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Marriage and Divorce in Colonial Korea Essay

The article Where Boys Were Kings, a Shift Toward Baby Girls from The New York multiplication relays to readers the significant and profound changes in Korean society in carnal knowledge to preference of female children over their male counter dissociates in Korean families. In Korea, preference for boys is a centuries old custom and was rooted in part in an agrarian society that relied on sons to do the difficult last on family farms. Men were also accorded special status because they were considered the carriers of the familys all important(predicate) bloodline. As Yang mentioned in Korea times, many people ( to the highest degreely men) still think that men are sky and women are land. Under a highly conservative Confucianism based society, these changes in preference of baby lady friends especially highlights a shift in womens status in Korea.The New York clock provides an example of Ms. positions situation. Ms. green is a 61-year-old newspaper executive who has three sons. Only several decades ago, women who could reproduce many boys were considered the ideal wife. However, Ms. Park now says that within a generation, I befuddle turned from the luckiest cleaning lady possible to a pitiful mother. As seen in Ms. Parks interview in South Korea, once one of Asias most rigidly patriarchal societies, a centuries-old preference for baby boys is truehearted receding.This kind of significant change started from 1987 when the government banned doctors from revealing the switch on of a fetus before birth. Since then, womens status modify each year. As compared to fewer than one out of ten women entering college in 1981, six out of ten did so in 2006. withal in the National Assembly, once one of the nations most male-dominated institution, women now hold about 13 percent of the seats, about take over the percentage they held just four years ago.As we examined in Yoos article The New Woman and the Politics of Love, Marriage and split in Colonial Korea, the re was a time when education, political involvement, and feel of freedoms were limited for women in Korea. For being one of the group of young enlightened Korean women, I am very proud. For the older generation of women, who have tried to find their true rights as a modern girl, I owe their struggles to my success.

Insanity of War Essay

Joseph haler and Kurt Vonnegut were two of the most influential anti-war authors of the twentieth century. demon and Vonnegut served in Second World fight demon flew lx missions as a bombardier and Vonnegut was awarded the Purple Heart as an infantry scout. Throughout the Vietnam War, these two authors were adore for the heroic anti-war masterpieces that they wrote. College students end-to-end the country carried the novels daimon and Vonnegut wrote everywhere they went. Heller prototypal produce his book in 1961, right in the midst of gracious Rights Movement, a perfect time for a book that ch all in allenges the power of bureaucracy. Vonnegut published his novel eight years later in 1969, during the Vietnam War, a disputable period for American citizens. One student was quoted give voiceing, Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller were part of a vanguard of writers my friends and I idolized (Golly). Through the use of composite social systems, passing effective literary sty les, and region portrayal, Heller and Vonnegut helped to reveal the craziness of war.Heller and Vonnegut nearly(prenominal) use a decomposable structure when composing their satirical anti-war novels. When writing Catch-22, Heller intentionally created a narrative that is hard to meet. composition Heller admits that Catch-22 was meticulously structured in order to seem pell-mell, he disagrees with the readers that claim Catch-22 is formless (Merrill 34). Merrill also claims that Heller check outs the real structure is trickily camouflaged (34). He speaks the ideas of nonuple characters and come aparts the bill in an unconventional manner. art object the majority of the novel is written from the ideas, actions, and feelings of John Yossarian, the protagonist, Heller uses other characters to tell the story from a different perspective.An use of this comes in Chapter 6, aptly named empty-bellied Joe, where Heller writes the ideas and feelings of Hungry Joe (Heller 51). Another comes in the twentieth chapter, where the narrative comes from visible Whitcomb (Heller 198). Heller also uses an unorthodox chronology while writing Catch-22. Multiple clock during the text Heller makes obvious jumps in time, be it forward or back. Heller uses the number of missions to help the reader follow the chronology of this sick structure. On the twenty- offset signal page, Doc Daneeka declares that the col unrivalledl want fifty missions (Heller). He then declares that the ordinal Air Force only requires forty missions and later on the similar page they are required fifty-five missions (Heller 58).Vonnegut also uses a complex structure when writing his book, Slaughterhouse-five, but rather than switching from character to character, he changes between past, present, future. Vonnegut uses a chronological scheme that is difficult to follow as well he actually starts the narrative during the second chapter. He starts the novel, on page twenty-three, by talking a bout the past and tells us that the protagonist, baton Pilgrim, was born in 1922 (Vonnegut). Seven pages later, he jumps to 1944 describing his position of assistant chaplain and his furnishtime time being unstuck in time (Vonnegut 30). Then, during the fifth chapter, starting on page eighty-eight, he talks about the past again. When he was twelve years old, he went on vacation to the Grand canyon that he hated (Vonnegut). In addition to using a complex structure, Vonnegut uses the devise So it goes everywhere one hundred times (Slaughterhouse-Five).These writing structures both work to expose the insanity of war. Heller creates a chaotic atmosphere by writing through numerous characters and through a chronology that is anything but in a logical order. While Vonnegut employs the remainder of over a hundred populate within Slaughterhouse-Five and uses an intensely pacingd, chronological ken (Vonnegut). They both write chapters and paragraphs that follow the same disorganized style. With the structures that Heller and Vonnegut use, they both create a chaotic atmosphere for their readers, similar to that of war. They attempt to function the readers in a situation that makes them feel similar to the authors, when they were in the military.Heller and Vonneguts literary style is to create tension in the see of the reader by shifting the narrative around from character to character and to and from different time periods. They do this in order to draw the readers close-hauled to the soldiers and bombardiers of the Second World War. By doing so, they set about the readers to begin to wonder what leave alone be happening next in the story much the like the way the soldiers of Catch-22 do on the fictional island of Pianosa and the Slaughterhouse-Five soldiers in the German city of Dresden (Heller, Vonnegut).The overall pace of Catch-22 is disinclined Heller is very descriptive and builds the range and atmosphere. There is, however, parts of Catch-22 tha t are intense and fast paced. Heller uses this slow pace to build tension before the novel climaxes. Catch-22 becomes faster as it approaches the climax and the end of the novel. This change of pace ties directly to war at first everything is slow, then suddenly, the characters are in the middle of a firefight or bombing mission, then it quickly ceases.Slaughterhouse-Five uses a slightly faster pace throughout the novel Vonneguts narrative is much shorter and does not go into as much depth as Hellers story does. However, this is the same feeling that many soldiers of the Second World War felt. The soldiers and bombardiers do not always know what is happening next or, in go through to the current Iraqi war, which is the enemy and which is not.Heller employs other literary device, called a motif, a recurring theme or device in literature, and in the novel written by Heller, the motif was catch-22. Heller incorporates many forms of the catch-22 throughout the novel. The main catch g o throughs when Yossarian must continue flying missions. Obviously anyone volition to risk their lives by flying these missions is baseless. The only way to be given permission to stop flying the missions is to ask the commanding officer, but he cannot grant permission to be grounded unless it is asked of him.However, anyone sane enough to ask a commanding officer to be grounded is clearly not insane because they put one across regard for their lives. Therefore, they must continue flying missions. In short, any broadside argument that always works in favor of the bureaucratic frame that puts it in place is a catch-22. These circular arguments trap soldiers within the madhouse of war they have no way to escape it because of the system that displace it. There is several other catch-22s in the novel Catch-22, such as the open and close case against Clevenger in which all they pauperization is something to charge him with and how they can only meet up with study Major Major M ajor in his office when he is not in his office.Vonnegut also employs the literary device motif, within his novel. He uses the phrase So it goes over one hundred times in Slaughterhouse-Five (Slaughterhouse-Five). He first uses the phrase So it goes when talking about Gerhard Mullers, a ride driver, mother, who was incinerated in the Dresden fire-storm (Vonnegut 2). During chapter nine, Vonnegut writes about how Billys wife, Valencia, dies of carbon monoxide poisoning later(prenominal)wards an accident she caused while driving to the hospital Billy was taken to after a plane accident he was involved in (Vonnegut).In the prior situation, Vonnegut ended to text with So it goes, this shows how the insanity of war causes death to mean so little to some large number. The last use is on the second to last page, two hundred fourteen he uses it after the death of Edgar Derby, an old, poor English teacher, who was arrested, tried, and shot for stealing a teapot (Vonnegut). Vonnegut uses the phrase So it goes to equalize all death. Through equalizing all death, Vonnegut brings forward how some bureaucratic systems feel about war and their effects on life. Vonnegut writes to situation out the insanity of war he shows his readers what war can cause and how his characters and their lives are affected.Hellers characters display insanity throughout Catch-22. An example of this occurs on page seventy-five, when the following conversation takes placeIn sixty years youll be fighting Billy Petrolle, the colonel with the big fat moustache roared. And you think its a big fat joke.I fatiguet think its a joke, sir, Clevenger replied.Dont opposeYes, sirAnd say sir when you do, ordered Major Metcalf.Yes, sir.Werent you just ordered not to interrupt? Major Metcalf inquired coldly.But I didnt interrupt, sir, Clevenger protested.No, and you didnt say sir, either. Add that to the charges against him, Major Metcalf directed the corporal who could take shorthand, Failure to say si r to superior officers when not interrupting them. (Heller)This conversation shows just how crazy some of Hellers characters are. Through his dialogue, Heller shows the insanity of his characters and the absurdity of war. Conversations similar to this occur a dozens of times throughout Catch-22. Another example of Heller portraying insanity occurs when the IBM machine in control of the military be system gains a sense of humor. After only four days of enlistment, Private Major Major Major, one of Hellers more awkward characters, becomes Major Major Major Major (Heller). This mistake portrays another chaotic situation that war created. The bureaucratic system causes confusion and people lose control of their responsibilities.The actions of war depicted in Vonneguts Slaughterhouse-five, caused a large amount of death. The center of the book, the German city of Dresden, is approximated to have had at least thirty-five thousand and some sources say up to one hundred thousand casualtie s in the infamous firebombing of Dresden during the Second World War (Bombing of Dresden). A few characters from Slaughterhouse-five share the same insanity of those from Catch-22, such as Roland Weary, who is intent on glorifying himself and uses the fact that he saved Billy multiple times to do it (Vonnegut). Although the characters from Slaughterhouse-five dont carry on crazy dialogues, they still portray madness through their actions, like when Wild sorrel inquires if Billy is part of the regiment that he is colonel of, even though all his men are dead (Vonnegut).Heller and Vonnegut use their characters in a way that proves that war does really take a toll of a persons mental situation. Through their motifs, Catch-22 and So it goes, Heller and Vonnegut show that bureaucratic systems and death do not mix well. Systems like this shouldnt have control over such a life repair things, especially since they carry the attitude So it goes throughout the war. It really is insane for a s ystem to be in place in which individual has absolute control over anothers life.And the ability of these people to have a So it goes attitude is as pure madness. The structure in Slaughterhouse-five and Catch-22 are very similar in that the both follow a chronology that is nowhere near in order. This is significant because it puts the reader into the insanity of war. The have the same confusion that soldier does until they realize what is really issue on. Through the use of characters, motifs, and confusing chronologies these brilliant antiwar authors capture the insanity of war.

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Essay on Journeys Essay

A journey is a path of failure which leads an item-by-item to demand the past and move towards the future. This notion is embodied through and through and through with(predicate) the be out(p)side, by Michael Gow, which explores the spiritual journey of theatrical roles through the diversity of a physical journey. This idea of a physical journey agitative a spiritual change is portray through the poem I wandered alone(p) as a blotch by William Wordsworth and Running erupt of time by anonymous. Each respective composer conveys their interpretation of journeys, evident through Gows characters of red coral and gobbler, introducing the theme of betrothal.A journey is a help which allows an man-to-man to experience hardships and difficulties, leading to the theme of sufferance. This theme has been demonstrated through the character of Coral, the mother of a fallen son in war, resulting in her depression and isolation. The events experienced through Corals physical and knowledgeable journey is sanative by which her understanding of acceptance is shaped. Corals inside(a) journey is evidently pound in transaction 5, scene 1, which reveals Corals renounced sense of understanding and acceptance as she, Lifts out a handful of shells (Page 56).The significance is placed on Coral physically permitting go of the sea shells. This action symbolises her ability to let go of the skeletons of her past, representing her deceased son. Gow also utilises the symbolism of shells to demonstrate the significance of acceptance towards an individuals wellbeing. This connotes to the idea of change and allows the audience to understand Corals experiences of essay and strength to accept the past. The idea of acceptance and moving on is set ahead portrayed when Coral and Roy leave the shells behind them.The perception of change is t wear reinforced through the following stage perplexity in Act 5, scene 1, and Coral comes in carrying her hat upside down (Page 65). Corals hat being flipped conveys how there is no need for disguising herself from the world any much, depicting the composers purpose of illustrating the inward journey undertaken by the experiences of Coral. Contrastingly, the idea of self-acceptance is often challenged when an individual embarks on a journey, clearly evident throughout the poem, I wandered lonely as a cloud, by William Wordsworth.Through this physical ourney, an upcountry journey of self-isolation is app arent. The references failure to move on from his purdah is reflected through his inner thoughts and perceptions, evident through who perceives, A crowd/ a host of golden daffodils. Wordsworth personifies a crowd of people to that of daffodils to create a sense of curiosity and interest within the reader. The poet further communicates the epitomes solitude through the lines, I wandered lonely as a cloud. This simile is emphasized through the rehearse of repetition in the patronage and the first line, to dis tinguish the personas lonely nature which highlights some(prenominal) his physical and inner journey.Towards the end of the poem, the personas earlier solitude is now blissful solitudness. Correspondently, the play Away by Gow highlights how each character undergoes a journey of self-discovery, hardship, bonding and overcoming the dealing of reality. The inner journey of Corals solitude and depression creates a connection with the persona in the poem, I wandered lonely as a cloud, allowing both composers to effectively portray similar ideas involving concepts of journeys.The concept of journeys can be portrayed when a individual fails to accept the past and move on. Ideas of acceptance are reinforced through the character of tom in the dramatic play Away. Tom is a 14 year-old school boy who struggles with his inner journey, as he finds it difficult to accept the fact that he has pole cancer, he does not wee long to live. By Tom back up his illness and isolating himself from ot hers, it is immediately evident that he does not accept his current situation. As the play progresses however, the theme of acceptance begins to unfold.Tom finally realises the reality of his illness and through the help of Meg, accepts his current situation. His acceptance is clearly demonstrated in Act 3, scene 5 where, by and by the storm, Tom wears a Hawaiian shirt at the beach, Tom is have on board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt (Page 41). This stage direction symbolises a new beginning of change for Tom and his parents. Through Tom wearing a colourful shirt on the beach, it is evident that he is finally overcoming his barrier of fear and isolation.The imagery of colours conveys that the storm has passed and things have gotten brighter and better. Through costume and colour, it is undeniable that acceptance is formed. This allows the audience to effectively identify a change in Toms journey of acceptance. The composers purpose of conveying the theme of acceptance is shaped throu gh the character of Tom. The inner thoughts and perceptions of an individual begin to unfold when the theme of acceptance is evident. The concept of acceptance is evident throughout the poem, Running out of time still by anonymous.The composer demonstrates towards the reader, the personas inability to move on and accept current situations, reinforced in the following line, While still more and more pain inside. The composer utilises repetition to further highlight and mention that the persona is attempting to mask his depression and melancholy attitude.. Through this, it is clear that the persona is undergoing some form of an inner journey of self-isolation. The personas inner journey is further depicted through the gloomy tone created by the composer.Keep hiding behind the smile, pretending to be happy. The use of the depressing tone symbolises the way Tom is not accepting the dealing of reality and that he is going to die. Tom is disguising himself and hiding away the fairness from others, further relating back to how the persona is covering up his illness. The composer of Running out of time creates a connection with the character of Tom and the persona, further illustrating how an individuals inner thoughts may shape the ability to accept the present.

Assess Critically Three Causes of World War I Essay

World War I and its consequences declare dominated European history since 1914. Because of the bitter controersy over the post- fight tranquillity treaties, the origins of the war continue to be an issue of utmost political importance in the eld to come. The slap-up War had its roots in 1870 in the grand enlargement and un supremacyled ambitions of von capital of North Dakota and the new Germ every(prenominal) (Wolfson et al 1997). Imperialism, which began to emerge around the fling of the 20th century as well as played a decisive role. Fights over the colonies contri stilled to the establishment of complex set of inter matter federations, which helped to destabilize the European end of power and when combined with the third factor instability in the Balkan comp binglent part inevitably sparked off the initial World War.Besides the three primary(prenominal) causes, they were in like manner other conditions, like the arms race mingled with Ger more and Britain, a proce ss of social-economic modernization in Europe, the increasing importance of international prestige, the underestimation of the counterparts power, which likewise contri justed to the outbreak of the war. As Joll (1990) argues, in that location were in like manner philosophical facts that had great impact in the evolution of the tragic events of 1914. The plethoric Darwinian ideas of the survival of the fittest, of the struggle for existence were among European supposesmen prior 1914.The Versailles Treaty, subscribe in June 1919 unambiguously blamed Germany, the military regime of the Kaiser, William II and his assort for causing completely the loss and damage they imposed upon Europe between 1914-1918. In the eighty- five years since the war ended however there has been a growing awareness, that the origins of the war were far more complex. Historians have canvass non only the tangle of alliances and treaties which existed out front the war but also the connections betwe en the political and military spheres, the influence of domestic policies, and the national myths and traditions (Merriman 1996). look back in history, the Franco-Prussian War (1870) completely changed the balance of power in Europe and strengthened Germanys perplex as the leading Continental power. The annexation of Alsace-Lorraine never healed the wounds in France, and poisoned the sexual intercourses between the two countries d accept to 1914. European governing from the 1880s was dominated by a dense web of alliances and treaties, which aimed to consolidate Germanys position in Europe.However, Bismarcks international relations were only successful in the short and in the long-term they were plagued by jeopardy and mistrust. As one alliance developed, it aroused the distrust of those states excluded from it, which then created counter-alliances (Joll 1990). french hostility was inevitable but Britain and Russia had also become deeply suspicious of German policies. But ins ecurity ruled also between the Russians and the French, the French and the British, the Serbs and the Russians, and the Germans and the Austrians. By the time Bismarck left office in 1890, his only reliable German consort were the forked Monarchy of Austro-Hungary and Italy, and this remained the position in 1914.By 1914 the key European alliances were-Germany-Austro-Hungary (1789)-France-Russia (1893)-Entente gatewayible between England-France (1904)-The Triple Entente between England France and Russia (1907) and-Russia-Serbia (1914)Out of the great European powers only Austro-Hungary entered the war with a clear aim to end the dispute of the South-Slav nationalism the other participants fought for their survival as nifty Powers. So Austria has to apply also some responsibility for the outbreak of the war. Russia was not ready for war, she desperately needed to avoid another humiliation as in 1905 in the Russo-Japanese war the first time in history, when white supremacy be came endangered. The British government was also reluctant to become involved in the war, it had its own problems with the Irish Home Rule, with strikes and suffragettes (Gildea 1996). France was also on the defensive side, she had its socialists to worry about, but she highly relied on the Russian alliance tending(p) the danger of the German attack.Imperialism played a decisive role in the escalation of the tensions between the huge Powers at the outbreak of the war in 1914. As Marxist historians considered, regal magnification was the logical extension of the development of monopoly capitalism, and such it would lead to war and eventually to international revolution (Wolfson et al 1997). The motives for swift compound expansion prior the Great War were mixed and complex. There was a sacrosanct ideological belief in the superiority of European culture, but also the possession of colonies was a factor of world power.Imperialism poisoned the relations between the Great Powers fr om the 1870s. Although the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 had settled the principles of European colonisation, further disagreements developed among the parties over territory, access to raw materials and commercializes, and then leading to series of crisis, like the Fashoda incident (1898), or the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) (Merriman 1996). The issue of control over the Suez Canal particularly embittered the relation between Britain and France, because France was deeply jealous of British colonial supremacy. Germany was keen to lick this rupture to win France over to his side, and to bully Great Britain into making concessions to Germany (Gildea 1996).However, the Anglo-German rivalry, which became penetrative by 1914, was the most important clash among the Great Powers (Eksteins 1989). British statesmen were desirous to uphold certain principles in Europe. They were concerned by the prospect of any nation becoming too powerful and providing a threat to British world power. Germ any, which had been united as recently as 1871, and in spite of appearance one generation had become an awesome industrial and military power, posed existing danger to the British pre-eminence and mastery in Europe. However the most severe acceleration came in the field of naval expansion. Since Britain held her navy to be vital, any attempt to rival it by another power, particularly Germany would meet a spirited response (Wolfson et al 1997 ). Britain also feared that Germany and Russia might make leafy vegetable cause, for instance in the Middle East (Stone 1973).However there were many other signs that the alliance arranging was overheating in the years before 1914. Morocco rich in mineral and agricultural wealth on the northerly coast of Africa had become a central feature of the world politics because it combined a variety of aims and interest (Wolfson et al 1997). It provided an opportunity for colonial expansion, and also to enhance European aims in relative safety. By 1900 several(prenominal) European countries were eager to exploit the resources of Morocco, particularly Germany and France coveted the place. In 1904, in the Entente Cordial Britain had recognised French interest over the country. Germany was not consulted of these negotiations. In the Algeciras conference in 1906 Germany found herself deserted by all but Austro-Hungary, and the German delegation had to be satisfied with a share of international control of Moroccan finances (Wolfson et al ibid).In 1911 when France was given a protectorate in Morocco, Kaiser William attacked the Moroccan port, Agadir, to protect German interests there. Although post confrontation was avoided when the Germans were compensated by an offer of territory in the French Kongo, this compromise could only offer a temporary solution to the Franco-German conflict, since Germany was dissatisfy with the resolution. The Agadir crisis also had harmful consequences for the peace of Europe. On the one hand, Germ any had suffered a diplomaticalal defeat, but on the other hand, the British, French and Russian governments were alarmed by the aggressive attitude of the Germans. France was also humiliated, which fact stimulated the awakening of national feeling in France (Gildea 1996).The growth of opposition to imperial rule resulted in the emergence of nascent nationalist movements in Europe. The principle of national self-government had been gaining force since the revolutions of 1848, and revolutionary nationalism in various forms threatened the Ottoman, Austrian, German, Russian and British pudding stones. The war of 1914 was also due to the unbearable national tensions within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the attempts of that power to escape from them by action dangerous to peace (Wolfson et al 1997). Austro-Hungary had always been a multi-racial state and the subject races were now rebelling against it. nationalism of the different nationalities within the empire profoundly threatene d the stability of its power, and thus the empire sought a swift and easy victory that would reunify the nationalities against a common enemy.So, finally, it was the Balkan which was the tinderbox for the outbreak of the war. The national struggles of the Balkan people were complicated by the rivalry between the powers in the area. Of the five great powers, Russia, Austria and Germany were particularly concerned in the area either on political, or cultural reasons. Also, the control of the Balkan meant an abundant supply of cheap raw materials, a populous market and a large field for profitable investment for the rival parties.In 1908 the Ottoman provinces of Bosnia-Herzegovina, which had been occupied by Austria Hungary since the Congress of Berlin in 1878, were annexed by the Austro-Hungarian government, in the main to prevent these Slav provinces from being absorbed by the Slav country of Serbia. These Turkish provinces were of great strategic importance to the Habsburgs. Russi a, the protector of the South Slavs, didnt fight over this issue, because she was compensated by access to the Mediterranean. However, as an quick repercussion to the Bosnian crisis, Russia constructed a Balkan block as a barrier against further Austrian expansion.The success of the Balkan League (1912) against the Turkish Ottoman Empire horrified the Great Powers. Each of the new Balkan powers had made significant gains of both territory and prestige. These gains endangered the plans of Russia and Austro-Hungary for the domination, if not annexation, of the Balkan (Wolfson et al 1997). The emergence of a rejoicing Serbia grew particularly troublesome in the region. The Czar felt that Russia had suffered a diplomatic defeat because due to Austrian insistence she could not obtain Albania for Serbia. Austria-Hungary considered her ambitions to make the Aegean directly affected, and she also considered that a powerful Serbian state might be dangerous if it reached the sea, and unde r the influence of Russia might be able to close Austrias only outlet, the Adriatic. Therefore some of the bolder statesmen of the Dual Monarchy desired to keep Serbia always dependent.The consequences of the Balkan Wars directly led to the outbreak of the First World War. The increasingly serious crises sparkled the murder of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne at Sarajevo by Bosnian students. They opposed the Trialism that advocated the integration of Bosnia-Herzegovina into the Kingdom of Serbia, but the Serbian government was not responsible in the killing (Gildea 1996). However, the crisis couldnt have developed further, if imperial tensions hadnt poisoned the relation between the Great Powers.In the approach to the outbreak of the First World War three factors were crucial.Imperialism, the system of international alliances, and the rising nationalism. However, the ambitions and strategies of the Great Powers, colonial rivalry, awakening national fleece were also decisive factors. Imperialism fuelled conflicts among the Great Powers, particularly when it threatened the participants pride, and interest. But it also led to the frustrations of ethnic minorities, which in turn sparkled violent reactions. The Morocco crisis increased the comprehend of international insecurity and intensified the pressure on states to rearm. The Balkan Wars strengthened the position of the Balkan powers, which challenged the plans of Russia and Austria-Hungary for domination. Each of these clashes had the potential to ignite a European war and enchantment none solely contributed to the outbreak of war, they certainly assisted in the cornerstone of a complex series of international alliances geared towards mutual shelter against mutual enemies.B I B L I O G R A P H YEksteins, M. 1989. Rites of Spring. The Great War and the Birth of the Modern of the United Kingdom Bantam Press.Joll, J. 1990. Europe since 1870. London Penguin.Gildea, R. 1996. Barricades and B orders. Oxford Oxford University Press.Merriman, J. 1996. The History of Europe Vol 2. London Norton.Stone, N. 1973. Europe Transformed 1878-1919. London Fontana.Wolfson, R. Laver, J. 1997. days of Change. Europe 1890-1945.

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How might it influence an approach to international politics? Essay

In British usage the definition make ups derogatory precisely at the time that the idea of the modern nation-state is becoming ever more than dominant. If we turn to the Ameri put up voice of Emerson, though, a clear difference in tone emerges. We may see Emerson seek to determine the dualism between the local anaesthetic and the oecumenical without recourse to the particular structures of state government. Emersons Kantianism is obvious in Politics, where he claims that a conceptual of the codes of nations would be a transcription of the jet conscience. In Emersons description of the new man we can too hear the particular bulk of nineteenth-century American political thought become conjugal to this cosmopolitanism, as he call(a)s for men who are at hearth in each latitude and longitude, men of universal politics, who are come to in things in proportion to their truth and extent. (Stephen E. Wicher, 1957), 309 This is certainly an enlarged envision of the universe, one in which the particular vigor and adventurousness of Americans will fill towards a lately refreshed cosmopolitanism.Cosmopolitanism in this framework seems to grow in a flash out of the power of individual men, almost bypassing the community completely, and in this charge the tension between local and universal appears to be determined. Yet patently Emersons thought also rests resolutely on its particular intelligence of the American individuality and its relationship to the piece. One might say and so that his universalism is beached in the United States, much as Montesquieu was grounded in France.Until it is practically eclipsed by nationalist emotion in the last years of the nineteenth century, this basically paradoxical cosmopolitan receptivity lurks within much American affable discourse, emerging not simply in the appeal to universal secular humanism which surrounds the new discourses of social improvement in the 1890s, but also in the popular press discussions concern ing American achievements in science, technology, and world exploration. Though, cosmopolitanism comprises politically compel reasons.If cosmopolitanism cannot bring an explicitly and directly political program, it is at least a step toward this kind of foreignist political education. Cosmopolitanism is a condition that concerns to barely a fraction of humanity who can give it. A third estate stereotype of cosmopolitans illustrates privileged, politically uncommitted elites made up of wealthinessy incorporate managers and (a few ) academics and intellectuals who retain their condition on the basis of autonomous wealth and a globetrotting lifestyle.In this classification, cosmopolitanism is a matter of consumption, an obtained taste for music, food, fashion, art, and text from all parts of the world. Second, cosmopolitanism refers to a principles or philosophy. modern political philosophers lean to landmark themselves into communitarians, who believe that moral principles and obligations are or must be grounded in specific groups and contexts, and cosmopolitans. The final urge us to see ourselves as citizens of the world, forming a worldwide moral community of humanity unswerving to universal ideals of human rights.An alternative of this extensive argument is whether cosmopolitanism can be instrumental with nationalism and patriotism. Third, the idea is used to refer to a political suggest, a new order of transnational political structures exercising what is at time described as cosmopolitan democracy. The idea implies a horizontal surface of global governance which limits the dominion of states and yet is not itself a world state. Cosmopolitan institutions would co-exist with states and would supersede their authority in particular spheres of activity.The institutions most considered for their potency to assist in the comprehension of such a cosmopolitan project are the United Nations and the European Union. the majority of the work on this radic al remains somewhat abstract. A remarkable exception is the work of Martha Nussbaum, who has flesh out a detailed vision of cosmopolitan education. In the study of international relations, David Held is the leading scholar and supporter of cosmopolitan democracy. For Held, cosmopolitanism . . .seems to explicate, and offer a compel elucidation of, the classical conception of belonging to the human community prototypal and foremost, and the Kantian conception of subjecting all beliefs, relations and practices to the test of whether or not they allow open-ended interaction, uncoerced agreement and impartial judgment (Held 2002 64). Beck argues that the curtain raising of Americanization suggests a national understanding of globalization that is defectively adapted to the transnational world of the Second Modern Age.Rather, he proposes rooted cosmopolitanism, a cosmopolitanism that draws uniformly on the local. This serves to disperse the binary thinking that still tends to disting uish discussions on post-colonialism. The otherness of others is renowned, and at the same time the sociological mind can be freed from its methodological nationalism and can grip a cosmopolitan perspective, with all the consequences this entails for the field.

Responsibilities of Sports Engineers

Responsibilities of Sports Engineers Sports is something that attracts every person in this world towards itself. Sports has become a very common field that everybody has raise in. People argon gaining more and more interest in unlike sports from all over the world. And that is why sports engineering is gaining significance and recognition. It is a finicky field of engineering, which involves everything from the development to the exam of the unalike sports equipment. The discipline includes numerous activities and everything think to sports and sports equipment.The sports engineers have several responsibilities that are discussed here at length. The very archetypical responsibility of a sports engineer is the designing of the sports equipment. With the development of different sports and an attach in their popularity, people are eager to shape use of the scoop of the sports equipment. And this is where the sports engineers can contribute by developing new equipment that wou ld help the athletes set better. Sports engineers are also responsible for galloping bug out a complete testing ground and experimental testing of the sports equipment, athletes and the interaction between them.This is one of the most all-important(prenominal) parts of the job of a sports engineer because it is not possible to make use of anything without testing the equipment and the nature of interactions the users would have with the equipment. The sports engineers not only carry out laboratory testing but are also demand to test the performance of the athletes and different devices in the field, i. e. the environment of the sports. Field testing needs to be completely accurate so that there is no scope of mistakes and the athletes are prepared to use their equipment in the real conditions and situations.Computational mannikin has been used only for scientific purposes till now. Computational modeling approach shot is usually employed in physics and other scientific appli cations, whether it is mentally ill dynamics or any other experiment. Sports engineers are also make use of this technique and approach for determining the forces acting upon the working of the equipment and for elating its working before actually developing them. Sports engineers also need to endlessly work with the different government bodies and the authorities for making sure that the rules are adhered to and everything is carried out within the pre-defined guidelines.Sports engineers also have to work with the athletes to regularly lionise a track and improve the performance of the different athletes in different fields. They need to find out new ways and measures for enhancing the performance of the sportsmen. Thus, we control that sports engineers are extremely important people and they need to carry out all of their responsibilities sincerely for the development of different sports and for the betterment of the athletes. Reference impinging http//classof1. com/homework -help/engineering-homework-help

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Noughts and Crosses Essay

English teachers wear downt need to be told the enormous value and pleasure of cultivation whole texts as frame readers. Little comp bes with that feeling when a class are truly engaged in the tuition of a unfeignedly good book. Those moments stay with you forever indeed, they fuel the desire to find any(prenominal) other such book to repeat the experience, again and again. Fortunately, contemporary writers of metaphor for youth adults continue to offer us fresh opportunities to enjoy literature with our students.Oxford Rollercoasters is a series that offers teachers the opportunity of studying first-class novels recently pen for teenagers as whole-class readers with Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Focus on legal opinion of practice Oxford Rollercoasters includes titles with varied themes, challenging subject matter and engaging plots for example, Noughts and Crosses takes a genuinely contemporary slant on racism, Firestarter features a modern-day compulsive arsonist, tu rn Fire, Bed and Bone is set during the Peasants Revolt.Each novel is accompanied by innovative and engaging statement materials, specifically designed to help students accession the texts and to support breeding as required by the National Curriculum. Rollercoasters is unwaveringly based on the reading objectives in the Framework, and draws on approaches to reading fiction recommended by the English strand of the Secondary National Strategy. The series is written by practising teachers and consultants, and, while concentrating on the explicit teaching of reading skills, as well as draws on approaches to literature through bid and media.Theories behind both assessment for learning and thinking skills are also embedded in the materials. Time-saving resources For each Rollercoasters novel there is a set of Lesson Plans, specifying point objectives, assessment focuses and learning outcomes. These are accompanied by a compact Overview (see page 4) which summarizes the fascinate a t a glance, including the necessary resources for each lesson.The Navigator offers a top plot summary, linked to relevant chapters, to help speedy location of particular parts of the novel. Lesson Plans are accompanied by full, varied and practical Worksheets and OHTs, and drama activities are common within the teaching schemes. The worksheets and OHTs are customizable to meet the needfully of a particular teacher and class. For every novel there are suggested guided reading sessions as well as the opportunity to founder further specific group teaching.Class, shared and independent reading are also fully supported in the Lesson Plans. The practice of keeping some form of study Journal during the study of the novel is encouraged in many of the schemes, and there are several attractive models for such record-keeping across the teaching materials. Every set of Lesson Plans ends with its own student Reading estimation Progress Sheet, which the teacher can then use to identify area s for maturation for each student.Reading Guide Each of the novels has its own student Reading Guide, which contains a rich variety of material to help to engage students in their study of the novel. Each one features unique authors trickery material, giving students a great insight into the writing, editing and publishing process. Ideas for wider reading and for the extension of independent reading are also provided in the Pathways share at the end of the Reading Guide. Website supportThe Rollercoasters website provides access to the free online teachers resources, sample chapters of the novels and further author information. Oxford Rollercoasters provides first-class teaching resources for first-class contemporary fiction. The series is designed to engage the widest possible die hard of students in reading for pleasure, and we feel confident that it will contribute to those unforgettable experiences of reading together in the secondary classroom.

Policy Recommendation Essay

The difficulty with whatsoever definition of impoverishment involves the meaning of stripped needs and the amount of money required to cope with these needs. (Ansel M. Sharp, 2010) Those in meagreness some quantify face an additional obstacle to earning an adequate income. unlikeness as we use it means that corresponds atomic number 18 treated incommensurately or that the inadequates ar treated equally. Discrimination exists in the poke grocery store when people with equal increaseivity be turn outing(a) various takings or people with differences in productivity atomic number 18 paid equal wages.Discrimination can also exist in the product commercialize when consumers pay different prices for the same product. (Ansel M. Sharp, Evidence of Discrimination in Our Economy, 2010) discuss the major impact to society of the problem. In 2001, some six-point-eight million families, or nine-point-two percent of all families, lived in poverty. This translates into more tha n thirty-two-point-nine million individuals, a reel number to many Americans who have never been someoneally touched by poverty. Indeed, some have characterized those who live in poverty as the unfathom able-bodied poor.Studies have shown that there is a significant turnover in the poverty population Families and single individuals move into and out of poverty several times doneout the years in response to significant life events. Although no reliable estimate exists for the number of hardcore poverty cases, the incidence of poverty can be easily seen to vary dramatically across a number of demographic characteristics. (Ansel M. Sharp, What is Poverty? , 2010) Just imagine searching through heaping piles of refuse at landfills, looking for anything that could seem partly edible, to satisfy an unending hunger.Many people around the world face this speckle every day of their lives. What could have caused a situation like this to put across? The education and skill level, health or handicap status, and discrimination trick a vital role in poverty. A major reckon determining whether someone will end up living in poverty, education or skill level can make or break an income. Education plays a vital role in acquiring jobs, learning new skills, and meeting home necessities and comforts of life. A person who doesnt receive an education has a very small fate of making much money and acquiring skills that would bring home a desirable income.Many who do not have an education bring their family into a cycle of poverty, where their posterity doesnt necessarily have the income to go to college or even dont have a liking to acquire a high school diploma. Poverty rates are higher among families with only one parent or head of kin present. Poverty is also related to age, those very young and those very archaic have higher rates of poverty than those in their prime and middle-age years. The economic cause of poverty is family incomes depend on the quantities of re sources that families can place in employment and the prices received for those resources.To understand poverty, then, it is important to understand what determines the prices paid for humankind and capital resources and what determines the quantities that can be employed. Under competitive market conditions, the elemental principle of wage rate determination is that units of any kind of labor tend to be paid a price equal to any one workers contribution to an employers total receipts. In other words, workers are paid about what they are worth to employers. What a worker is worth to an employer is referred to by economists as the marginal revenue product of labor. (Ansel M.Sharp, The Economic Causes of Poverty, 2010) Market discrimination may be traced to two original sources. These are the power to discriminate in the market and the desire to discriminate. In our complex market economy, the wages of workers vary widely. Even workers hired by the same employer to perform similar jobs are often paid different wage rates. The meaning of wage discrimination is clear enough unequal pay for equal contributions. But proving discrimination depends on being able to distinguish among individuals on the basis of individual efforts and productivity. Generally, humans are paid pproximately what they are worth in a competitive economy. (Ansel M. Sharp, Evidence of Discrimination in Our Economy, 2010) Employment discrimination means that some people are not hired because of non-economic characteristics such as race or gender. devil individuals with the same training, education, and get laid apply for a job, however one is pitch-black and one is white. If both do not have the same disaster of getting the job, discrimination has entered into the decision-making process. There is a growing belief that discriminative differences in pay, especially gender differences in pay, occur largely because of occupational segregation.In general, men work in occupations that employ very few women, and women work in occupations that employ very few men. The economic results of occupational segregation for women are low wages. Women are often relegated to occupations where productivity and experience have little to do with their status and where opportunities for overtime and premium pay are limited. Price discrimination occurs when people of different races or genders are forced to pay different prices for the same good or service, provided the differences are not due to differences in cost of serving the consumer. (Ansel M.

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Ideal Student Essay

Quote I realized that the besides purpose to revolution is to be able to love who you ask, how you want, when you want and where you want Idle student An beau standard student is someone who is thirsty for knowledge. such a student go forth not be distracted in class. After all that is what every teacher desires.This thirst for knowledge depart ensure that she is attentive and is committed to learn all that she can rough a particular subject so that she can understand it fully. An ideal student leave also reach certain early(a) distinguishing qualities. She provide have well defined goals in life and her effort result be to do whatever it takes to achieve these goals. For instance, if you ask her what she aspires to be, she will have a ready help. And she will have a good background for what she aspires to be. She will also have a clear vision of what is essential to attain her goal.An ideal student will respect her teachers and will not be afraid of them. She will h ave the courage to need her ignorance and ask for advice and direction if she needs it. She will not be the descriptor of psyche who accepts things blindly and learns by rote. She will try to grasp concepts and if she finds it difficult, will have the confidence to approach her teachers for to a greater extent information. She will be spry in many things for she understands that one should have a well travel personality. She will have character more than anything else for it is character that makes a persons destiny.She will compete only with herself and if someone seeks her help in class, will show no hesitation in giving it. An ideal student will observe discipline. She will be punctual and decently dressed. She will not absent herself from class for silly reasons and will do her homework daily. She will be neat and tidy and observe decorum in class.Children are the wealth of a nation.A Nation that produces a extension of talented and hardworking youth marches ahead on the lead of progress.However creating quality citizens is no easy task and cannot be achieved overnight.The first feel for that is to produce ideal students in our rails. These ideal students would go on to engender ideal citizens. Who is an ideal student.? There isnt one definite answer to that because there are many qualities that together define an ideal student.The or so important quality of an ideal student is that for him. the foremost duty of his school life is to study.He studies regularly and works hard to improve hisperformance in each exam. But his objective of studying is not to only make up good marks or secure a high rank.Beyond that he has a thirst for knowledge , an forgetest to learn more about everything he observes.Apart from studies, an ideal student actively gets involves in other activities. He is good in arts and sports and regularly participates in intra and inter school events.He is an active member of various clubs in the school and helps in organizin g events. But participating in competitions and winning events is not the only enlarged thing in life, and an ideal student knows that very well.Virtues like kindness, compassion,respect , sincerity, honesty, courtesy are equally important in todays world, and these qualities are found in abundance in an ideal student.He treats his parents, teachers and elders with respect, and speaks politely to everybody. In quantify of crisis for his friends, he is the first person to stand by them. He neer boasts of his achievements and never gets depressed by his failures. He is always cheerful and maintains a positive approach to life.He spreads hope and happiness wherever he goes. In short his conduct is admired by everyone.An ideal student is a voracious reader. He reads the newspaper regularly and is well aware about the events and happenings in various parts of the world. He also reads magazines, noels and short stories.he has an gauzy grasp of the language and is very good at communi cating things to others.Last but not the least, an ideal student loves his parents and family members very such(prenominal) and does as much as he can to help them and to keep them happy. He never wastes his parents hard-earned money and believes that knowledge is the biggest wealth he can acquire.An ideal students grows up to be an asset to his family, his society and the country.If only all our schools couls produce more and more ideal students, our country could achieve tremendous progress and flex the envy of the whole world..

Is the Customer Really King? Essay

The marketing existence, much like the financial world, has been in considerable flux. But one thing seems fairly clear, and it has to do with the unsteady balance of power between the companies that produce the goods, the retail merchants that stock and distribute them, and the consumers who be counted on to buy whats provided.For a good many years, the world largely belonged to the manufacturing and marketing powerhouses that dominated consumer demand through the twin powers of advance and product development They sold, you bought. But a few decades ago, there was a sea change in which power transitioned to the retailers. The major retailers controlled what was featured in the stores and what appeared on the shelves and thereby determined what was available for the shopper to buy. Marketplace control went from Procter & adventure and Sony to Walmart and Best Buy.But now were told that were in an solely new age the new normal when neither the manufacturer nor the retailer i s in charge. Today, the story goes, the customer finally runs the show.Theres a good deal of evidence in support of this. Not excessively long ago, mighty Walmart reportedly was forced to reinstate about ccc items that the company had eliminated from its shelves in an attempt to streamline its operations. Walmart shoppers apparently werent delightful with the disappearance of some of their favorite brands, and they let the company know it. The lesson learned, in the words of former CEO Lee Scott Rule No. 1 in retail, dont aggravate your customer.Of course, Walmart isnt alone in recognizing the need to pay closer attention to customers, whose loyal patronage flockt simply be assumed. Other retailers are also responding to the military issue of the newly empowered consumer. For example, Walgreens announced a renewed emphasis on customer centric retailing, redesigning up to 3,000 of its stores to make them easier to shop and more gratifying for their shoppers. In the words of one l eading industry advisor, retailers today fork out to take a different approach they must focus on exactly what the customer wants.

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Good: Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

node merriment guest Satisfaction is a business landmark of how the crossways and the answers supplied by the comp whatsoever meet or surpass the guest expectation. It is the make performance indicator within the business. Berlin AsongWHY ORGANIZATIONS FOCUS ON CUSTOMER gaiety? Businesses monitor client delight in order to govern how to increase their customer base, customer loyalty, revenue, derives, market sh ar and survival. Although greater profit is the primary driver, exemplary businesses focalisation on the customer and his/her experience with the organization. They conk out to make their customers happy and see customer satisfaction as the expose to survival and profit. Customer satisfaction in turn hinges on the type and effects of their experiences and the goods or services they receive.NEED OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION The most authorised asset of any organization is its customers. Satisfied customers pay their bills promptly which greatly improves cash flow the lifeblood of any organization.BUSINESS TECNIQUES OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION One of the key customer satisfaction techniques is the need to provide front line employees with the qualification to respond to customer situations quickly without the need to ask for permission. origination drives customers satisfaction. As customers needs keep changing, an innovation-driven company is capacitated to exceed customers expectations. To provide later on sale services.Listen actively and carefully. Anticipate that the customer will be inquire questions. They may be easy, they be hard. But encourage them anyway. If you cannot provide an answer, hollo to find out the answer from someone who can. Be patient, look from the customers manoeuver of view and work from there. This point of view will always entrust you the best outlook on the situation. Always keep a smile on your face when dealing with customers which can lead to customer satisfaction. This incontrovertible attitude can ru b off and turn a potenti onlyy negative situation into a positive experience.WHY MEASURE THE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION? Customer satisfaction is tied directly to profitability. Well-established look into by Bain & telephoner found that, for many companies, an increase of 5% in customer keeping can increase profits by 25% to 95%. The identical study found that it costs six to seven times more(prenominal) to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one.CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEASUREMENT A basic and effective base line customer satisfaction survey program should focus on measuring customer perceptions of how will the company delivers on the critical success factors and dimensions of the business as described bythe customers. Organizations need to retain existing customers while targeting non-customers. amount customer satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing wares and/or services to the marketplace.Customer satisfaction is an abstrac t concept and the actual manifestation of the country of satisfaction will vary from person to person and product/service to product/service. The state of satisfaction depends on a number of twain psychological and physical variables which correlate with satisfaction behaviors such as fall in and recommend rate. The level of satisfaction can also vary depending on other factors the customer, such as other products against which the customer can examine the organizations products.FOR EXAMPLE Service Promptness Courtesy of Staff Responsiveness appreciation the customer problem, etc.The findings of the company performance should be analyzed both with all customers and by key segments of the customer population. The essential st maneuvering point for Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CMS) is exploratory research. Since satisfaction is about an organizations ability. To meet customer requirement one has to start by clarifying with customers exactly what those requirements are. Thi s is done through exploratory research using focus groups or one to one depth interviews. Two main factors receive the trueness of CMS. The first is the postulation the right question and the second is the asking them to the right people sample of customers which accurately reflects the customer base.Three things decide the accuracy of a sample. They are 1. It must be representative. 2. It must be haphazardly selected. 3. It must be adequate enough.NEED FOR MEASURING CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONCustomers are too good to lose Lets keep them happy Customer is the king. merchandising starts with the customer and ends the customer. Peter Drucker. So no organization, small or big ignores the customers. Earth is not the center of universe but revolves some the Sun. Copernicus. Similarly, we have come to believe that business firm is not the center of economic universe but revolves around the customer.REVIEW OF LITERATUREAbout customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction occurs when the experi ence obtained from transaction match expectation. Customer may forget experience that match expectation although, customers will generally broadsheet and also remember those experience that deviated from expectation.Methodologies The Kano model is a theory of product development and customer satisfaction developed in the 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano that classifies customer preferences into five categories Attractive, One-Dimensional, Must-Be, Indifferent, Reverse. The Kano model offers some insight into the product attributes which are perceived to be important to customers. Kano also produced a methodological analysis for mapping consumer responses to questionnaires onto his model.SERVQUAL or RATER is a service-quality framework that has been incorporated into customer-satisfaction surveys (e.g., the revised Norwegian Customer Satisfaction Barometer) to indicate the gap between customer expectations and experience. J.D. post and Associates provides another measure of customer satisfaction, known for its top-box approach and automotive diligence rankings. J.D. Power and Associates marketing research consists primarily of consumer surveys and is publicly known for the set of its product awards. Other research and consulting firms have customer satisfaction solutions as well.These include A.T. Kearneys CustomerSatisfaction Audit process, which incorporates the Stages of Excellence framework and which helps define a companys status against eight critically set dimensions. For Business to Business (B2B) surveys there is the Info Quest box. This has been used internationally since 1989 on more than 110,000 surveys (Nov 09) with an average response rate of 72.74%. The box is targeted at the most important customers and avoids the need for a blanket survey.RESEARCH METHODOLOGYINTRODUCTION Research is an art of scientific investigation through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. It is a moment from known to unknown. Research always starts with a question or a problem.Its purpose is to find answers to questions through the application of the scientific method. It is a systematic and intensive study directed towards a more complete knowledge of the subject studied.My Research based on Descriptive Research. Descriptive research is also called Statistical Research. The main finish of this type of research is to describe the data and characteristics about what is being studied. The root behind this type of research is to study frequencies, averages, and other statistical calculations. Although this research is highly accurate, it does not gather the causes behind a situation.Descriptive research is mainly done when a researcher wants to gain a better sympathy of a topic for example, a frozen ready meals company learns that there is a growing demand for fresh ready meals but doesnt know much about the area of fresh food and so has to carry out research in order to gain a better understanding. It is quantitative and uses surve ys and panels and also the use of probability sampling.

Developing the management skills

disregarding of the cadre one and only(a) is employed in, a modest bearing with one another, at all times is essential to not to give heighten to behavior problems which in turn require an exercise of motivation shot by the management. However, problems set to arise when different mindsets come together for the propose of work and solutions are always available for every problem of behavior in an organization. Appreciably EL, a professional organization, has appointed a consultant, an alien to analyze the behavior of its employees to enable a crystal clear date of employees behavioral and motivational problem.EL behavioral and motivational guidelines are excellent in setting a pattern of standards for employees. As it appears, engineers who form 88 per cent, are predominantly authoritative for the operations whereas on this basis, the other employees are in some ways are encountering behavioral problems with engineers. There are no weaknesses for EL whereas the association has the ability to manage people well drop to the fact that complete decision making is under the guidance of companys President.As for the President of EL, the high priority task would be to pull up stakes an open discussion forum of both engineers and administrative employees and consider compose proposals for handling behavioral problems and after a thorough analysis of news report work, consider a motivational workshop wherein both engineers and administrative mental faculty are encouraged to maintain harmony in workplace without heavy(a) cause to indifferent attitudes in work place. Per se, salaries, turnover, office and facilities are staring(a) and employees also have the support of consultant to discuss and put onwards the issues that are causing concern.ConclusionScotland workshop on motivation considers that FUN = strength = MOTIVATION = FOCUS = RESULTS. Individual performance as well teamwork is important for organizations to deliver theatrical role work. In ord er to train employees for total quality management (TQM) awareness workshops must be conducted to encourage employees to exercise sharpening of skills, research individual strengths and lacunae areas. Finally, perfect and appropriate communication solves half of the problems as a powerful motivational tool.References Motivated to succeedAccessed on 8 April 2007http// Palmer (2005), best Newsletter Manager vs leaderAccessed 8 April 2007http//

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A Glance At To Kill A Mockingbird English Literature Essay

Artlessness is a characteristic easy thrown kill and re familyd by society s evilness. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, ingenuousness has been ignored and replaced in m each a(prenominal) ways. Mockingbirds are guiltless and do music, except when you kill them the music stops, such as siss Radley is misunderstood, Scout was attacked, organism exposed to evil every bit good as agonistic to turn up, and Tom Robinson existence stereotyped taking him into persecution. Boo Radley is like a mocker because he is misunderstood and everyone attend toms to assail him when in fact he is re onlyy a human being, merely making out for person, Scout was exposed to the repulsiveness of world which had forced her to turn up faster to oppugn the society. some other mocker would Tom Robinson once more guiltless, plainly due to stereotypes, he ended up acquiring persecuted by the racist jury s determination.Lookout is a mocking bird in its purest signifier she never meanin gfully hurts anyone, and she is an guiltless, five twelvemonth old miss who has no require with the immoralities of the universe. Scout s artlessness was taken off from her by Miss. Carolean invariably picking on her for cognizing how to read, doing her intelligence seem like a bad thing to cognize for her age. Her artlessness is best described when Miss. Carolean says Your manlike parent does non cognize how to learn. You can hold a place now. I mumbled that I was regretful and retired chew overing upon my plague. ( page 5 ) This demonstrates that although the offense accused of was non a big one, she was still excusatory towards Miss. Caroline, alternatively of sermon back in any contemptuous mode. Scout learns easy throughout the novel, the faces of the universe. Through those faces she is forced to associate genus Atticus instructions to the universe of Maycomb, including her illustrations of Boo as individual. In the terminal Scout realizes, that Boo is one of the M ockingbirds that Atticus would speak about, where she says when they eventually saw him, why he had nt done any of those thingsA Atticus, he was existent nice, to which he responds, Most people are, Scout, when you eventually see them. ( page 281 ) With the consistence of Scout acquiring in problem by many people of Maycomb, Scout is forced to turn up afterward confronting important faces by Tom Robinson s test, and the image of Boo routine out to be false.Maycomb society finds it hard to accept people that are different by certain characteristics or outlook even. Tom Robinson was guiltless, but was easy stereotyped because of the coloring material of his tegument. Typical of a nigga s outlook to hold a program, no idea for the farther, merely run blind first opportunity he saw ( pg.265 ) . In this quotation mark by typical Lee means that all black people have a lower intelligence floor so white people. Stereotypes and racism can besides take the phantasma in people s b osom out, which causes them to disregard artlessness. Atticus utter a topographic point where a adult male ought to acquire a square trade is in a courtroom, be he any coloring material of the rainbow. Peoples have a manner or transporting their bitternesss right into a jury box ( pg. 220 ) . This means that even the court s justness system can besides be influenced by favoritism and society regulations. Tom Robinson was targeted like a mocker does for singing. His artlessness was darkened out and his tegument tone was brought out as a ground for him to be guilty. Tom was persecuted because Maycomb County believed that no black adult male could be right. The society discriminates anything that does non follow their regulations.Mockingbirds are guiltless and do music, but when you kill them the music stops, such as Boo Radley is misunderstood, Scout was attacked, being exposed to evil every bit good as forced to turn up, and Tom Robinson being stereotyped taking him into persecut ion. Therefore, it is a sinfulness to kill a mocker when its artlessness, exposure and the pureness is replaced by silence.

Wendell berry, “that distant land”

In Wendell Berrys short layer That Distant Land, the narrator returns to his rural childhood home to help turn tail his dying granddaddy and gets back in touch non yet with the land, but with the work of tobacco plant farming. The story conveys not only a love for the land, but alike insights to how farming as a traffic attests to farmers special qualities. Though the narrator has lived and worked in an unnamed city for forms, he returns to take care of his elderly grandad and assist with running his tobacco farm.Though forced to return to the country, he speaks of it with reverence and without seeming to miss city life there is clearly no sense of the citys superiority, and he never looks down on farmers as ignorant, backward, or all other derogatory trait. Much of the story focuses on the tobacco harvest, in which neighboring farmers help to each one other sleep together and load the years crops. Here, Berry gives clear insights on the vocation of farming and sees it as rather noble in its own way, and very distinct from white-collar careers. First, he sees his neighbors work as a craft, even an art . . .They worked well, as smoothly and precisely as dancers. To see them moving side by side against the standing crop . . . was momentous and beautiful, and touchingly, touchingly mortal (315). They also approach the work seriously but without formality or decorousness the men are free to be themselves yet are wanted for their hard work and skill. Often, they sing or tell stories as they go, functional steadily but without a sense of pressure or hate for their labor. They seem at whizz with the land and each other, and bit they could influence it competitive, they refrain from this, which shows a degree of respect for the older, slower-moving men.In this capacity, even elderly Jarrat is determine as he says of himself, Im old and wore out and not worth a damn. But every row I cut is a cut row (314), meaning that while he git no longer compe te, he tail still contribute, and he is consider for this. A strong sense of community guides this, allowing any whizz who can contribute to do so and declaring no one redundant if they can work. The narrator finds that while his presence is welcomed, he is also kept in his place by older men, who subtly remind him that he lacks not only his grandfathers age, but also the wisdom and sense that accompany it.When he wears a pair of his grandfathers shoes to the fields one day, an older neighbor sidles up in a friendly bearing and tells him, making the truth plain and bearable to us both You can wear em, honey. But you cant fill em (316). Here, he realizes that, despite his education and former white-collar career, he is not his grandfathers equal, since his grandfathers lifelong success as a farmer speaks volumes about the differences between the two men. In farming, skill and senior status matter most.When the narrators grandfather dies, it reveals not only his neighbors bosom for him, but also attests to the kind of leaders that exists among farmers. Age is the key to the hierarchy, not education or other non-essential attributes, since longevity at the vocation attests to ones success. The grandfather had been the towns oldest male upon his death, the mantle of leadership passed to the oldest survivor without any discussion. The narrator describes the moment when they learn of his grandfathers passing We were, I realized, waiting on Jarrat.It was Eltons farm, but Jarrat was instanter the oldest man, and we were waiting on him (318). They seem to instinctively equate age with possess and authority. The story shows farming not as drudgery, but as a strongly communal activity, almost as an art. It bonds people to the land and each other in a non-competitive way and respects age and experience as much as hard work, and it gives those engaged in it a sense of perspective and where they belong within their community. Berry, Wendell. That Distant Land. Washi ngton DC Shoemaker Hoard, 2004.

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Forward the Foundation Chapter 23

5Dad, state Raych with some cin one casern, you look tired.I defy utter, verbalise Hari Seldon, I feel tired. scarcely how ar you?Raych was forty-four straightaway and his hair was set downning to verbalize a bit of gray, scarce his mustache remained thick and dark and real Dahlite in appearance. Seldon wondered if he touched it up with dye, but it would put on been the wrongfulness involvement to ask.Seldon said, atomic number 18 you through with your speech for a while?For a while. Not for long. And Im glad to be attainice and see the baby and Manella and Wanda-and you, Dad.Thank you. But I expect tidings for you, Raych. No more(prenominal) lecturing. Im going to take in you here.Raych frowned. What for? On two antithetic occasions he had been sent to carry by delicate missions, but those were covert during the days of the Joranumite menace. As far as he knew, things were serenity straightway, especi every(prenominal) in anyy with the oerthrow of the ju nta and the reestablishment of a pale Emperor.Its Wanda, said Seldon.Wanda? Whats wrong with Wanda? zilchs wrong with her, but were going to see to turn over protrude a complete genome for her-and for you and Manella as well-and eventually for the new baby.For Bellis, excessively? Whats going on?Seldon hesitated. Raych, you bed that your m different and I invariably thought in that location was something loving round you, something that inspired affection and trust.I k straightway you thought so. You said so often enough when you were trying to get me to do something difficult. But Ill be honest with you. I neer felt it.No, you won over me and and Dors. (He had such trouble saying the name, even though four eld had passed since her destruction.) You won over Rashelle of Wye. You won over Jo-Jo Joranum. You won over Manella. How do you account for all that?Intelligence and charm, said Raych, grinning.Have you thought you big businessman perk up been in touch with their- our-minds?No, Ive never thought that. And now that you take down it, I commend its ridiculous. With all due respect, Dad, of course.What if I told you that Wanda seems to have pick show up Yugos mind during a moment of crisis?Coincidence or imagination, I should say.Raych, I knew someone once who could handle stacks minds as easily as you and I handle conversation.Who was that?I sightt speak of him. Take my word for it, though.Well- said Raych dubiously.Ive been at the Galactic Library, checking on such bes. There is a curious story, about twenty thousand years old and therefore back to the hazy origins of hyperspatial travel. Its about a young cleaning woman, non much more than Wandas age, who could pass off with an entire planet that circled a sun called Nemesis.Surely a fairytale.Surely. And incomplete, at that. But the similarity with Wanda is astonishing.Raych said, Dad, what are you planning?Im not sure, Raych. I take to know the genome and I have to go steady di fferents like Wanda. I have a notion that youngsters are born-not often but occasionally-with such affable abilities, but that, in general, it merely gets them in trouble and they learn to bury it. And as they advance tip, their ability, their talent, is buried deep within their minds- sort of an unconscious act of self-preservation. Surely in the imperium or even equitable among Trantors forty billion, there must be more of that sort, like Wanda, and if I know the genome I want, I give the gate test those I deliberate whitethorn be so.And what would you do with them if you found them, Dad?I have the notion that they are what I need for the further development of psychohistory.Raych said, And Wanda is the freshman-class honours degree of the type you know about and you intend to make a psychohistorian out of her?Perhaps.Like Yugo. Dad, no wherefore no?Because I want her to get up up like a normal girl and be make out a normal woman. I impart not have you sitting her in advance the Prime Radiant and make her into a living monument to psychohistorical mathematics.Seldon said, It may not come to that, Raych, but we must have her genome. You know that for thousands of years there have been suggestions that any human being have his genome on file. Its only the expense thats kept it from becoming standard practice no one doubts the usefulness of it. Surely you see the advantages. If nobody else, we leave behind know Wandas tendencies toward a variety of physiological disorders. If we had ever had Yugos genome, I am veritable he would not now be dying. Surely we disregard go that far.Well, maybe, Dad, but no further. Im willing to bet that Manella is going to be a lot firmer on this than I am.Seldon said, very(prenominal) well. But remember, no more lecture tours. I need you at home.Well see, Raych said and left.Seldon sat there in a quandary. Eto Demerzel, the one person he knew who could handle minds, would have known what to do. Dors, with her n onhuman knowledge, might have known what to do.For himself, he had a dim vision of a new psychohistory-but nothing more than that.6It was not an easy task to obtain a complete genome of Wanda. To begin with, the number of biophysicists equipped to handle the genome was abject and those that existed were always busy.Nor was it possible for Seldon to argue his needs openly, in order to interest the biophysicists. It was absolutely essential, Seldon felt, that the true power for his interest in Wandas mental powers be kept secret from all the Galaxy.And if some other difficulty was needed, it was the fact that the movement was infernally expensive.Seldon shook his direct and said to Mian Endelecki, the biophysicist he was now consulting, Why so expensive, Dr. Endelecki? I am not an expert in the field, but it is my distinct understanding that the process is completely computerized and that, once you have a scraping of skin cells, the genome can be completely built and analyzed in a matter of days.Thats true. But having a deoxyribonucleic acid molecule stretching out for billions of nucleotides, with every purine and pyrimidine in its place, is the least of it the very least of it, prof Seldon. There is and so the matter of studying each one and comparing it to some standard.Now, consider, in the first place, that although we have records of complete genomes, they represent a vanishingly small fraction of the number of genomes that exist, so that we dont really know how standard they are.Seldon asked, Why so few?A number of reasons. The expense, for one thing. Few hatful are willing to spend the credits on it unless they have difficult reason to think there is something wrong with their genome. And if they have no beardown(prenominal) reason, they are reluctant to undergo analysis for fear they will come about something wrong. Now, then, are you sure you want your granddaughter genomed?Yes, I do. It is terribly important.Why? Does she show signs of a me tabolic anomaly?No, she doesnt. Rather the reverse-if I knew the antonym of anomaly. I consider her a most unusual person and I want to know just what it is that makes her unusual.Unusual in what way?Mentally, but its unimaginable for me to go into details, since I dont entirely understand it. Maybe I will, once she is genomed.How old is she?Twelve. Shell soon be thirteen.In that case, Ill need permission from her parents.Seldon decipherable his throat. That may be difficult to get. Im her grandfather. Wouldnt my permission be enough?For me, certainly. But, you know, were public lecture about the law. I dont wish to lose my license to practice.It was necessary for Seldon to commence Raych again. This, too, was difficult, as he protested once more that he and his wife, Manella, valued Wanda to die breathed a normal life of a normal girl. What if her genome did turn out to be abnormal? Would she be whisked away to be prodded and probed like a laboratory specimen? Would Hari, in his fanatical devotion to his Psychohistory Project, press Wanda into a life of all work and no play, shutting her off from other young bulk her age? But Seldon was insistent.Trust me, Raych. I would never do anything to harm Wanda. But this must be done. I need to know Wandas genome. If it is as I suspect it is, we may be on the verge of altering the course of psychohistory, of the future of the Galaxy itselfAnd so Raych was persuaded and somehow he obtained Manellas consent, as well. And together, the three adults took Wanda to Dr. Endeleckis office.Mian Endelecki greeted them at the door. Her hair was a sheen white, but her face showed no sign of age.She looked at the girl, who walked in with a look of curiosity on her face but with no signs of agreement or fear. She then turned her gaze to the three adults who had accompanied Wanda.Dr. Endelecki said with a grin, Mother, father, and grandfather-am I unspoilt?Seldon answered, Absolutely right.Raych looked hang-dog and Manel la, her face a fine swollen and her eyes a little red, looked tired.Wanda, began the doctor. That is your name, isnt it?Yes, maam, said Wanda in her see the light voice.Im going to tell you exactly what Im going to do with you. Youre right-handed, I suppose.Yes, maam.Very well, then, Ill sprinkle a little patch on your left build up with an anesthetic. It will just feel like a cool wind. Nothing else. Ill then scrape a little skin from you just a tiny bit. Therell be no pain, no blood, no curb afterward. When Im done, Ill spray a little disinfectant on it. The whole thing will take just a few minutes. Does that sound all right to you?Sure, said Wanda, as she held out her arm.When it was over, Dr. Endelecki said, Ill put the scraping under the microscope, prefer a decent cell, and put my computerized gene analyzer to work. It will mark off every last nucleotide, but there are billions of them. It will probably take the better part of a day. Its all automatic, of course, so I wo nt be sitting here watching it and theres no consign in your doing so, either.Once the genome is prepared, it will take an even longer clip to analyze it. If you want a complete job, it may take a couple of weeks. That is why its so expensive a procedure. The work is hard and long. Ill call you in when I have it. She turned away, as if she had brush off the family, and busied herself with the gleaming apparatus on the table in front of her.Seldon said, If you come across anything unusual, will you get in touch with me instantly? I mean, dont wait for a complete analysis if you find something in the first hour. Dont make me wait.The chances of finding anything in the first hour are very slim, but I promise you, Professor Seldon that I will be in touch with you at once if it seems necessary.Manella snatched Wandas arm and led her off triumphantly. Raych followed, feet dragging. Seldon lingered and said, This is more important than you know, Dr. Endelecki.Dr. Endelecki nodded as she said, Whatever the reason, Professor, Ill do my best.Seldon left, his lips pressed tightly together. Why he had thought that somehow the genome would be worked out in five minutes and that a glance at it in another five minutes would give him an answer, he did not know. Now he would have to wait for weeks, without knowing what would be found.He ground his teeth. Would his newest sensationchild, the support Foundation, ever be established or was it an illusion that would remain always just out of reach?7Hari Seldon walked into Dr. Endeleckis office, a nervous smile on his face.He said, You said a couple of weeks, Doctor. Its been over a month mow.Dr. Endelecki nodded. Im sorry, Professor Seldon but you wanted everything exact and that is what I have tried to do.Well? The look of anxiety on Seldons face did not disappear. What did you find?A hundred or so defective genes.What uncollectible genes. Are you serious, Doctor?Quite serious. Why not? There are no genomes without at least a hundred defective genes normally there are considerably more. Its not as bad as it sounds, you know.No, I dont know. Youre the expert, Doctor, not I.Dr. Endelecki sighed and stirred in her chair. You dont know anything about genetics, do you, Professor?No, I dont. A man cant know everything.Youre perfectly right. I know nothing about this-what do you call it?-this psychohistory of yours.Dr. Endelecki shrugged, then continued. If you wanted to explain anything about it, you would be forced to start from the beginning and I would probably not understand it even so. Now, as to genetics-Well?An frail gene usually means nothing. There are progressive genes-so imperfect and so crucial that they produce loathsome disorders. These are very rare, though. closely imperfect genes simply dont work with absolute accuracy. Theyre like wheels that are somewhat out of balance. A vehicle will move along, trembling a bit, but it will move along.Is that what Wanda has?Yes. More or less. After all, if all genes were perfect, we would all look precisely the same, we would all behave precisely the same. Its the passing in genes that makes for different people.But wont it get worse as we grow older?Yes. We all get worse as we grow older. I noticed you limping when you came in. Why is that?A touch of sciatica, muttered Seldon.Did you have it all your life?Of course not.Well, some of your genes have gotten worse with time and now you limp.And what will happen to Wanda with time?I dont know. I cant predict the future, Professor I believe that is your province. However, if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that nothing unusual will happen to Wanda-at least, genetically-except the gathering of old age.Seldon said, Are you sure?You have to take my word for it. You wanted to find out about Wandas genome and you ran the risk of discovering things perhaps it is better not to know. But I tell you that, in my opinion, I can see nothing terrible happening to her.The imperfect genes -should we fix them? Can we fix them?No. In the first place, it would be very expensive. Secondly, the chances are that they would not stay fixed. And finally, people are against it.But why?Because theyre against science in general. You should know this as well as anyone, Professor. Im scared the situation is such, especially since Cleons death, that mysticism has been gaining ground. the great unwashed dont believe in fixing genes scientifically. They would rather cure things by the lay on of hands or by mumbo-jumbo of some sort or other. Frankly it is extremely difficult for me to continue with my job. Very little documentation is coming in.Seldon nodded. Actually I understand this situation all too well. Psychohistory explains it, but I honestly didnt think the situation was growing so bad so rapidly. Ive been too involved in my own work to see the difficulties all around me. He sighed. Ive been watching the Galactic Empire slowly fall apart for over thirty years now-and now t hat its beginning to collapse much more rapidly, I dont see how we can stop it in time.Are you trying to? Dr. Endelecki seemed amused.Yes, I am.Lots of luck. around your sciatica. You know, fifty years ago it could have been cured. Not now, though.Why not?Well, the devices used for it are gone the people who could have handled them are work on other things. Medicine is declining.Along with everything else, mused Seldon. But lets get back to Wanda. I feel she is a most unusual young woman with a champion that is different from most. What do her genes tell you about her brain?Dr. Endelecki leaned back in her chair. Professor Seldon do you know just how many another(prenominal) genes are involved in brain function?No.Ill propel you that, of all the aspects of the human body, the brain function is the most intricate. In fact, as far as we know, there is nothing in the Universe as intricate as the human brain. So you wont be surprised when I tell you that there are thousands of gen es that each play a section in brain function.Thousands?Exactly. And it is impossible to go through those genes and see anything specifically unusual. I will take your word for it, as far as Wanda is concerned. She is an unusual girl with an unusual brain, but I see nothing in her genes that can tell me anything about that brain-except, of course, that it is normal.Could you find other people whose genes for mental functioning are like Wandas, that have the same brain pattern?I doubt it very much. Even if another brain were much like hers, there would still be enormous differences in the genes. No use looking for similarities. Tell me, Professor, just what is it about Wanda that makes you think her brain is so unusual?Seldon shook his head. Im sorry. Its not something I can discuss.In that case, I am certain that I can find out nothing for you. How did you discover that there was something unusual about her brain-this thing you cant discuss?Accident, muttered Seldon. Sheer accident .In that case, youre going to have to find other brains like hers-also by accident. Nothing else can be done.Silence colonized over both of them. Finally Seldon said, Is there anything else you can tell me?Im afraid not. Except that Ill send you my bill.Seldon rose with an effort. His sciatica hurt him badly. Well then, thank you, Doctor. organise the bill and Ill pay it.Hari Seldon left the doctors office, wondering just what he would do next.

Reconstruction DBQ Essay

The era of Reconstruction in the 1870s in both the North and South experienced battle for sufficientity for men freed by the 13th Amendment. America was on the brink of recreating the American government, showing veritable signs of a better and brighter future for the African American population. Economic and policy-making practices limited the liberties of black men. Vicious hate groups struck fear unto those who support the integration of freedmen. The political realm during the time maxim a retrogression of pro- equality emotions in both the Union and in the South. In spite of the burnished hope for African Americans that surfaced in 1876, political, economic, and social aspects laced throughout the American government altered the potential for the assurance of equal rights for freedmen.The South exhibited extreme point disdain for freed African-American men and women. Restrictions were placed on freedmen in target to hinder their success in a recently freed nation. These la ws, often called dreary Codes, prohibited the freedman from practicing basic rights. In Opelousas, Louisiana, black men and women were non accommodateed to live in town, go into town, or hold public meetings in town, and they were required to be in the service of some white person, or former owner (Document A). Enacted immediately after the Civil War, these laws suppressed the equal rights that freedmen were supposed to have. These laws were put into effect by state governments, and they desperately called for enlistment by the federal government that would non come as before long as it should have. In addition to the Black Codes, sh atomic number 18cropping in the south hale freedmen into an endless cycle of labor and death. This cycle of poverty received land, in turn for promising the landowner half the crop.At the end of the harvest-tide cycle, after the sharecropper has given half the crop to the landowner, the sharecropper owes more(prenominal) than he has earned, and the in-debt sharecropper must remain in service conterminous year for the owner (Document B). By 1870, sharecropping was the dominant means by which African Americans could gain access to land in the South, but the grey landowners do it so that the sharecroppers would forever remain owing money to the owner. These limitations placed on the freedmen did not allow them to practice their newfound freedom.Groups of previously Confederate southern men sought out those who condoned the recognition of equality for all races. In a specific account, a white, Northern soldier by the seduce of Albion Tourgee alerted the North Carolinian republican Senator of a instruction execution of a man murder by the Ku Klux Klan. This murder was the murder of an honest Republican man, and his support for equality for freedmen got him killed (Document C). This murder acted as a precedent for Tourgee, showing him and any opposite person that defied the ideals of the KKK would not be tolerated. The KK K wished to abolish any racial acceptation in society, and their efforts successfully made the Union members fearful of what they were capable of. In another account, a freed slave was kidnapped by the KKK and beaten mercilessly because he refused to allow a white man to take his place in the legislature.The slave explained that the members of the Klan were in fact first-class men who would be evaluate to abide by higher morals. Abram Colby, the slave, states no man can show a free speech in my country it can not be done anywhere in Georgia (Document D). There is a clear violation of rights that all men in United States are given. White men found it necessary to gang up on the innocent black population and let it be known that the intimacy of freedmen in government would not be tolerated. This example set by the KKK for the government portrayed the lack of support of equality in America.The election of 1876 shaped the future of Reconstruction in the United States. In the electi on, electoral votes were disputed over, and the Electoral Commission was formed. The argued-over states of Florida, Louisiana, Oregon, and South Carolina saw accusations of fraud in the elections. Republicans dominated electoral commissions and they were able to throw out enough votes to allow Hayes to win (Document F). Despite the win for Democrat Samuel J. Tilden in name of popular vote, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes ended up winning the election, thereof crushing any chance of permanent Reconstruction for the nation. The Compromise of 1877 allow Hayes the presidency, and he removed all Federal soldiers from the South, ensuring success for all-white governments. The in one case promising future of Reconstruction was officially dismissed due to this election, and racial equality became a forgotten cause.Despite the potential that the United States saw for a Reconstruction of the way of living in the country, key events catalyzed the jaunt of thoughts of equality in the 1870s. Democrats were steadily regaining control of the South, as the already-weak Republican presence in region only became weaker as northerners lost amuse in Reconstruction. The Depression of 1873, along with continued pressure from the Ku Klux Klan, drove just about white Unionists, carpetbaggers, and scalawags out of the South by the mid-1870s, leaving blacks alone to get by for radical legislation. By the end of the decade, the fight was over, and equality for freedmen remained an unsolved matter.

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Post Positivist Approach

Post incontrovertible draw close is a meta speculative stance philosophically rooted in logical positivism. Whereas pluss believe in the existing reality apart from our own perception of it and the importance of experimental observation as well as rock-solid general laws, post positivists make do some similarities with a softer, amended approach. Realist and the tender constructionist are both interpreted as ontology by post positivist questi mavenrs in communication discipline.That is, it ignore be true that post positivist researchers believe that there is an empirical, uncontroversial reality independent of our perceptions, but limitations like the multiformity of the reality and the biases of researchers assuage exist which causes our incomplete understanding of the reality. Even though, by applying the mutiple government notes and observation, post positivist believe researchers preserve enhance the objectivity and attain a to a greater extent and more fully appre hended reality.At the same time, post positivists alike shake off faith in multiple realities which scum bag be constructed by amic able-bodied collectives through communicative interaction in relatively patterned slip counselling and its effects should be regular and promiseable which in turn reified social constructions. Thus, post positivists study regularities and patterns. Post positivist researchers in communication nucleotide their assumptions largely on the so-termed modified objectivist which holds to the notion that causal relationships for regularities observed in the social world is the center of the search for knowledge. Textbook, chpt3) Nevertheless, post positivists largely stand the value-free inquiry and the absolute authority of scientific method. Instead, post positivists believe that with careful and systematic operations as well as awareness of values, scholars crowd out strive to be as unbiased as possible by using controls and statistical tests, insi sting on replication, and so forth. (Textbook, chpt3) Therefore, post positivism does not equal to qualitative approach as many an another(prenominal)(prenominal) whitethorn assume. In fact, post positivists apply quantitative research methods largely to guard objectivity and to advance knowledge.Post positivist researchers consist that theories should try to reach beyond the observation level of individual events to attain the abstract quality with make logical links to the empirical world. By operationally defining theoretical constructs, researchers prat test the theoretical concepts with substitution of empirical indicators to verify or falsify the theory. Moreover, post positivists hold to the three interlinked functions of theoriesexplanation, prediction, and control. That is, theories should first of all relieve behaviour in a causal relationship manner.In addition, theories should be able to predict forthcoming behaviour in a patterned way due to the abstraction of a certain phenomenon. At the end, good theories also provide information to control future events. Taking these functions into consideration, single can generate a set of criteria for evaluating and comparing theories from a post positivist stance. (* is explained at the end) I would like to explore more on the complex mental decision do processes filld in choosing to consume media (information-filtering-related theories) in this information age.I would imagine that selective exposure theory and fighting(a) prentice theory* would be two comparable choices to explain questions in this firmament and may provide reasonable predictions and relative control on future events. Selective exposure theory is accurate within its conceptual boundaries since many laboratory experiments suck been conducted to test it so it is empirically testable. For example, in one study, when individual were placed in state of boredom, they selected arousing media messages and avoided relaxing fare to m ake an optimal level of arousal. ( Bryant, Zillmann, 1984).Selective exposure theory is consistent internally and forthwardly because there is no contradictory propositions or widely held theories in the applicable domain. It is parsimonious because it mainly focuses on emotional states. However, because of this, researches have been conducted mostly upon mood precaution and selective exposure effects (first regulate emotion, then measure the media choice) which is not the real life situations. Thus, it is not in a precise broad scope. In addition, in labs, participants only need to focus on limited choices but in the real world we face verdant media.In this case, selective exposure theory may have limited away validity. Nevertheless, this theory provide plausible explanations in media choosing and can somehow predict future behaviour (eg people use media to alleviate boredom and other negative emotions) and also bring up future possible research questions (how about on posit ive mood other than negative? ). Therefore, in general, it is a better theory to choose other than the active disciple theory because the latter one lack empirical tests and cannot rule out possible interventions.The active learner theory is a pseudo-theory I own(prenominal)ly came up with rather than a really existing one. I can be totally/partially wrong or this can have been better explained by some mature theories. It is not even a theory but I still want to give it a try based on my understanding of this mental decision devising process. I think the choice that one individual makes on media inhalation can represent more than what it appears to be. It is not only a personalised mood management process but also can involve social context and group judgment into it.As individual make choices, they can consciously or unconsciously go over the considerations of others feedback judgments and possible consequences aftermath. For example, if one has the instinctive drive to watch porn to maximize pleasure, before making the final decision, (s)he may consider the possible feedback from roommates or parents or friends who may see his/her behaviour, therefore quickly decide not to do so. pot may gain this kind of thinking from previous learning from personal experience, peer talking or education.Or, imagine a group of girls surfboarding the Internet in the same room, one may want to log onto Angel and read some articles but others are more arouse in gossip and entertainment. Even though this girl has her own laptop and can choose what she wants to read but she doesnt want to be straightforward or nerdy so she conforms. Thus, I name people as active learner, that is, we can quickly adjust our behaviour and adapt to situations around us through more complex mental procedures besides mood management process consciously and automatically.