to distinguish between the mean and unintended results of human action. Sociology studies the resulting balance between social reproduction and social transformation. Social

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Why Nuclear Power Station Is Better than Normal Power Station in Essay

Why Nuclear Power situation Is Better than Normal Power Station in Generating Electricity - Essay ExampleIntroduction This project is about thermonuclear nada and how historic it is in our life as a source of energy that can be produced in nuclear reactor. Nuclear reactor can produce a high amount of energy which can social function to boil water in order to produce a high amount of steam which helps to pay electricity. Nuclear military force station is an efficient source of energy that can produce a colossal amount of electricity and relatively cheaper than the other source of energy able to reduce the emission of glasshouse gases which play an important role in changing the environment and has a high level of safety device equipment to monitor and prevent any error or failure. Therefore, relaying on nuclear may change the incoming of the world and the future of our new generation. Advanced methods are employed to make nuclear power safer and to a greater extent cost ef ficient. The advanced ABWR (Advanced boiling water reactor) and PWR (Pressurized water reactor) techniques have made the nuclear power much cost efficient. The advanced core engine cooling system techniques made nuclear power safer for the future. Now a day our major problem is the green house gases emissions and to address the problem nuclear power has a better and safe solution. Nuclear power is free from green house gases emissions. ... In comparison, one kilogram of uranium releases almost the same energy produce by 1 million kilogram of ember (Dittmar, 2009). This energy release because the atom in nucleus split into two fragments and the two fragments split into 4 and then four to eight and thus a chain reaction starts. At every split, a large amount of thermal energy is released, which is used to heat water to generate power. This is all that happens in all nuclear reactors to produce that huge amount of energy. The capital investment that is required in make a nuclear pow er plant is comparatively higher than other power plants but the run cost of a nuclear power plant is lower than a conventional coal or gas fired power plants. Secondly, using nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy will reduce the amount that spent in producing electricity by using fossil fuel. The cost of nuclear fuel is comparatively low as compared coal or gas in basis of energy released. However, there is misunderstanding between the cost of nuclear energy production and the cost of producing nuclear as station that include a high safety level and materials use to control it event disposal. The cost of any nuclear power plant is highly dependent on the structure, locality and cooling techniques utilized to remove the extra heat or decay heat. Decay heat or unnecessary heat produced by a nuclear reactor is a big problem and it should be interpreted care of. Pumping cool water through the nuclear reactor helps remove the decay heat. A structure that could hold a lo t of water like a lake should be built before or after constructing a nuclear power plant. If a power plant is near a infixed source of water,

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Leadership question 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Leadership question 3 - Essay ExampleThe authors have also attempted to scrutinize leadership through the lens of organisational behaviour. The research conducted over last many years is analysed in this portion in an order to impart the most thorough sum of leadership. The central lesson is that despite many arguments and discussions, the word leadership is pretty a lot like an ambiguous image which is open to multiple interpretations on a perceptual level. This is why, the criteria of leadership should be properly understood to acquire grasp over true doctrine of leadership.Understanding the true meaning of leadership is very important because the whole integrity of an organization depends upon this knowledge. This matters because those leaders who argon not conscientious enough to explore the doctrine of philosophy make many mistakes. They think that leadership is only more or less productivity and sales. Without a thorough understanding, the importance of a viable social sys tem is left unknown in the dark. Not only leadership traits, but leadership behaviours and contingencies should also be explored to develop a full understanding and incorporating the things learned into every organizational process. Whenever a definite change is brought in the motivational level of group members by any one member, there is presence of leadership behind that change. This heart and soul that leadership translates into affecting others ways of perceiving myriad things. Developing the ability to distinguish different leaders from distributively other also matters a lot because this can help a person aspiring to drive a leader to appreciate how the best leaders became able to accomplish those tasks which others could not.The things I learned are critically relevant to me and my leadership development because they lay emphasis on all important qualities which should be in a leader. Leadership development and this kind of knowledge are inextricably linked to separatel y other. I understood that a good leader cannot establish a

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Persuasive speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Persuasive speech - Essay ExampleThe laws should be such that they should reflect the expectations and aspirations of the tidy sum. In a democratic society, laws reflect as to what people want and expect from the state. A poll conducted in March 2013 showed that a majority of the Americans do favor tougher gun chequer laws like barring people from purchasing automatic and assault weapons and conducting a background check on people buying coat of arms (White, 2013). Hence, it goes without saying that the present statutory position that allows people to readily buy automatic and assault weapons is antipathetic to the actual wishes of the people. The state and federal governments could not abjectly ignore the wishes of a majority section of the society.Without pointing to some(prenominal) specific incident, it is a matter of common knowledge that massive public shootings in the recent multiplication have shocked the conscience of the masses. These shootings led to the death of many innocent and unsuspecting citizens in a ruthless and shocking manner. It was primarily owing to the lax gun laws that the perpetrators responsible for these shootings were able to obtain advanced(a) weapons, which they later used to kill unarmed and defense less civilians. Hence, the natural premise that supports the tougher gun control laws is that they forget certainly lead to a decline in, if not a stopping of the instances of mass shootings and leave behind better the law and order situation.The detractors of the tougher gun control laws put forward the argument that if the laws governing the purchase of weapons are made stringent and strict, it will curtail their democratic right to bear arms and will hold back them from easily purchasing weapons, as and when they require. They believe that there should be no restraining mechanism that should prevent people from buying any weapons they feel like buying. However, the truth is that such logic is totally