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Ational Geographic photographers videos and responses Assignment

Ational geographical photographers videos and responses - Assignment ExampleHe has a particularly improved camera Obscura helping him to reveal iconic landscapes from the unique perspective. He says his pictures are dreamlike and surreal, barely are products of camera in recording, which is like a dream in the physical wake (National geographic 1).He uses photography to reflect the influence of global warming. His time-lapse cameras have captured evidence of reducing glaciers and changing shock patterns across the world. He maintains that camera gives a language to communicate to the world because the pictorial language mint penetrate peoples hearts and minds. He insists that the photographers highest calling is to challenge and wangle the inherited wisdom (National Geographic 1).Professor Kashi describes the highs and the lows of the working as a photojournalist. During the interview, Kashi shares his beliefs that a photographers great work comes from the issues he or she genu inely cares. He maintains that a photojournalist has to examine the world and himself because of the challenges and risks entangled to accomplish the mission (National Geographic 1).He gained access to North Korea where he stresses on seeing liveliness from you because of the different passions possessed by various people. In his viewpoint, the lives of the photographers are not normal life. He expresses disport in the photos of people taking the bus, couple crying at the Pyongyang airport and kids throwing snowballs at each other (National Geographic 1).Brian Skerry has been diving with the camera for over 30 years capturing the unseen world downstairs the waters surface. The passion of protecting the planet for the future motivated his underwater photography. He says that photography is a discovery process as he spends time with different kinds of sea creatures underwater from the biggest to smallest (National Geographic 1).He photographed human rights abuses and conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He captured the lives of citizens in the

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Sprung rhythm in The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins Essay

Sprung rhythm in The Windhover by Gerard Manley Hopkins - turn up ExampleAt initial glance the structure can seem confusing with the sentences half consummate and the verbs, adjectives, and nouns all mixed unitedly without flow. However, this is part of Hopkinss skill by being fully in control of the energies of his sprung rhythm (Rumens 2011). Carol Rumens sees this rhythm as allowing the poet to set the words soaring across the first seven lines of the octet (2011). Also, all the ing endings in the first eight lines act to unify and tie together the first stanza just like the way the dame is inseparable from itself and its action so too atomic number 18 the words from their lines. For example, the bird is perfectly absorbed and engrossed in its act of riding Of the rolling take underneath him steady air (Hopkins lines 2-3). It merges and becomes one with the wind, just like all the different words mix together and become one with the rhythm of the sonnet. Sprung rhythm also charges the lines with verbs trying to capture the intensity of the birds actions. It gives the sentences a controlled speed, highlighting the way the bird pauses and abruptly springs into action.

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Answerthe question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Answerthe question - Essay ExampleBut can such distinguishs play about programmatic changes in Muslim societies?In the current context of a referendum on the issue of prohibition minarets, the media criticized it by proclaiming it pure discrimination by LA Times, disgraceful by New York Times, not paying any focus on the expression of the Muslim societies. In the fear that Muslims are trying to grow a parallel ships company in Europe, the ban was voted that favor the demolition of minarets by 57 part of the voters. Muslims didnt react on the issue. Earlier eggs were thrown by the Muslims on Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a jumper cable Muslim politician in England. Such acts help in presenting a wrong image of the community. In the words of the Swiss Islamic scholar Ramadan, Muslims have striven to remain hidden in order to turn away a clash. It would have been more useful to create new alliances with all these Swiss organizations and governmental parties that were intelligibly ag ainst the initiative (Amanullah 2009). Not weighing much on Ramadans suggestions to the Muslim community on the issue of banning minarets, important issues need to be attended, which are Muslims isolation from the democratic forces, their mechanical press on following traditions in the name of religion traditions which are not relevant with the changing times.Muslims the ball over should express their views on violence, terrorist attacks, women rights, democracy, and their relations with the West. The movie Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think create verbally jointly by Georgetown University professor John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, raises issues like political liberty and freedom of speech that have come to the forefront to be explored and followed by the Muslim society to bring programmatic changes (Reef & Suhail 2009).Political liberty and freedom of speech are more demanding issues, as they are

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Reflective thoughts about Globalization and Selling Ideas Essay

Reflective thoughts about Globalization and Selling Ideas - Essay ExampleParadigms deplete interruptioned dramatically that our former knowledge and interpretation of exercise and economy are already wrong.In a globalized economy where countries are interconnected, the world virtually became a one big market place as it is reduced to a global village. People too are now more interconnected with the advances in technology and croupe now freely more from one country to another where there is a better opportunity, better pay or better work. The advances in technology may even dispense with a person to move his or her work to another country or region without keep his or her home which is made possible through telecommuting. In fact, technology became so advance that robots puke already do many of our work.This false knowledge, and even resistance to the new knowledge because it debunks our interpretation of the world prevents us from growing and progressing. Or as the speaker w ould put it, obstacle to discovering the frame of the earth which requires us to adapt to this new reality in economic and world order for us to discover the shape of the earth and progress. This resistance to new knowledge and/or insistence of the validity of the old knowledge is in particular true with the older generation who still interprets the world as it used to be.I could understand them because this shift towards globalization threatens them. Competition are now stiffer in work because highly skilled people can already move to their country and may take their jobs away from them. These highly skilled people may not even have to leave their homes to do their jobs with the advent of virtual work afforded by globalization. Moreover, the advances in robotics also threatens to replace them with machines. Thus, they have to compete now with younger and more skilled competitors at work and also with machines making their work more precarious. It is just but natural for them to r etreat to their comfort partition and old interpretation of the world where the

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Managing Sustainability Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Managing Sustainability - Essay ExampleAnd the human economy is a sub system of rules of this biosphere. From the school term I came to crawl in that according to the neo-classical concept, the market place system is considered to be the preferred institution for allocating scarce resources. The market system accomplishes this wonderful feat using prices as a means of gauging resource scarcity. In sharp personal line of credit to the Malthusians, neoclassicists believe that economic growth, through increases in per capita income and improvements in technology, provides solutions for both environmental and population problems. In new(prenominal) words, the solution to environmental and population problems is more, not less, economic growth. It was quiet evident to me that according to Malthusian tenet of resource scarcity and economic growth, technology is not the ultimate escape from the problem of resource scarcity from which I agree to some extent but it doesnt means that we should stop economic growth. benevolent beings have a native propensity for self-destruction while critics consider that the Malthusian predictions of economic kick in are unwarranted and moreover not helpful politically. In the neoclassical economics I came to know that resources are generally considered to be fungible. On that point I agree to the criticism that the link in the midst of the flow of matterenergy in the economic system and the natural environment is very much ignored. From my point of view, economic growth and technological advances should be viewed not as problems in themselves the way Malthusians take to the woods to view them, but as cures for stresses involving population, resources, pollution, and other environmental damages which were rectified to some extent in ecological economics. According to ecological economics, systems are complex, adaptive, living systems that need to be studied as integrated, co-evolving systems in order to be adequately unders tood (Costanza et al. 1993). Here, the human economy is viewed as a subsystem of the natural ecosystem. The spirit of the exchanges of matter and energy between the ecosystem and economic subsystem is the primary focus of ecological economics (Ayres 1978 Pearce 1987). Except for information, the natural ecosystem is the ultimate source of all material inputs for the economic subsystem. In this sense, then, nature can rightly be regarded as the ultimate source of wealth. In Sustainable development economics we studied three unlike conceptions of sustainability, namely HartwickSolow sustainability, ecological economics sustainability and the safe minimum standards (SMS) sustainability. Ecological economics presumes that the sustainability of ecological systems is a obligatory to sustainable human economic development, and it views human and natural dandy as complements. Market failures can evanesce when the benefits of natural or social capital depletion are privatized and the co sts are often externalized. When natural capital is undervalued by society since we are not fully aware of the real cost of the depletion of natural capital then also market failures happen. Information asymmetry can also result in market failure when the link between cause and effect is obscured, making it difficult to make informed choices. From the session I agree to the view of Boulding (1966)

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Article 2 (Economics) Why Knockoffs Can Help a Strong Brand

2 (Economics) Why Knockoffs Can Help a bullnecked Brand - Article Exampleo the article has been provided by Renee Goslines study in mammy Institute of Technology and also by Yi Qian of the National Bureau of Economic Research. According to the research findings of the devil above mentioned researchers, counterfeits serve as a passage to the original products and confuse positive effects on the sales of the original brand products.The counterfeits brands therefore according to the article can be said to have more advertising effect than substitution effects and therefore pose no much riskiness to the original brands. They actually save them from more advertisement charges since sooner or later the consumers realize the rest between the original and the counterfeit and expire to the original. This knockoff effect does not however affect moreover the formal brands which have trademarks and are protected by law.The article further explains that even individual creators with their throw unique line of designs and creativity can have copies of their work being reproduced. The overall effect and resultant role is however the same as that of the formal brands since the consumers will realize the difference of the original and the counterfeit and move to the original.Raustiala, Karl and Springman, Chris. Why Knockoffs Can Help Build a Strong Brand. Freakonomics 9/5/2012. Retrieved from

Work integrated project Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Work integrated project - Lab Report Examplemilitary rating of Limitations and Alternative Proposal 13 References 15 Bibliography 17 Overview allege cleanis the manufacturing and wholesale segment of Lebanese Sweet and is located at Maddington, West Australia. wrap Sweet was founded by Hassan Youssef in the 1920s and was indeed know as Hassan Youssef Sweet Lebanon. The company has positioned itself as the key supplier of confectionery items for the business market. Swan Sweetoffers sweets and othercatering solutions to fulfill all the business needs of their customers. They are well known for their supplies of freshly baked Baklava, a variety of Mediterranean pastry.They also offer wholesale solutions to their customers for promotional transactions and corporate eventsby providing bulk products enabling the clients to develop and build their businesses (Swan Sweet 2011). The report addresses the issues pertaining to a veer intervention process of Swan Sweet. The report analyzes t he internal and the external number one woods which led to the substitute intervention in Swan Sweet explaining its rational and purpose. The study considers the change perspectives that might have driven the owners of Swan Sweet. The study also describes the change strategy adopted by the management of Swan Sweet and demonstrates the approaches sedulous for the development as well as implementation of the change strategy. An assessment has also been do of the options operable to and restraints the company Swan Sweet faced when selecting the resulting strategy. The report also confers about the strategic planning tools employed as well as how they were customized or discarded to match the organisational requirements of Swan Sweet. The report evaluates the confines of the change intervention process, and finally proposes alternative change perspectives and strategies for the change intervention in Swan Sweet. 1. Rationale of transplant Intervention Swan Sweet has evolved over the years since its foundation in the 1920s and has under at rest(p) various modifications in their functioning process. Swan Sweets incessant up gradation in terms of quality is aligned to their objectives of customer satisfaction. Swan Sweet has implemented a distinctive pop off of technology and service to offer sufficient products options. Theproduct service of Swan Sweet is designed in a mode that it enables the customers to specifytheir exact requirements. Swan Sweets ensures that each and every product delivery made by them is unique and precisely as per the requirements of the client.Customer service and customer satisfaction is the top precedence of Swan Sweets. The company guarantees to deliver every product dictate on accurate time,as per the hold budget and of the best possible quality. Swan Sweets goal is to provide customer bewitch by means of the utmost levels of service and quality achievable (Swan Sweet 2011) this had served as the internal driver or the princ iple which had motivated Swan Sweet to employ incessant change in order to upgrade the level of the services provided by them. The management of Swan Sweet believes in contemporary merchandise technologies and has also developed online shop for marketing their products. The management of Swan Sweet was certain that there was a demand for an online platform which would provide best quality sweet and other confectionary products for the business segment (Swan Sweet 2011). The success of their online delivery service has proven the existence of such a requirement amongst the public. In the initial years of the formation of Swan Sweet, the growth of Muslim populace in

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Family Strengths, Functions and Structure Coursework

Family Strengths, Functions and organize - Coursework ExampleFamily accord contributes to the strength of family since it allows for competency when dealing with conflicts within the family. Factors such as open communication, commitment, spirituality, and clasp also contribute to the strength of a family.Cultural beliefs have resulted in the change in the functions of sundry(a) families. For example, in my culture the role of the family is viewed as that of ensuring the family name grows hence decisions atomic number 18 made in price of how they will impact on the family name and not how they will impact on family members such as children. Another example of how culture has influenced families changing their view on the functions of a family is where in some cultures children are groomed to take care of their parents.Family structure is what makes up the family in terms of membership. There are various types of family structures. A nuclear family structure is one that is tradi tional where it is comprised of a father, a mother and their children. A undivided parent family structure is where a family is composed of children with one parent either a father or a mother. Finally, an extended family structures is one where a family is composed of various relatives. For example, living with ones grandparents and parents contributes to an extended family. Early childishness programs play an important role in families in that they introduce the children to the external world enabling them to endanger outside the comfort of their

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Germany 1789-1900 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Germany 1789-1900 - Research Paper ExampleDespite the endowment, a rupture between the high class and lower class prevailed leading to divergence, apparent contradiction, and violent collision of thoughts. The contest for recognition and right of control promulgated a series of unconnected struggles hence the birth of movements including the German confederation. The paper is a discussion on the different whirlingary and independence movements from 1789 to 1900In the mid nineteenth century, cultural, social and economic tensions rose between Germany and other parts of Europe. The shear problems had reached a crisis stage and each section was looking for backdoor solutions that favour their interest. Undeniably, political reality was fast becoming unavoidable however, the industrial mutation worsened the detail (Meuschel 21). The industrial revolution brought a series of signs, as the democratic changes threatened the option of existing government, a factor that needed further sc rutiny. Several democratic principles including independence of the judiciary, press emancipation and representation in the legislature was fast becoming a problem (Grner 61). With the promises coming and going an speedup of liberal movements gained stage. From January-February 1848, a revolt in Paris led to overturn of King Louis Philip, a situation that triggered Germany to explode. It began with an uprising from peasant revolts in the Baden and Bavaria. Notably, the wavelike revolution spread down to Rhine land and ultimately to legions head of Prussia (Berlin). At this point, it started becoming a problem putting pressure on the ruling government. universe so strong, many monarchs agreed to installation of basic democratic requirements (Peterson 46). In response, the intellectual fathers and leaders of the revolution met in Heidelberg, to ensure fruits from the revolution land in the right hands. A follow-up meeting in Frankfurt led to

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Letter of Intent for Masters of Public Health Essay

Letter of Intent for get the hang of Public Health - Essay ExampleTherefore, I believe that pursuing a get the hang in public health will enable me to play a crucial role in creating a healthy community, which has been my long term goal.My background education in versatile educational backgrounds in think fields will be a plus in my effort to hand my goals. I redeem a bachelor degree in psychology and I am also a cooks assistant in a medical clinic. In my work environment, I have go about dissimilar medical situations in my line of work and because of the need to ensure that I progress career wise and also attain my goals of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for everyone in the community, pursuing a masters in public health will enable me to be a step forward in attaining my goals. I have various qualities that make me an eligible candidate for the MPH program. I am rabid about public health and I always take the initiative to research new trends in the area and this has always kept me in a position to have ready solutions in various situations that my arise in my line of work and also in case of any emergency or situation requiring my expertise. My motivation comes from the need to have a healthy community and this has made me creative in various areas. The passion for my work as a public health officer has put in me the willingness to look for solutions to problems without giving up as this plays a crucial role in solving various medical issues that may arise.With a MPH I aim at playing a fundamental role in improving the health of people around the world and I will achieve this by developing various strategies aimed at coming up with solutions for health problems. I envision myself collaborating with new(prenominal) professionals in the public health sector with the same goal of promoting wellness in communities all everywhere the world. This program will give me the chance to advance my research skills which are paramount for coming up with real so lutions to health related problems. My experience in psychology

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Concert Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Concert Report - Essay ExampleEsber Recital Hall is a famous star sign that provided superior sound quality and actually made the subdued played by the performing aggroup sound nice and complete whilst New Horizon Brass Ensemble played their piano. thither were some(prenominal) performances during this particular night, which included Salve Venere, Salve Marte by John Stevens sonatas such as allegro Leggero, Aria ,and Allegro Moderato in that location were also French sets, which included Apre un Reve by Gabriel, Improvisation by Francis, and Nuit dEtoiles by Claude and dances such as spooky, insouciant, impudent/ponderous, bluesy, take ritmo Latino, and slowly declamatory/fast (Range & Smith, 1999). Candidly, this night turned break through to be a most memorable attendance at Esber Recital Hall, primarily because it took no lengths for me to be lost in the performances such as Salve Venere, Salve Marte by John Stevens, originally cool by Kate. From the performance, my favor ite dance was bluesy dance, which was vigorously performed, and it brought the whole house down. The Salve Venere, Salve Marte performance was starling iodin in the entire concert because this performance really embraced the key elements related to music (Range & Smith, 1999). ... In allegro, there were numerous dynamic changes, and in some moments that ignited the fresh moments of Haydns astonishment. Salve Venere, Salve Marte was sedate in the Romantic era. The instruments heard comprise the trombone, bassoon, flute, oboe, which belong to the aero-phone family and the violin, cello, viola, and double bass, which belong to the chordophones family of instruments. This piece has a worldwide homophonic texture. The genre is a piece of music that is divided into two key movements Andante con moto, and Allegro moderato. The Allegro moderato movement follows sonata-allegro form. There are two themes that were evident from this starling performance, as head as the movement is in tripl e meter in a small key. It starts at a soft dynamic level and progresses in a crescendo (Range & Smith, 1999). It is usually conjunct with a fair range that finally expands into a broad range. The softness of the opening creates a theatrical atmosphere full(a) of emotions. This movement demonstrates a recapitulation the summary of the themes because the major two themes reappear all through the piece. The otherwise set of piece that made my day was Apre un Reve by Gabriel under Blue Band. Like in the commencement piece, the volume varied from mezzo forte to strong suit yet down to some moments of piano however, in general the volume remained more eonianly within the mezzo ranges. In addition, when there were variations in volume, pitch and tone were steady and appeared to fit satisfactorily as opposed to just being haphazard. There was much more of a principle in this work and the polyphonic scenery of the piece, a constant of the Baroque,

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Capital and unskilled labor are substitutes Essay

Capital and unskilled fatigue are substitutes - Essay ExampleThese are the factors that assist the growth development and expansion of a business. One would therefore have to understand the importance of labor in maintaining the production of more ceiling for a business.There is an immense similarity between the ceiling invested in a project and the type of labor it can afford to hire. This is also determined by the materials used by the business as it grows and ensuring that it rises. Production takes place when all the organic begins of an shaping or business work together to attain a goal that will contribute to the tout ensemble company as well. It is particularly through these social relations to each other that that each part influences the other (Krusell 2000). These interactions between the manufacturers and the atmosphere within which they mass tasks and contribute to the complete construction usually disaccord depending on the nature of the method of production.Ca pital also involves the exchange values. It is hence a computation of property, trade ethics and social extent. It maintains its value regardless of the form in which it is invested in. Basically capital always has a constant value of exchange. For instance, if the capital is in the form of land the exchange value will quench remain the same. The commodity may appreciate or depreciate in value but during change its exchange value will not be altered. This shows that all factors are interrelated in integrity way or another so as to produce an end result that favors each integral part of the system (Johnson 1997).A laborer will receive a mode of survival in return for his services. Substitution of capital with unskilled labor would depend on how much initial capital was invested. Low capital investment would not enable employment of skilled labor as this would gleam unrealistic allocation of finances. Therefore, low capital investments will lead to employment of unskilled labor. A manpower that does not have adequate skills would

Dialect Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

phrasal idiom - Essay ExampleFinally, the author provides a personal reflection regarding the quotation from Peter Trudgill on the credence of dialects. The paper ends with the conclusion that dialects should be tolerated while common languages should be developed, all for improved communication, understanding and collaborative progressive work.Today, there are about 5,000-6,000 different languages spoken in the world. About 200 of these languages gull more than a million primal speakers. According to ONeill (2008), Mandarin Chinese has the most native speakers, with around 874 million people using it as a native language. Hindi, spoken in India, comes coterminous with around 366 million and English is a distant third with around 341 million native speakers.The home(a) language of the Philippines is Philippine, although according to Edraline (2008), a survey of Richard Pitman, an American linguist, showed there are 55 native languages and 142 dialects in the country. Of the na tive languages, eight are considered principal languages because they are the most widely spoken Cebuano, Tagalog, Ilocano, Ilongo, Bicolano, Waray, Kampampangan and Panggalatok. Much of the Philippine language is derived from Tagalog, which is spoken in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces. But the official version of the Filipino language today has incorporated a lot of words from the other principal languages as swell as English and Spanish, such as radio for radio, telebisyon for television or tiya and tiyo, for the Spanish tia and tio, pith aunt and uncle.It has been often said that language defines a burnish. It is a sort of documentation or taradiddle of a way of life. The words which comprise a language get created as needs arise. In the same manner, words that existed in a previous language version get forgotten as less and less people use them and so are dropped out from the current version. As culture evolves,

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Research Methods in the Social Sciences Assignment

Research Methods in the mixer Sciences - Assignment ExampleThe subject which is unable to be examined could not be selected for conducting a kindly research. property in view the fundamental principles of social research, the researcher aims to conduct his research work on the future(a) guinea pigThe researcher ordain write a brief outline of the entire research social function in the Abstract of the research, in which the research topic, theoretical framework, hypothesis and research tools and techniques leave behind be discussed. In addition, the researcher go away describe the universe selected for his study.The first chapter of the research volition consist of introduction, in which the causes of selecting the topic and significance of the topic will be discussed. Statement of the problem will withal be the pull up stakes of the chapter, in which the researcher will define the problem in details and objectives of the study will also be described in a precise way. The following hypothesis will be developed for the present studyThe second chapter of the research will consist of the literature relevant to the study. The researcher will explain the studies have already been conducted on the same and similar topics. These studies might be on social classes, leisure time, social discrimination and the patterns of recreational activities.Chapter three will carry theoretical framework, in which Thorstein Veblens Theory of Leisure Class (1912) and Social Stratification Theory developed by Davis & Moore (1945) will be explained with reference to the present research. The researcher will interlink these theories with his research work.Chapter four of the present study will describe the universe and sampling procedure. Since the researcher aims to conduct his study in New York City, the universe will be the people belonging to divergent social and cultural classes of New York. Quantitative methods of research will be applied in this

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Data Collection Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Data Collection - Assignment ExampleIn universities, however, some of the sources of pay raise for faculty members such as tuition fee that owe its management to external units that make it inaccessible. Nevertheless, proletarian unions are useful forums for airing the grievances of the laborers and campaign for wage increases. Unions are also highly influential because their members give up the right to strike in case their demands are unmet. As a consequence, being in a union raises the nominal wage of its member. Wage is dependent on education and the demand for skills. There is the populace of perceptions that unions consent the capacity to condense wage differentials if the union is influential enough. Blau and Kahn (2006) argue that, the labor unions in the States harbor been effective in bargaining for their members salaries and allowances, making them higher than the nonunion members.An experimental research shows that those employees who have joined labor unions receiv e higher compensations relative to non union workers. There is, therefore, diminishing of unions in linked Kingdom and United States. This explains the decreasing remunerations for the employees. Testing of such a hypothesis in US locution industry has, however, invalidated the thought (Blau and Kahn, 2006). Another study by Michigan panel study of income dynamics on the existence of the gender pay gap has produced similar results. Results from the research show that, the gap has been meet over the last few decades. The discrepancies in the pay gap can be eliminated by upgrading of original knowledge and de-unionization of employees. The widening of the wage gap can be explained by transformations in the labor marketplace mode of selecting employees. Demand shift alterations and labor market biases contribute significantly to the wage gap (Blau and Kahn, 2006).Blau and Kahn (2006) have declared that, the probability of a woman and a man being union

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Individual Strategic Marketing Analysis and Plan Assignment

Individual Strategic Marketing Analysis and Plan - assigning ExampleHistory, art and culture are essential motives for a considerable per centumage of the number of individuals visit the country each year. In addition to this, they form a strong promotional feature for destinations, towards mart segments that are less sensitive to heritage and culture. Not forgetting the fact that, the tourism industries and authorities until recently, have realized exceedingly little to render impressive stock of historic and pagan resources available. Even less has been achieved to get ahead the accessibility of the modern Italian traditions and culture (Moller & Deckert, 2009). This then forms a basis for and explains why the traditional cultural and artistic commodities and their use by international and national tourists is the focus of the paper. Through research of the market, the paper get out examine the characteristics of both the tack and demand of cultural and heritage tourism comm odities, to have a efficacious foundation through which to set a tourism marketing strategy is to a greater extent scientific and with diminish risk. For instance, research estimates that today 55 percent of Italians go on holiday annu every last(predicate)y. In these cases, 15 percent usually purchase a package tour for a minimum of seven days. Research shows that more young people involved in these travels are between 30 and 20 years old, though individuals aged over 55 make up for a larger percentage of the 55% of tourists. As a result, of the exceedingly high demand for arts, diachronic and cultural tourism in Italy, the paper ordain propose a project to begin a new business supplying the demand for arts, historical and cultural tourism (Consulting & Promotion 2011, p2). Company Description The company will deal with tourism in arts, history, culture and religious paths. When it comes to religious tourism, more than 3000 structures are available in Italy, more than 56 past and modern convents, 25 Euro house receptions, 30 Euro monasteries that are available to be endeavoured by this material body of tourism. The company will focus on these areas to supply religious tourism demands by targeting individuals between the ages of 70 and 40. The company will also deal with material culture. The key to excellence for culture tourism in Italy is in the ability to deliver and create an efficient diversification crossing the right artistic, historical and monolithic traditions with food, crafts, folk territory and wine. Culture in a wide sense to harmonize the traditional panorama to protection with improvement of local identity in culture (Richards 1996). The company will also exploit tourism in museums, as there are not enough visitations to museums. The company needs to go on to the tourists in Italy that the emotions and atmosphere in museums offer a unique experience worth coming bandaging for. The company will carry out an operation to communicate th e new tourism features the company is pass within the country, that is involving the people of Italy in processes of systematic rediscovery of their own traditions (Richards 1996, p. 35). Goals of the Company The main goal of the company is to supply the unsupplied tourism demands in Italy especially in the area of arts, history, religious paths and history. The company will exploit all the available and underutilized tourist features related to culture, traditions and religion. Situation Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Art, history and culture are essential motives for a significant number of tourists. The considerable casual attitude of policy

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U.S. Totalization Agreement With Mexico Essay Example for Free

U.S. Totalization concordance With Mexico EssayThe focal point of this subject is to analyze the Totalization Agreement between the US and Mexico. It should be noted that the aspects of this analysis is not fundamentally polity analysis but it intended towards presenting arguments from the point of view of analytical framework. In this paper in that respect would not be any bias or opinion presented rather a comparison would be presented in terms of arguments for and against the issue. It should be stated that in the context of globalization the Totalization Agreement is a very authorised aspect for the US. Totalization Agreement has the tendency of investment funds and businesses to move beyond domestic and national markets to different markets around the globe, thereby change magnitude the interconnectedness of different markets. Globalization better said is the shift in the direction of a more incorporated and interdependent World economy. Globalization has had the eff ect of markedly increase not only foreign trade, but also cultural exchange. few intellectual define globalization as convergence of prototypes of manufacture and expenditure and a consequential homogenization of customs, while other(a)s strain that globalization has the prospective to take countless miscellaneous appearances. In stintings, a wide description is that globalization is the fusion of prices, wages, products, profits and rates of interest in synchronization with developed nation norms. Globalization of the financial arrangement depends on the position of international business, human migration, incorporation of pecuniary markets, and mobility of capital.The International Monetary Fund observes the increasing financial interdependence of countries all over the military personnel through rising quantity and multiplicity of cross-border dealings, complimentary international capital flow, and comparatively sudden and extensive dissemination of technology. In contempo rary economic scenario the ordinary slew is expansion in the global market. Global market expansion is nothing but a c one timept of serving customers beyond the limits of domestic market and in economic scenario count oned a key ingathering strategy.Global market expansion is a business reality that every alliance encounters at some point in its evolution. Under such circumstances every business venture must rest risk with rewards, the risks when expanding internationally cannister be less predictable and in the same way the rewards can be more elusive. The companies, which are looking for sustainable ways to grow and diversify their revenue streams, consider global expansion as a strategic option.There are several factors behind the trend toward expansion in the global market. Companies require a global presence. For both offensive and defensive causes, companies cannot look give away on opportunities outside their home markets. A companys requirement for a global presen ce arises from devil factors, their cap capability of leveraging domestic relation airs outside their country and a requirement from domestic customers to support the companys products internationally.A global expansion allows companies to replicate successful domestic strategies in international markets, potentially in markets with lower competitive intensity. Additionally Global market expansion provide the companies large untapped markets, advantages of low labor costs, savings of shipping costs, speed and efficiency of delivery system, etc. These factors make the Totalization Agreement between the US and Mexico more important. (Fletcher, 2006) The Totalization Agreement between the US and Mexico could be better under(a)stood in the light of the history behind it.For more than thirty years US has been establishing symmetrys relating to social agreement internationally keeping in mind that these agreements should coordinate with the program by the Social hostage of the US. The se agreements based on the aspects of programs related to Social Security of the US are additively pronounced as totalization agreements. Under these agreements there are certain advantages. However, from the point of view of the US these advantages can broadly be divided into twain parts. The first objective is to eradicate double taxation for workers employed in foreign nations.Without the agreement an someone would have to pay two times as tax on the earnings. The current report suggests that the good of Totalization Agreement between the US and other countries has help US workers working abroad at lot. The cumulative savings are estimated at $800 million per year. The jiffy objective of Totalization Agreement between the US and other countries is to provide an individual who is part timer as a worker in either in the US or the foreign country the proportional tax earn that is so important for the worker.In this context the agreement between US and Mexico travels very impo rtant in the context of financial benefits. It has been estimated that once the agreement of Totalization is signed between the US and Mexico the workers from the United States in Mexico would be able to save around an estimated $140 million. These savings would be made in the parameters of Mexican taxes relating to health insurance and social certification measures. However, it should be mentioned that this estimation is calculated on the basis of a 5 year term of computation.Again, in the perspective of humane benefit it would immensely help the workers who have been working in Mexico for a shorter hitch of time in both US and Mexico as because this agreement would help them to receive the benefits. (King, 2006) It could well be stated that Mexico is a prominent partner of the US in terms of trading. In fact it is the second largest after Canada. This way it becomes important for the US to indulge in Totalization Agreement with Mexico. As it is Mexico is already under the Total ization Agreement with Canada making it mutually beneficial for both countries.The advantages and disadvantages of Totalization Agreement with Mexico have been heavily scrutinized and debated in youthful years. Proponents of Totalization Agreement with Mexico say that it helps developing economies catch up to highly developed industrialized economies much faster through increased employment and technological advances. Critics of Totalization Agreement argue that it weakens national sovereignty and allows rich nations to ship domestic jobs overseas where labor is much cheaper.The main advantages of Totalization Agreement are as such, increased melt trade between the two nations, increased liquidity of capital allowing investors in developed nations to invest in developing nations, conglomerates are having great flexibility to operate across borders, global mass media binding the world together, increased flow of communications allowing vital information to be shared between indivi duals and conglomerates through out the globe, greater facility and speed of transportation for goods and people, reduction of cultural barriers increases the global village effect, spread of elective ideals to developed nations, greater interdependence of nation-states, reduction of likelihood of war between developed nations , increases in environmental protection in developed nations.Along with the advantages there are also several disadvantages of Totalization Agreement, such as increased flow of skilled and non-skilled jobs from developed to developing nations as companies look for the cheapest labor, increased probability of economic disturbances in one nation effecting all nations, business influence of nation-states far exceeds that of civil society organizations and number individuals, apprehension that control of world media by a handful of conglomerates will limit cultural expression, greater possibility of reactions for globalization being violent in an attempt to cons erve cultural heritage, greater hazard of diseases being transported inadvertently between nations, spread of a materialistic lifestyle and outlooks that sees consumption as the channel to affluence, international bodies like the World Trade Organization interfere with national and individual sovereignty, increase in the probabilities of civil war within developing countries and open war between developing countries as they make out for resources, decrease in environmental integrity as polluting corporations take advantage of weak regulatory rules in developing countries like Mexico. It could well be stated that in this competition organizations are gradually loosing their heathenish values and morals. Today competence of an individual or a corporate is judged by his or her ability to cope up with constant fundamental changes in the organizational structure. All over the world, organizations aligning wise-fashioned products engineering teams around pit crew model.Cross functio nal teams to design, manufacturing sales and service engineers work along with the workers, who at some point of time have stake in the product. This ensures manufacturing and sales people having their say all through the design process and building up the manufacturing capability earlier on that is currant engineering. The goals are simple, such as speed, equality and competitive price. Commodities have become international for most industries and the impact of engineering is significant. In many organizations, the learning curve in engineering has become an unaffordable luxury. Competitive pressures mandate finding ways to reduce the total time required to introduce new products in the market.Competition along with more complex production and distribution environments requires identifying and reducing necessary costs, such as costs associated with development, manufacturing, distribution and service. However, it can be stated that totalization agreement would have a manifest ef fect on the Trust Funds but it would be a long termed and virtually measly effect. It has been estimated that the social security of US bears a cost of about $100 million yearly. This has been the trend for the finally 5 years. Thus the totalization agreement would enable the workers of both the US and Mexico to enjoy the advantage of cost benefit as the dual taxation would be eradicated.It should be mentioned in this perspective that the cost benefit of US during the year 2002 was around $198 million with Canada alone under the parameters of the totalization agreement. (Lamb, 2004) Thus in the conclusion it could be stated that there are both advantages and disadvantages in coming into a condition of totalization agreement with Mexico. However, when an international agreement is signed there are multiple aspects to be looked after and these are done keeping in mind the mutual benefits of the nations.ReferencesFletcher, R (2006) Beliefs and Knowledge Believing and Knowing Howard Price King, H (2006) Social Security Today HBT Brooks Ltd Lamb, Davis (2004) Cult to Culture The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata National view as Trust.

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Pride and Prejudice Argumentative Essay Essay Example for Free

Pride and Prejudice Argumentative screen EssayPart I Select three of the identity categories below and name or describe at least 3 related stereotypes for separately Race Ethnicity Religion Gender Sexual orientation eon Disability Category Stereotype 1 Stereotype 2 Stereotype 3 Religion fanatic Christians Islam extremists All mormons are poligamists Gender Men should never cry Women toilet be in military group because of Pink is for girls their periods Age As you get older you cannot learn Older people are not as sharp as Old people are not interested in naked things younger people sex . Part II Answer each question in 50 to 100 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for altogether the sources you use. What are the positive eyeshots of stereotypes, if any? Some stereotypes take over been found to have a positive view of certain groups by other minority groups, Asiatic Americans are admired for placing a high value on intellectual and prof essional achievement and having soused family ties, Hispanic Americans take deep pride in their culture and work hard to achieve a better life (R.Schaefer, 2012), African Americans have made a valuable contribution to American ordering and will work hard when given a chance (National Conference of Christians and Jews 1994).Another positive aspect of stereotyping (and I had to dig to find it) is that middle-class or afflcuent African Americans feelings of self esteem and self-image are much positive than those of comparable Whites. Our text does not tell us why just that it has been measured and exists and that integrity positive aspect. What are the prohibit aspects of stereotypes?Stereotyping has caused people to view certain groups of people in a negative light, even though people do not express such views openly, damage and stereotyping still exists. In an article written by Tim Giago, National Media Should Stop Using Obscene Words, Tim describes how the endpoint Redskins is so readily used in football and how derogatory it is to hear for Native Americans. He likens the use of this term to such terms as nigger, gook, kike, and wop, and expresses how ridiculous it is to hear the fans doing the cut chop.This is modern day stereotyping in a negative way and it should be stopped. Why do large corporations have the right to offend and stereotype? This should be stopped. Part III Answer each question in 50 to 150 words related to those stereotypes. Provide citations for all the sources you use. Define stereotypes and prejudice. What is the residue between stereotyping and prejudice? Use examples to illustrate the differences. According to Racial and Ethnic Groups, by R. Schaefer, stereotypes are unreliable, hyperbolize generalizations about all members of a group that do not take individual differences into account.Prejudice is a negative attitude toward an entire social class of people, such as a racial or cultural minority. The difference between pr ejudices and stereotypes is that prejudice is learned over time by people who influence a person as they are growing up and books, movies, Internet and tv also play a part in a person becoming prejudice. Stereotypes are beliefs about people which are more often than not accepted that are based on something previously accepted about them. Examplese of some stereotypes are all women are bitches, or all Arabs are terrorists.Examples of prejudices are being hunted if you are on the muckle and see a mentally ill person get on the bus because you are afraid that they may become violient. Statistic show that mentally ill people are no more or less prone to violence than normal people, please see this link about mental complaint and violence http//depts. washington. edu/mhreport/facts_violence. php What is the relationship between stereotyping and prejudice? Stereotyping and prejudice are not the same but can seem similar in a way, however the difference is important.There can be a ster eotype about girls only like pink and boys only like to play with guns but a prejudice is when you are racist or have a negative attitude toward an entire category of people (R. Schaefer, 2012). What can be done to counter prejudice from occurring? Diversity study and awareness is a way to prevent prejudice from occurring in the workplace. Education about diversity is a way to prevent it at schools. Much studying has been done about the prevention of prejudice but unfortunately if the training and/or education is not followed up with practice and further education and training it can scat to people going back to their old habits.This means that we must be diligent about fighing prejudice in our society, in our homes, at work, and in our schools. www. wikipedia. org Religious fanaticism http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Religious_fanaticism Main Street Plaza www. latterdaymainstreet. com A Community for Anyone Interested in Mormonism. Religious Stereotypes Venn Diagram According To Go ogle Expanded Mormon Edition www. religious-stereotypes-venn-diagram-according-to-google-expanded-mormon-edition Cracked. com 5 Gender Stereotypes That Used To Be the Exact Opposite By J. F. Sargent April 24, 2012.http//www. cracked. com/article_19780_5-gender-stereotypes-that-used-to-be-exact-opposite. htmlixzz2KNtJBSML www. discoveryfithealth. com 10 Stereotypes About senescent (That Just Arent True) by Tom Scheve and Christine Venzon http//health. howstuffworks. com/wellness/aging/aging-process/5-stereotypes-about-aging6. htm Racial and Ethnic Groups, Thirteenth edition, by Richard T. Schaefer. produce by Merrill Prentice Hall. Copyright 2012 by Pearson Education, Inc.

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Pestle Factors Essay Example for Free

Pestle Factors EssayPESTEL analysis stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological, Environmental and Legal analysis. It is a theatrical role of the external analysis when conducting a strategic analysis or doing market research and gives a certain overview of the different macro-environmental factors that the company has to take into consideration.Political factors or how and to what degree a government intervenes in the economy. Specifically, semipolitical factors embarrass areas such as tax policy, labor law, environmental law, trade restrictions, tariffs, and political stability. Political factors whitethorn also include good enoughs and services which the government demands to provide or be provided and those that the government does not want to be provided. Furthermore, governments have great find on the health, education, and infrastructure of a nation.Economic factors Businesses need to devote money to continue to exist. They do this by listening to c ustomers to ensure they keep their customers and attract impudently ones with good services that customers want and need. It is extremely important for businesses to respond to changes in demand from customers. They include economic growth, refer order, exchange rate and the inflation rate. These factors have major impacts on how businesses operate and make decisions. For example, interest rates put on a firms cost of capital and therefore to what extent a business grows and expands. Exchange rates act the costs of exporting goods and the supply and price of imported goods in an economy.Social factors Societys habits and tastes are changing. People are more aware of the importance of the environment and becoming green consumers. commons consumers prefer goods and services that are environmentally-friendly and which have less impact on the environment. They include the cultural aspects and include health consciousness, population growth rate, age distribution, career attitudes and emphasis on safety. Trends in social factors affect the demand for a companys products and how that company operates. For example, an ageing population may imply a smaller and less-willing men (thus increasing the cost of labor). Furthermore, companies may change various management strategies to adapt to these social trends (such as recruiting honest-to-goodness workers).Technological factors Businesses are continually developing new technologies to provide the best solutions for the market place. Intelligent companies visualise out what the most appropriate technologies are for their businesses and use them. They include ecological and environmental aspects, such as RD activity, automation, technology incentives and the rate of technological change. They can determine barriers to entry, minimum efficient production level and influence outsourcing decisions. Furthermore, technological shifts can affect costs, quality, and lead to innovation.Environmental factors include we ather, climate, and climate change, which may especially affect industries such as tourism, farming, and insurance. Furthermore, growing awareness to climate change is affecting how companies operate and the products they offer-it is both creating new markets and diminishing or destroying existing ones.Legal factors Legal changes that affect business are closely fasten up with political ones. Many changes in the law stem from government policy. They include discrimination law, consumer law, just law, employment law, and health and safety law. These factors can affect how a company operates, its costs, and the demand for its products.

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A Quality Leader Essay Example for Free

A graphic symbol Leader EssayDr. Karoru Ishikawa is one of the worlds idolized leaders in flavor control. His renowned quote Through total quality control with the participation of all employees, including the president, any guild terminate create better products (or service) at a lower cost, increase sales, improve profit and make the union into a better organization ( Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa) . Ishikawa joined the mating of Japanese Scientist and Engineers, a quality research throng back in 1949.The Japanese was concerned about their industry sector since it was known that American manufacturing was producing forte toys and defective cameras. This group took on the responsibility of Japans quality-improvement that was when Ishikawa took the initiative to build on Feigenbaums concept of total quality and promoted greater involvement by all employees, from the top management to the front-line staff, by reducing reliance on quality professionals and quality departments.He adv ocated collecting and analyzing factual data use simple visual tools, statistical techniques, and teamwork as the foundations for implementing total quality. Like others, Ishikawa believed that quality begins with the customer and therefore, understanding customers involve is the basis for improvement, and that complaints should be actively sought. (Evans, 2010 pg 110) Background Kaoru Ishikawa was born in 1915 in capital of Japan. He graduated from Tokyo University in 1939 with a degree in Applied Chemistry.In his brief tour in the phalanx as a Naval Technical Officer In charge of 600 workers to construct a milling machinery he quoted This experience he says was invaluable to Quality authorization activities later on. , (Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa) He worked for Nissan Liquid give the axe Company from 1941-1947 before he was appointed associate Professor of the University of Tokyo. In 1949 He joined the Union of Japanese Scientist and Engineers because he valued to change the way pe ople thought about work and dish out management improve the quality of their product. In 1970 Dr.Ishikawa started conducting quality control training seminars. Around 1978 Dr. Ishikawa became the President of Musashi set up of Technology. Upon Ishikawas 1989 death, Dr. Juran delivered this message There is so much to be learned by studying how Dr. Ishikawa managed to pass so much during a single lifetime. In my observation, he did so by applying his natural gifts in an exemplary way. He was dedicated to serving society rather than serving himself. His manner was modest, and this elicited the cooperation of others. (Dr. Joseph M. Juran) radical work and significant accomplishmentsDr. Kaoru Ishikawa accomplishments have include helping thousands of companies, like IBM, Bridgestone, and Komatsu, to turn out higher quality products at considerable lower costs. His book,What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way, Prentice Hall, Inc. was a best seller in business books. He has b een awarded the Deming pillaging and the Nihon Keizai Press Prize, the Industrial Standardization Prize for his writings on Quality Control, and the Grant Award in 1971 from the American Society for Quality Control for his education programmer on Quality Control. Process Improvement Japan, 2012).His creation of the fishbone diagram, the user can match all possible root causes of process imperfections. There are many other accomplishments that Dr. Ishikawa has made, which you can suffer in books and online. These were deserving awards due to his unselfish work ethics and have truly made him a quality genius. Conclusion Through total quality control a company of any attribute can stay in business, make products at lower cost, and endure great productivity from its workers. Dr Ishikawa wanted to change the way workers and management do business.Quality should start with the customer and it can be through using his writings, fishbone diagram, and other tools like control charts, run charts, histogram, scatter diagram, Pareto charts, and flowcharts. His knowledge was needed in a time when people wanted a product that will last and was supported by the company who makes it. His many accomplishments and strong work ethics influenced many companies to change and many of those companies are still in business today. Dr. Ishikawa is truly a leader in quality control.

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Knowledge and Emotion Essay Example for Free

Knowledge and Emotion EssayEmotion plays a big role in gaining cognition even though when we do non realize it. then, I agree with the quote, There rat be no experience without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we invite tangle its force, it is non ours. by Arnold Bennett, an English novelist. First of all, with the part, There pot be no knowledge without emotion1, it tin passel be proved by our experience. For example, we know about plate tectonics but until you feel it, you incline rescue knowledge. Earthquakes prove that the plate tectonics are moving towards each other(a), away from each other or slide past each other.Since I live in Japan, earthquakes can be matt-up often and I kick in the knowledge of what it is like to be in an area with lots of earthquakes. Also, for example, we can prove that we have knowledge from genes. Sometimes, I feel that I have the same characteristic as my mother when I am pour forthing to my pets. I talk with them in a softer voice than when we talk to other people. Also, my mothers family loves animals and I was besides brought up with an animal al shipway beside me.Finally I can also see evidence from learning physics. I learned that the energy is transferred into other energies. Before, I wondered why spanking balls bounced lower each time. When I learned about the energies, I gained the knowledge that the potential energy was transferred into heat, endure and other energies. From gaining these truths and experiencing it, it gives us knowledge of what it is like. By experiencing these things, it influences our emotion and gives us the knowledge.Though some people discord that knowledge can be gained without emotion, I argue that the statement is not true. Though when you learn something, until you have realized what it is and accepted the information, then it is not knowledge. We have to know the information to gain the knowledge so to gain the knowledge we have to experience it. For exa mple, I know the truth that floods occur and the consequences as soundly as the effects of it but since I have not experienced it before, I do not have the knowledge of what it is like to be in an area, which flooded. Furthermore, by learning biology, I know that at that place are diseases such as thrombosis, a blood clotting disease but since I have not experienced it I do not what it feels like to have thrombosis.As a result, I do not yet have the knowledge. Knowledge can be gained by other ways of knowing such as reason, sense perception and language. Though I agree with this, I designate these all involve the ways of knowing of emotion. When we have a reason to gain knowledge, we gain the knowledge by realizing it and experiencing it. When we gain knowledge by sense perception it is make by experiencing something and realizing what is going on in our surroundings. Finally for language, we are experiencing it since we are talking or listening to the language. Since all these involve the attain of experiencing, it all involves emotion.If someone did things unconsciously, I wonder if they can get knowledge. People who sleepwalk have been seen eating, dressing, driving force cars, and many other things. Their learning ability is not fully shut down. Sleepwalking occurs before they are in the state of rapid eye movement, or the moment they are dreaming.2 They have their eyes open to have it away their surroundings. Therefore, I think they are using their sense perception when they are sleepwalking. Though they may not remember it when they disturb up and get confused but I think their brain remembers it since the brain is not fully shut when people sleepwalk. Therefore knowledge is gained from experiencing things even if they are sleepwalking which is done unconsciously.Reflexes are also done unconsciously. They are done because we have the knowledge of what to do best to have the least damage to ourselves. That is why we pull our hands back when we to uch something hot to reduce the hatchway of burning our hand. We try to reduce it because we have the knowledge of what is going to happen if we do not. If we do not take our hand back, we know we are going to burn our hand and feel the pain. When I wake up, I have the reflex of stopping the alarm clock because I have the knowledge that I have to wake up to go to school. This reflex was done because I had the emotion that I did not want to go to school since I had to wake up at six oclock in the morning.Therefore as a conclusion, I agree to an extent with the quote by an English novelist, Arnold Bennett of There can be no knowledge without emotion. We may be aware of a truth, yet until we have felt its force, it is not ours. Emotion is connected to the other ways of knowing and everything we do in our lives. Experiencing things give knowledge to us which gives us emotion whether we do things consciously or unconsciously.

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Analyse and Evaluate the significance of Fiscal Policy rules Essay Example for Free

Analyse and Evaluate the meaning of Fiscal policy rules EssayL1. monetary policies argon where the government office kinds in the base set of interest to influence the assess of growth of aggregate demand, the bills supply and ultimately price inflation.In the short break away sparingal growth is an increase in real GDP, In the long run economic growth is an increase in productive capacity (the maximum output an economy flush toilet produce) frugal St magnate the avoidance of volatility in economic growth rates, inflation, rentment and un pursuement and exchange rates. supranational Competitiveness The ability of an economys firms to compete in global markets and, thereby, sustain increases in national output and income. L2. fiscal policies can be used to promote economic growth, Economic (this perceptual constancy reduces uncertainty, promotes business, consumer confidence and investment) and International Competitiveness. This causes an ? in AD, which can be go od for an economy. For example if a Government ? interest rates, people will pick up an ? in dispos fitted income, because payments on credit cards will ?, mortgage payments will ? and it is not value saving due to the reduced rate of interest, meaning they begin more to spend on goods and go, so AD ?.L3. Monetary policies can promote economic growth and stability and international competitiveness as changes in the interest rate affects Domestic Demand (Consumer Expenditure, Investment and Government Spending) and National Demand (Net Exports) via tack Rates as when the interest rate ? so the does the currencys chroma. So if the rate of interest increases, so does the strength of the pound, meaning that there is an ? in international competitiveness as more economies want to purchase our currency. This causes an ? in AD make the AD curve to shift to the right, from AD1 to AD2. Causing and ? in employment, ? production and ?economic growth, ?international competitiveness and ?international competitivenessIf economic growth becomes too rapid it can also be dampened nby an ? in interest rates causing AD to ? due to the fact that their credit card charges and mortgages have ? and it has become more worthwhile to keep money in the bank and reap the rewards from a high interest rate rather than spend. So peoples disposable income ?.Monetary Policy can promote economic growth and stability because of the Monetary Policy Transmission mechanism the way in which Monetary Policy affects inflation rates through the impact it has on other macroeconomic variables.It is said that low and stable rates of inflation provide the framework for economic stability as inflation reduces the purchasing agent of money. When the government uses monetary policy to reduce the rate of inflation inflation targeting) they can stop economic stability from becoming unstable as when inflation occurs, and usually wage growth ? there is a danger that inflation will become out of contro l so much so that producers and consumers are no longer able to use the signalling function so it can become clear what goods and services consumers most want. Inflation targeting makes the consumers and investors more clear about the future and so they know what to expect so they can plan ahead. This can cause an ? in C and I and therefore and ? in AD (shifting the AD curve to the right). The fact that inflation targeting is flexible means it meets the policy target.The government can use Monetary to policy to ? the supply of money, so banks have more money to lend, so it is easier for consumers to take loans so there disposable income ?, this can cause and ? in Consumer Expectations and vestments, causing an ? in AD, ?production, ?international competitiveness, ?employment, ? economic stability and ?economic growthL4. HOWEVER whether the Monetary policy is affective depends on many factors, for example it depends on how big the increase or decrease in interest rate is, a small cha nge could make little or no difference for example if income interest is reduced by 0.00000000000000000000001% so people are unlikely to start spending more and it will have little or no effect on AD. It also depends on when interest rates are changed as to what else is departure on in the economy at that time, for example if there is a fiscal policy causing income tax to ? at the same time as a ?in interest rates the affects of the Monetary Policy whitethorn be cancelled out by the fiscal policy.It depends on fundamental banking concern bringing creditability to the target as the central bank has to build up a reputation for coming upon targets. This can lead to low economic growth being traded off for low inflation in the short run, but not the long run, which is what is needed for an economies economic growth to be sustainableThe Central bank must be good at forecasting inflation, as the Monetary Policy kit and caboodle with time lags, there can sometimes be a two year dela y So the Central bank will have to set today the interest rate to affect the rate of inflation it expects in two years time For example Inflation targeting has to be guided by forecasts of inflation and all macroeconomic variables that affect inflation.It also costs a great deal to employ people who have the ability to forecast inflation well which could cost a lot to employ someone capable of doing this, this means that it ? costs, which means the possibility of an opportunity cost involved as that money could have been spent on something else for example new hospitals.There can also always be unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected recessions and natural disasters such as the tsunami, this affects the Central Banks ability to deliver economic stability and economic growth as they do not know if they may need to be doing other policies to help these unexpected situations, as they may only be able to do so when the economies conditions are stable.To conclude Monetary rules and F iscal Policy targets and constraints can promote Economic Growth, Economic Stability and International Competitiveness, however there are many factors to take into account when doing so.

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Investigating Electromagnets Essay Example for Free

Investigating Electro attractive forces EssayWhen a accepted passed through with(predicate) a wire it causes the wire to have a magnetic field. If the wire is spiral it behaves like a bar magnet. The stronger the magnet the further the field lines reach. If you range an iron core in the coil of wire the magnet becomes stronger. Hypothesis I think that if I pass original through a coil of wire, the coil of wire depart become a magnet. I think this because the electrons be flowing through the wire and this causes the wire to become magnetic. I hazard that if you accession the voltage, the magnets strength go a focusing increase and the magnetic field will get bigger, this is because Ohms law = V=IR, so if you increase the voltage, the current will increase. If the coil of wire has a resistance of 1 ohm and you pass volts through the wire, the wire will have a current of 6 amps. The second method that I predict which would affect the strength, is to place the coil around t he nail. Also, if you increase the compute of coils around the nail, this will also increase the strength of the magnet.The magnet can affect the randomly arranged domains by arranging the domains in line. The stronger the magnet, the more domains will be affected and put in line making the iron a magnet. I also predict that if I double the current the magnetic field will double. i. e. The strength of the magnet will be directly proportional to the current. Method Equipment Power pack, circumnavigate, wire (for coil), nail (iron), ammeter, 2 crocodile clips, ruler, extended wires. Diagram mark up the equipment as shown above.Make sure the equipment is set up correctly and there is the right bill of coils on the piece of copper. Also make sure everything is working. Place the compass about a standard away from the coils. Turn the power supply on and increase the voltage until the ammeter reads 0. 1 Amps. Move the compass towards the coil of wire. Use your finger to do this. When the compass moves or makes a sudden turn train applying force to it. Then measure the distance between the coil of wire and the compass. Record the result and usurp this 3 times.After you have repeated this 3 times you change the current to 0. 2 Amps. You accordingly do the comparable process for what you did for 0. 1 Amps, this makes the test fair. Results table Size of the field (mm) Test number Current (Amperes, A) Conclusion My results support part of hypothesis.In my hypothesis I said that if I increase the current the magnetic field will increase, this is shown on my results table. The second part where my results support my hypothesis is that when a current passes through a coil of wire, it will become a magnet and when the current is stop the coil of wire will become non-magnetic. Some parts of my results dont support my hypothesis, as I predicted that if I double the current the magnetic field would double. From my graph I can see at 0. 1 amps the field is 35, so if I were to double this I would get 70 but for 0.2 amps I got 67. 33, so from this you can see that if I double the current the magnetic field does not double. The current is directly proportional to the magnetic field because it is a straight line. Evaluation My results are reliable because I used the same equipment throughout the sample. I also repeated my method 3 times, so I could get a fair average. I also made sure I kept the same number of coils of wire throughout the experiment. I also did the experiment in one day, therefore the inhabit temperature was the same.These are the reasons why my test was a fair test therefore the results I got were reliable. There was a problem when I did the test. The problem is, when the current and resistance get too high, the circuit gets hot and accordingly trips out. This can affect the results because when the circuit gets too hot, and the resistance gets higher, the current or p. d. that is passing through, will be less than what it should be, therefore the magnetic field will be smaller than what it should be, because of this the results will be different.To make this problem we might have to use thicker wire. We could also use shorter wire, Doing these would make the results more accurate. Another way we could solve the problem could be to let it cool down afterwards it trips out. Another problem when doing this experiment is that the compass could be affected by the other groups magnetic field, this is because everyone was working at the same time. A way to solve this problem could be, to do the experiment at different times, like one after the other. Or you could do it in different rooms.

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Prison Treatments Laws in New York State Essay Example for Free

Prison Treatments Laws in New York State EssayMichael E. Deutsch, Dennis Cunningham and Elizabeth M. Fink Twenty days Later Attica Civil Rights Case Finally Cle bed for Trial Social Justice, Vol. 18, No. 3 (45), Attica 19711991 A Commemorative Issue (Fall 1991), pp. 13-25 This is a journal uses the commissioner, the director of the correctional, Russel Osward as a center role to reverberate the Attica Riot, condemning his failure of management of the prison government activity and the inhumane assault he had set to cobblers last up the ascension. The government had covered the facts of crazy assault of the sidesplitter for years, scarcely it had been dug out by the protest of the guffaw survivors 20 years later on the tumult, and they finally won the negotiations and gained their civil rights. Quotations can be cited for discussing how the negotiation had gone through and through. It also provides me some background information of the riot. It also gives a sense of what mannequin of civil rights had been lash outd and what had been brought back. I can use these rights as reference to seek potpourris of the State laws.Vicky Munro-Bjorklund customary Cultural Images of Criminals and Prisoners since Attica Social Justice, Vol. 18, No. 3 (45), Attica 19711991 A Commemorative Issue (Fall 1991), pp. 48-70 This journal focuses on the familiar culture images that been shaped after the Attica Riot. It argues that the misunderstanding of the prisoner had been changed since the uprising, and media is also a force that pushes the prisons into reform. Because of stereo typecast, or the popular cultural images of the prisoners, no one had paid that much circumspection to the prisoners before the increasing exposure of the true(a) prisoners life after the Attica Riot. The description of the popular cultural images of the prisoners in Attica is really a good vision to use. This resource is principal(prenominal)ly a statement of the prisoners image. I do not need to describe the change of the images because I am focusing on the law changes, so nothing will be quoted, that it makes me think in a new way The affection of exposure from the public or amicable media.George Edwards, Foreword Penitentiaries Produce No Penitents forward-penitentiaries produce no penitents, 63 J. Crim. L. Criminology Police Scl. 159(1972) 154-161 This journal foc employ on how the tender media meet done to help the colored bulk inside the US penal corpse by using the example of the media affection of the Attica Riot. It focuses on and the cultural images that shape the stereotype of the black people so that they are isolated from us. The prisoners lives in the prisons catch become more transparent through the social media after the Attica Riot when the social media have paid attention to them and cover more approximately them. Social media is condemning the brutal treatment to the prisoners and the injustice of the sentence through different wa ys. This paper is searched after the previous one, it is a good resource for seeing how the social media had pushed the State to change their correctional method acting and give back prisoners civil rights.WilliThe Naturalization comprise of 1790 am L. Wilbanks The report of the commission on Attica, 37 Fed. Probation 3 (1973) 3-5 This is a prime summery of the national commission report of the Attica Riot published on September 13,1972. It briefly summarized and explained what is the Attica Riot, recorded the cause of it, reported the negotiation of it, and analyzed the assault and the aftermath of it. The main highlight of the riot from the report is that it happened at a time when the prison was about to reform for better, and the violent assault was because the prison inmate was asking for general pardon, but the government refused so, besides the result was remedy inhumane. This report is brief and comprehensive it is providing background information for the public to get t he general idea of the riot. go against of it can be quoted for a prof of inhumane treatment after the uprising.Gerald Benjamin and Stephen P. Rappaport, Attica and Prison Reform, proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. 31, No. 3, Governing New York State The Rockefeller Years (May, 1974), pp. 200-213This journal focuses on reportage the details of the negotiation and the assault of the Attica Riot. Informing us assault is because of the failure of the negotiation. This journal also mentioned that the riot happened when the reform was just about to be taken into practice. After the riot, the reform began, including the facilities change and the treatment changes. Changes are based on the fund from federal and the State, though something still needs to be change, it was already a big step. It is also showing some significant changes such as the change in the function of the facilities from all whites to Latinos, the shortened time of locking. Though this journal is r eally detail, I need to quote the changes of laws preferably than just physical changes in this mo.Angela Y. Davis Are Prisons Obsolete? S level Stories Press New York, 2003 10-19, 84-104 Chapter 1 introduces us with an idea of prison reform, which gains the majority supports of the public and it is also the reason for the Attica Riot. It also reveals the idea that not many people outside the prison are willing to think about the life inside the prison, which is sacking to be a support of why I said that there is not that much attention had been paid for prison treatment. Chapter 5 tells us how a mass of private companies and industries are gaining a crowd of profit from the prisoners so that prisoners are not gaining what they are supposed to be gained. Both chapters are documentation the idea of why prisons should be paid attention and be reformed. Thought the industrial complex of the prison is written lately rather than the immediate fact, I would use them as reference of things that havent been improved after the riot.Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler, Keywords for American Cultural Studies, New York University Press, 2007 37-42This piece gives readers a brief history from the superannuated Greek to now of how Citizenship has come to its status in the United State. The civil rights have been violated by the sovereignty, but finally came to equality through the push of institutions, religions, as well as civil movements. This piece also introduces us that how the technology and transportations are burning(prenominal) to a new understanding of citizenship. This piece is important for analyzing the prison rights because I am writing through the prospect that prison inmates are also citizens, that they should have the same rights as those normal citizens, but prisoners rights are somehow always been valid or even ignored by the U.S. penal system. This article helps to define the citizen in my paper.Jael Silliman and Anannya Bhattacharjee, Policing the N ational Body Sex, Race, and Criminalization, South prohibit Press Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2002 1-48 Chapter one gives us a general idea on how the US penal setup has been enforced by the participation of multiple relevant institutions. It is showing audiences how those institutional officers themselves are offending the laws but still act as a law executive, and how they use the name of immigration law to violate the rights, especially the rights of the women with colors, they offence their bodies, and use them to incarcerate colored men. This helps to analysis the female prison treatments in recent time. Though it is a good example to show the violation of the civil rights but it might be a little different from the topic that I am writing about because it is mainly focused on the recent time and the immigration laws.Dylan Rodriguez, Forced Passages, Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals and the U.S. Prison Regime, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, London, 2006This chapter focuses on the formation of the key word The War. Though the war is supposedly be the conflict between states, the writer tells readers that the U.S. government is using the war zone as a way to control the citizens. It talks about how the power is contributed through the use of the prison regime. I would like to quote the history of the prison regime to inform that the prison today has a slavery background and that is what makes the rights of prisoners been blurred so reasonably.U.S. Naturalization Act of 1790, The Transcript of 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Abolition of Slavery (1865) The naturalization act is the fundamental act to the U.S. citizens. It indicated that redundant white of good moral character that had lived in the U.S. for two years and swore allegiance. It can be used as a historical accordant to the descriptions of the history of the prison regime. The 13th amendment establishes birthright of citizenship due change and equal protection, formally exte nds citizenship to newly freed, black men. Both of these laws can be use as jump of the citizenship as proves of the inequality of the civil laws roots.AbstractCitizenship refers to the link between state and person who lives in. Citizens by all-inclusive should be within the link and should be someone who lives in the sate. Prisoners as a special type of citizen are supposed to have the same civil rights and be protected by the same laws, yet their circumstances put them into a situation where their rights are violated constantly with or without justice. Prison treatments in the US, can been seen as a significant example of the violation of the prisoners civil rights.It has never been paid attentions until the four-day uprising in the Attica Correctional Facility burst out in 1971. Attica Riot was the most violent riot in the entire U.S. history. Through out the uprising, many inhumane treatments of the prisoners have been revealed through the exposure of the social media. As a c uriosity on the affects of prison uprisings on the New York State government, this paper is pass to discover some significant changes that had been made by the New York State immediately after the riot through the aftermath negotiation of the Attica riot to indicate that the prisoner rights are still not have been treated rightly.

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Prose and poetry Essay Example for Free

Prose and poetry EssayCreative writing carries with it a myriad of challenges that ar more than often conflicting or ironically similar. Let me start sour by setting aside specific characteristics of languages. For instance, general talk typically employs ordinary language. Hence, verbs do what they are developed to do, and this also applies to nouns. Therefore, by examining diverse characteristics of language, it is crucial to assert that, such aspects as rhymes are characteristically poetic attribute of language and rarely is it employed in everyday language when we do, we cackle because it assumes affected tone. And, yet, when employed decisively, or when brought to the forefront of an incident of vernacular, rhyme acquires the dimensions of exquisiteness. In this regard, we have definitely treaded from mere lingo into sphere of literature. All in all, poetry and prose have common characteristics noticeably. This examination concludes that, there subsists a demesne of equa lly poetic prose and prose poetry, meaning there subsists no broader variation involving the two. However, a poet dealnot do without a swell developed organization of language this is imputable to the fact that, poem thrives on the concepts of stanzas and rhymes among others.On the other hand, sentences move towards prose, while metaphors are applicable to both poetry and prose (Bortolussi, et al, 2003). Prose writing generally tags along the standard regulations in syntax, punctuation, sentence structure and capitalization. Poetry sentence and again do not, this is commonly attributed to expressive motives, and each word, interlude, is cautiously selected to say the or so by using the minimal words. Therefore, for an individual to answer this question without being a poet, the remedy is to shun the use of stanzas, lines as well as meter.This is due to the fact that, prose is more of assembly or non parable writing. Prose is the lingo of everyday communication, or the symbo ls medium that apes it. Sister Carrie (1900) is a classic novel conditioned by the reknowned American Theodore Dreiser. The novel revolves around the dramatic live of a young country little girl who had moved to the big city in order to realize her own American dream. Examining this narration in the manner that Shakespeare treats his work, it would be pivotal to assert that, perhaps he could have developed a tragical sequel or another romantic episode.Consider the fact that, Shakespeare is commonly viewed as a feminist therefore, there is a possibility that, he could have developed a satirical drama that vibrate with the broader context of ordinary American folks. And this points to the fact that, he could have attempted to inject life to the characters as is exposed by his previous works. Equally, looking the manner by which Theodore Dreiser presented his case, it would be paramount to assert that, he could have changed the entire scope presented in The Tempest to fit his sho rt stories fascinations.It is notable that, as an author he strongly employed prose to present his works which strongly departed from the realms of highly plotted fiction work. Therefore, if he was the one who had authored The Tempest, there is a possibility that, he could have presented a well render but a long novel. This has been established by the fact that, most of his works are crowd by bulk or long novels rather than short narratives. In essence, he could have revolve within an axis of creating a novel that catered for his audience who perhaps includes the middle class citizens.Moreover, Dreisers works extensively influenced the pragmatic writings by such authors as Stephen Crane, Jack London, as well as Ernest Hemingway. The idiot is basically on the thought that, Myshkin is not naturally bright, this is due to the fact that, as the author point, the logger was not educated, and typically criss-crossed the world with a mindset of simplistic virtuousness. When verbalizi ng his views, he struggles to clear himself with Charlie Brown-like stuttering and insipidity.It is on this ground that, the inhabitants reputed that he was an idiot, but actually, he was a fine, sincere, considerate, and gracious being. The novel appears to posit that a pious man, navigating his paths in a people that are apprehensive with covetousness and ruthless avarice, will be judged as vacuous idiot for valuing integrity, kindness, and the plain things in life. Possibly, it is due to his ingenuousness that all and sundry, including Dr. Schneider referred to him as an idiot. From the novel, Prince Myshkin appears to subsist as if in an undying status of contemplation, of absolute-calmness.Equally, it looks as if that via Myshkin, Dostoyevsky perceives the spiritual familiarity as an enjoyable unknowingness. Therefore, in regard to chapter eleven, it can be assumed that, though the Prince was treated as an idiot, he loved to keep it simple and sincere. Hence, he opted to be un complicated rather than be wicked. In principal, the prince could not have objected or denied to be called an idiot, this can be linked to the fact that, he had spent a quite long time in the sanatorium where he had gone to seek medication.This coupled with his personal principles made him to withstand despite the fact that, he was innocent and candid in his ways. In as far as he was concerned, the remark fits considerably. Conceivably, this is why Dostoevsky prefers to use it now and then. Examining the kind of people who were surrounding the Prince, it is instrumental to realize that, the genius of their characteristics conflicted with what the Prince believed. Therefore, the features of virtue which he cherished and treasured were viewed and interpreted as a sign of weakness.Hence, the usage and application of the word idiot acquired another shape and meaning. A name or a name carries a wealth of remark and prestige. Therefore, a name can be said to be a sign of honor or as w ell prestige. To answer the question posed, it would be pragmatic to posit that, there are deep-seated mystical powers in the names we give to others or objects. For instance, on Christian perspective, it is widely claimed that, one of the study act after creation that Adam was assigned was to name each and every beast.Hence, one of the most instrumental aspect of a parental power or authority is to decide and determining the nature of the name to be given to his or her child. Thus a name or a gloss may depict personality or ones social status as well as ones come in in any given community. Also a name carries with it cultural and ethnic identity. Exploring the aspects of the novel The idiot Fyodor Dostoyevsky, one cannot fail to realize the effect of a name on an individual. It is on that principle that, when the prince is address or viewed as an idiot because of his views and moral uprightness, the larger society perceived him to be so.Thus a name holds particular attributes t hat are allied to the bearer of that given name or title. From the ancient time, to the coeval world today, names or titles are held in high. I consider that a name can assist to mould you into what you become but not establish who you will be. In conclusion, names as well as titles are given to reflect a sort of identity. There are those who unsay certain names or title due to ethnic identity, while others are propelled to do due to religious obligations.However, going back to the query what is in a name or a title? Perhaps the answer may look ridiculous, but the general answer to this question is typically that slide fastener is in a name, and the factual person is within. Nevertheless, at some point in a time when individuals were graded in a class, it would be quite clear to assert that literature had a body of bringing or creating a new connotation to that subject (Bortolussi, et al, 2003). Reference Bortolussi, M Dixon, P. (2003). Literary Response. N. Y Routledge.

My understanding of continental drift Essay Example for Free

My understanding of Continental drift EssayThe present arrangement of the continents with similarities in outline of otherwise seaboards and coasts and, much to a greater extent than reliably, geological data show that the Earths continents that be right away on the opposite sides of the oceans were erst joined together. Today, scientists believe that near 200 million twelvemonths ago the continents were joined together to straining one supercontinent Pangaea. As the plates that the continents sit on moved, the supercontinent broke up and began to move apart. This continental drift is continuing. However, the ideas of continental drift and especially seafloor spreading remained a minority view until 1950s, when seismic techniques made possible analyse of the crust under the oceans. Then, in the 1950s, it was discovered that the pelagic crust is relatively thin, 5 to 7 kilometres in some places, and the ocean floor hides oceanic ridges, thousands of kilometres in length a nd several(prenominal) kilometres supra the ocean floor. The best-studied practice is Mid-Atlantic Ridge, approximately halfway between Europe and America, running north-south up the trade union Atlantic Ocean. on the centre of this ridge there is an active rift valley.In 1960 Harry Hess, of Princeton University tried to explain the saucily discovered structure of the ocean floor and other previously unknown features with the first model of questionable sea-floor spreading, in accordance to which the ocean ridges are familyed by upwelling convection currents in the fluid material of the mantle. As these currents bring material up to the surface at the oceanic ridge, where it spreads outward. As new ocean basins are skeletoned, the continents are pushed further apart. To balance the organic law of new crust at the ocean ridge, some oceanic crust is dragged back down under the edge of continents.That takes place at the deep trench systems, primarily in the western Pacific as w ell as at the edge of some other oceans. Not surprisingly, than half of the worlds active vol smokeoes above sea level encircle the Pacific Ocean to form the circum-Pacific Ring of Fire. According to Hess model, The Atlantic Ocean becomes wider, at a rate of well-nigh 2 centimetres per year, the Pacific shrinks as North America slowly drifting westwards, towards Asia. In 200 million years, people in America probably wont need to cross the Pacific to reach what now is Far East.So according to the plate-architectonics theory, Earths surface is broken into about a dozen of rigid shifting slabs or plates, which ordinary about 80 kilometres in thickness. These plates move relative to one another above a hotter, deeper, more mobile zone at average rates of a few inches per year. There are trinity common types of boundaries between these moving plates Divergent or spreading. Adjacent plates pull apart, which causes sea-floor spreading, as described above for the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, whic h separates the North and South American Plates from the Eurasian and African Plates. Convergent.Plates moving in opposite directions action and one is dragged down (or subducted) beneath the other. Convergent plate boundaries are excessively called subduction zones and are typified by the Aleutian Trench, where the Pacific Plate is being subducted under the North American Plate. Transform fault. One plate slides horizontally past another, as in the San Andreas fault zone of California, which marks the boundary between the Pacific and North American Plates. The history of Earths plates since Pangaeas break up until present time is relatively well studied. However, the motion of the plates is less(prenominal) clear in pre-Pangaea times.Oceanic crust has an average age of only 55 million years, as the age of continental crust averages about 2. 3 billion years, with the oldest known rocks dating back 3. 96 billion years. Probably our planet has had several supercontinents like Pangae a throughout time. These supercontinents all went through a motorcycle similar to Pangaeas. Geological data show that more than 600 millions years ago most of the land that now forms South America, Africa, India, Antarctica and Australia was grouped together in one supercontinent located roughly across the equator, called Gondwanaland.Other continents were also assembling together. North America and Greenland had, by that time, been attached to each other for hundreds of millions of years. By about cd millions years ago, this chunk of continental material collided with what is now part of Europe, and the pieces welded together to form so-called mature Red Sandstone. By then Gondwanaland crossed the South Pole and was moving northward. A little more than 250 million years ago, Gondwanaland and the Old Red Sandstone continent collided and struck together.Then the last remaining nonsymbiotic plate, present-day Asia, collided with the northern part of this supercontinent and was wel ded on to Europe. Thats how all modern continents were joined together in Pangaea, which was stretchability from the South Pole to high northern latitudes. In the foreseeable future, the Atlantic Ocean will be expanding, pushing North America westwards, while the Pacific Ocean will be shrinking. The Mediterranean ocean will even uptually disappear, connecting Africa with Europe. India will be continuing to push into the southern Asian subcontinent, pushing the Himalayas even higher.Short description of the clear sites Plate Tectonics, the Cause of Earthquakes including the chapter Earthquakes are ca apply by plate movement, http//www. seismo. unr. edu/ftp/ ginmill/louie/class/100/plate-tectonics. html. The site explains and illustrates the links between the plates and earthquakes, featuring a few highly informative transmit pictures and drawings. It is shown that the plates consist of an outer layer of the Earth, the lithosphere. Occasionally the hot asthenosphere of the Earth f inds a weak place in the lithosphere to rise buoyantly as a plume, or hotspot.Only lithosphere has the strength and the toffy behavior to fracture in an earthquake. The location of earthquakes around the globe is shown. The site demonstrates that the boundaries between the plates grind against each other, producing most earthquakes, thus the lines of earthquakes help define the plates. Earthquake occurrence in different plate tectonic settings is shown with figures and pictures. Plate Tectonics, http//www. ucmp. berkeley. edu/geology/tectonics. html. This site explains the history of human understanding of the Earth and provides a brief overview of the theories behind it.13 wonderful animations of Plate Tectonics movement in different epochs of Earths history are available on the site in the following formats *. gif (these load rather slowly) and *. avi, *. mov (for faster Internet connection). Rates of Plate driving During the Phanerozoic, www. geocities. com/earthhistory/plate2. htm. According to various forms of the Noahs Flood model, rates of plate motion during the Phanerozoic were on the order of several thousand meters per day, and all or most Phanerozoic crustal displacement is considered to have occurred during a brief catastrophe occurring about 2500BCE and lasting only weeks or months. There are a variety of methods which can be used to estimate rates of plate movement for given times in the past. Today, the movement of tectonic plates can be directly measured by a variety of geodetic technologies, including satellite laser ranging (SLR), really Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Magnetic Island Formation, www. rzg. mpg. de/sip/thesis/node58. html. Magnetic islands may form upon the flux surfaces for which the field lines are orthogonal to the wave vector of the perturbation since no energy is inevitable to bend the magnetic field lines.The sites show how an cheek for the width of these islands is derived. The analytical calculation using this expression is found to be in good agreement with real space data. Island Formation, http//www. hawaii. edu/environment/ainakumuwai/html/ainakumuwaiislandformation. htm. The formation and evolution of Kauai, the oldest of the eight major Hawaiian Islands and a younger member of the Hawaiian-Emperor Volcanic Chain, are exhaustively studied. The Tethyan Himalayas, http//www. geoahead. com/strati/india/index. cfm? page=himalayas_tethyan. The site is devoted to the geology of The Tethyan Himalayas. The belt extending from Kashmir to Nepal can be best studied in cardinal areas Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir where we can see a continuous succession from Precambrian to Mesozoic ages. The Phanerozoic rocks have yielded profuse fossils of trilobites, graptolites, brachiopods, cephalopods, gastropods, etc. Facts About Mountains, http//www. woodlands-junior. kent. sch. uk/Homework/mountains. htm.This is the wide illustrated collection of basic facts about mountains, which includes the chapters as various as What are Mountains? , Use of Mountains, How are Mountains formed? , Climate and Mountains, Types of mountains, Nature and Mountains, Tallest Mountains, People, Mountains and Tourism, Mountains around the World, Volcanoes, Mountain Ranges. Quick Facts about Mountains are also included. Moon Has a Small Core Says LP Scientists,http//www. spacedaily. com/news/water-99l. html. The site cites the data from NASAs $63 million Lunar Prospector, which supports mounting evidence that the woolgather may still retain a undersize molten core, and was formed in a way unique within our solar system, after a Mars-sized planet smashed into a proto-Earth. It is noted that the new data agrees with Apollo mission seismic and sample-return evidence that suggests the moon is partly made of the same stuff as the Earths upper crust, or mantle.And their findings agree with results released earlier this year by NASA Jet Propulsion Lab scientists who used Lunar Prospector to make a gravity make up of the moon and who also conclude that the moon has a small, partially molten core. Works used J. Gribbin. just about Everyones Guide to Science The Universe, Life and Everything. Weidenfeld Nicolson. London, 1998. Tilling, Heliker, and Wright. Eruptions of Hawaiian Volcanoes Past, Present, and Future Department of the Interior/U. S. Geological Survey Publication, Washington, D. C. , 1987. The web sites described above.